Welcome to my page! So glad you've stopped by! If this is your first time meeting me, hey there! Pop on over to my blog where you can read a bit more about me. I want this page to be a place you can keep up on the happenings of my blog life, and also walk away encouraged. Full disclosure, I have been blogging since 2012 and starting a page here has been on my list of things to do, clearly, for years. You'll be joining a slew of friends from around the world and I can't wait to get to know you better! Thanks for swinging by!

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I’m Chelsea, the fingers behind this page. Wonder what you will find here? Well, I’m simply a girl writing about the journey of infertility, the messiness of lif…

I am SO excited to share and kick-off the start of a new blog series! I am so passionate about people sharing their stories and this series is going to be doing just that! Hop on over and check out this intro, and then share with us some of the topics you are most excited to read about! Can't wait!

A few months ago I was lying in bed when an idea hit me. I wanted to read people’s stories, hear their voices, invite others into their world. I wanted to dive into words written by people just lik…
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Ever have those pictures of yourself where you would and wouldn’t change a thing? This is one of those photos for me. I look it and at first, I see a hot mess. A bathing suit top that’s tangled, cleavage shouting that it’s time to pump, hair that was clearly forgotten about in my gleeful moment of having the kids sunscreened, in their stroller & ready to go, baby hairs and a mullet strand that are flying strong with a curling mind of their own, and face free from makeup, well my rushing life. Oh and those extra baby weight pounds I need to lose.

And then I look past the superficial stuff and I see joy. So much joy. I feel my heart growing as I look at the two littles in my arms staring inquisitively at the sand below them and the seashells washing up. I see a mom who after nearly ten years of barrenness on vacation, finally is holding her own children at the beach. I see two strong arms that hustle nearly 40 pounds of baby around the house day in and day out. I see a chest that has been able to produce enough milk to feed these two growing humans for 10 months with extra to spare. I see God’s creation around us and remind myself that I’m His creation too, beautiful in His eyes regardless of baby hairs, baby weight and bare face. And then I realize this photo is exactly what it needs to look like. It’s real. It’s sacred. It’s beautiful. It’s life.

I share this today with you to encourage you to look beyond the photo of yourself that makes you go “yikes!” and see yourself and the moments for what they really are. Special, unique, sacred and layered. This photo represents prayers being answered in more ways than one. ☺️ And I love it.

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Who remembers my monthly crushes!? Well, they are back! Sharing with you some of my favorite things this month ... along with some of the twins favorite things! Plus, as always, the FUNNIES! Enjoy!

Have you tried any of these items? Or something similar? I'd love to hear what you thought! Or what you're crushing on this month!

Who remembers my monthly favorites I used to do?!? Well, I miss doing them! So welcome to the reboot of Monthly Crushes … where I share my random favorite things from the month! And of course, we h…