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Evan DeGiobbi
· December 9, 2017
Awesome complex everything you need under one roof ! Pool is amazing indoor play room for my 3 year old . Lots to do there for my 12 year old . And the staff is amazing and super helpful .
Darlene Arsenault
· September 30, 2017
First time there for a concerts it was a great time. Very happy they put chairs so there was a place to sit as i cant sit on the bleachers. And we got front row seats because we got there early. There... was people staying in front of the stage so sometimes we couldnt see that great. But still a great time. Thank you See More
Ken Hunter
· September 24, 2017
It's a good facility. Pool often closed or full with lessons. Change rooms less than desirable (few open lockers, not the cleanest). Soccer fields good but mainly just used for practice as games are m...ostly in Edmonton. Have had good and bad customer service. See More
RossnSusanne Reid
· February 20, 2018
Love your facility, been using the Walking track for a long time. Still not very happy with the price increase for seniors using only the walking track. We did put in a complaint had someone call us, ...I still think its wrong to put the price up 35% very disgusting. See More
Peggy Antonsen-Schlecker
· September 29, 2017
Trileisure is NOT the place for music events. The acoustics is poor at best, and the seating is insufficient
Corrina M Bell
· May 15, 2017
I really like the tri! I never have had bad customers service. After reading all these reviews I found the need to comment. People are complaining about the change rooms being gross, but it's us, the ...users that make it that way. There only so much the staff can do. Family change room is probably the worst, but compared to any other rec centre it not disgusting. I'm happy we have such a great place to go to in spruce. See More
Dustin Elzinga
· December 2, 2017
Great facility but could do with a skate sharpening service. The space works great for tournament and competitions.
Rebecca Lynn
· February 26, 2017
Everytime I go in the change rooms for the pool the floors are benches are disgusting. Do not want to take my shoes off, let alone let my child walk around in there.
The children's play place/daycare... is ridiculously dirty. The few times I've gone in the floors are nasty, looks like they have never been washed let alone swept. I was constantly picking up small pieces of plastic. Not the safest thing for kids running around or babies putting in their mouth.
They have a desk on the second level to scan in your cards etc like at the front doors. First off they have it only open during later hours which is ridiculous seeing as how every time I'm there it seems there is a 20 minute line up at the front doors waiting to get in. Also the hours are not even posted anywhere for when the second desk is open. Not to mention even when there is a line up at the front. There is only one (if your lucky two) people working the desk.
They can't come up with a fast pass line for people with scan cards or memberships!?
I'm sick of having to wait inline 10-30 minutes to go use this facility. Not one City of Edmonton facility I've been in is run this badly. At least they are clean.
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Sylvie Lacon
· February 28, 2017
You get your two year old ready to go swimming. She's beyond excited. You go to the counter and say "2 for swimming". Go through the long process of getting her ready, she's beyond excited. Jump i...n the pool and she is grinning ear to ear. Then a life guard immediately tells you to get out of the pool. Pool closed for lessons. Ok I'll just rip my 2 year old screaming out of the pool. Then I go up front and have to fight for my refund and get told "haha, my bad, I guess I should have told you the pool was closed." No compassion and a bunch of kids running the place. And yes, as always, the change rooms are deplorable. Clean them once in a while. We will never go back, filthy all the time and poorly run. See More
Susan Harrison
· April 12, 2017
Nice facility been here many times for Soccer great for sport and fitness. Pool is okay the slide runs very slow and the change rooms are very small and dated. The other family pools are good for youn...g kids not much for older kids to do. Staff didn't impress went to pay for the pool didn't acknowledge me was on the phone just put the debit machine up I paid and she tagged us and walked away See More
Kelsea Giesbrecht
· June 30, 2017
I like the Tri, my only complaint is that you don't have separate pricing for people who just want to use the pool. I'd go more often if that was the case!
Logan Daniel
· January 17, 2017
I was a member for nearly 10 years before this year and I have never seen the gym so bad. The organization/positioning of the equipment does not effectively use the space given. They introduced powe...rlifting mats/equipment which should be left in specialized gyms, not a recreational facilities gym where most members are there for more generic fitness equipment. The gym is already outgrown by the local population and how the Tri leisure staff spread cardio equipment around the facility looks sloppy and crowded. Cleanliness seems to be on the decline as well. The fitness section needs a major overhaul before I even consider a membership. I'll continue to drive into Edmonton for a better run fitness facility. See More
Tyler Ciara Sowers
· February 1, 2018
The ladies who “coach” the mini sportsters are fantastic and handled my screaming three year old wonderfully!
Lisa Norton Rosin
· March 22, 2017
I love the staff. They are the first people I see and that starts my day right. We were
Looking at the steam room after a swim and decided to try it, went in and left quickly, smelt mouldy. I understa...nd that the change rooms are
Getting a make over which is great, any chance on fixing the steam rooms smell?
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Megan Wallace
· April 26, 2017
We love the Tri! We just started going in the Fall of this past year. The swimming is awesome and yes, the change rooms get dirty, but that's because it's busy... Thankfully every time I have been in ...there, either coming or going, there has been a staff member mopping them out! The front desk staff are always super pleasant as well! See More
Brady Ervin
· April 27, 2017
Most of the time I am here its fine and I enjoy swimming but ever now and again there is one your two life guards that like to try and assert her power. One blamed me and my friends for something we d...idn't do and said another life guard had warned us about it and she got mad when I called her a lier so she called a life guard who also said she never said anything and still never received an apology for that. When I tried to complain to someone there about a life guard another time she just kept saying "I am the supervisor" I asked to talk to her boss and she walked away. Its usually a couple girl blonde life guards that do this and I have seen them do it to a couple people. The guys are usually fine though and no one else said we are breaking rules only these two. So I would recommend finding out who's lifeguarding that day before you go swimming. See More
Kayla Rae Nichols
· November 26, 2015
Me and my boyfriend had everything stolen from our locker this evening (keys, cash, clothes) the general manager was not only rude but insensitive to the matter. We actually had to call the rcmp to h...ave the issue resolved. We've been coming here for years and to be treated the way we were by this man was not only disgusting but just down right unprofessional. On a happier note, to the two life guard employees who helped us the best they could, good on you! And thank you for all the help. Hope to see some change in the management of November.26 2015 @9:30 See More
Sari Dawny
· May 28, 2016
I have went to the tri since it first opened and have had nothing but disappointment . Their hours are not good at all, especially for families . It's too bad they are more concerned about taking in m...oney for lessons and things in which their are way too many people for such a facility. People being charged for yearly passes are unable to go 3/7 days of the week. Will no longer spend my money there . See More
Vanessa Leake
· February 26, 2017
You need way more stick and puck times!!! Last winter they were much more common, this year we have had a hell of a time with so little booked time slots available. Then the little tiny rink is waaaaa...ay over priced to just skate tiny circles on with the kids. See More
Jason Gladue
· January 8, 2017
It's not so much the actual facility, it's the fact that the little kids have to pay $5 jus to skate on that little piece of ice at the end of the north rink...
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