Released back in 2012. Still one of my favorite tracks i have produced.

Artist: Trinodia Track: Deceive My Eyes Album: The omega point Genre: goa trance Label: Neogoa Records Released: 2012 bpm: 139

Time goes fast. 4 years since the release of Astral clouds album. Sadly no new album is near done yet, only some loose tracks that does not really fit well into an album as they are so diverse in style but possibly one or two singles or ep:s could be a possibility soon.

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Working on the Juno Reactor remix :)
Working on a certain remix. Who can say which one it is? :)
Short studio session today but got the basics for a new track done at least. Something to continue building on :)

In my other project (that somehow nowdays are my primary one since it gives me more peace of mind when working on these tracks) i have some news to give you all

In the silence that exists on this page i have actually been working on a new Album (or it was an EP from start but has evolved to an 7 track album) of new (3 o...f them has been previewed on soundcloud) ambient, electronic tracks. Just completed track 5 yesterday and track 6 and 7 are coming along good. If things go well release could be around Christmas and will be released through . That means all purchases, streams and so on that is done with this release will sponsor me as musician directly without any middle hands. More news to come on this as it gets closer to release

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The World's First Mobile Record Company on Amuse – The World's First Mobile Record Company

Some time ago, me and Miraculix made an EP that was released on Psytropic records. All seemed good but we never got the payment or royalty for the release and Thomas Vitali keeps re-releasing the tracks from that EP over and over again on compilations. Most times it is these two tracks and also the track Half past dead that has been released. If you have paid money for it, that money goes only to Thomas himself and we as artists has not seen any money at all for those tracks.... Just now a short time ago Supernatural was released on Plusquam, a label now owned by Thomas. I post this info from time to time whenever he decides to release these tracks illegaly, not that i care about the money really but it is the breach of contract that bothers me.

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Putting the tracks from the released CD here because the asshole Thomas Vitali at Psytropic records violated the contract and never paid the advance OR the royalty for either the track on the Psytropi

After a long time of waiting for him to complete the album my second brother has also released it and it can be listened to on spotify!

You could say we differ a bit in style, the brothers in my family - this is more of instrumental fusion soul/funky style. Whats is impressive to me is that all instruments are played by my brother himself. I can't even play piano myself so i have some way to go

Uno, an album by Lars Augustson on Spotify

I am concidering releasing Human History on vinyl using

It would be done by crowdsourcing but the minimum is 100 copies so i wonder if there is any interest in that kind of a release?

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My background in getting into making music has mostly been since my older brothers were very much into making electronic music while i grew up. Today one of my brother has released a very well produced track that if you like the 80s sound for sure should be saved in your playlist of favorites on Spotify.

Check it out

Stupid Lovesong, an album by Laser Dreams on Spotify

I still have some copies left of the album Stargazing that i would like to send out so if someone want a copy, just let me know and i can send one to you. For one CD, shipping and packaging costs about 6 euro regardless if you live in the EU or in the rest of the world. Payment can be done by paypal or google.

My Voxel9 track Calls of Nature has been featured on a playlist on Spotify filled with many good tracks. Help out by following the playlist to get it among the selected ones by spotify:…/…/playlist/127HVAJcCLGLeQBNNRym3c

Soak yourself in a full relaxation experience filled with gentle meditative beats, light grooves and global soundscapes.

Considering all the fuzz about KLF recently i did rediscover this "remix" i made quickly in 2007. Nothing really serious but i like it in some ways. Yet one more thing that i never will complete so enjoy as it is…/klf-last-train-to-psytrancecentral…

This is a, somewhat lame remix i made of one of my favorite tracks of KLF, mostly as of a synth riff in the middle of it. Anyway it is mostly new beat and bassline ontop of the original but i like th

Continuing going through old tracks and came across this that i think i have not had online in any form since my myspace days. Its fullon but a bit more toned down, more like my track Re-mote that was made in the same time period as this track.

Back in my "fullon" years i made a few tracks that never got released. This is one of those, not sure why i never have released it but it might be as of the samples from the tv-show Heroes that the tr

Since i'm moving house soon i am also going through old cds, dvds and harddrives trying to organize things a bit. Looking through old files i found this track that i made back in 2000s and thought id share it with you all. It will never be released and original reason files are lost since long but hope you can enjoy it as it is.

This is an old and unreleased track i made back in early to mid 2000s. It is based around a couple of samples i recorded from the animated movie Atlantis - The lost empire. It is a bit incomplete and

An update about the cds i have to sell. There are now 9 copies of Stargazing left and only one (in a bit beat up jewel-case) of Beyond. I can take payment in paypal, google wallet or by credit card via paypal. Least amount is 6 euro for one cd and that covers padded envelope and shipping cost. Let me know if you are interested.

Gotten some cd's sold but still have 12 copies of Stargazing, 4 of Beyond and 2 of Nature to get out the door. Any more takers? You will most likely never ever get the chance to buy it from me directly again and for sure not to the price of only shipping.

Soooo, time has come again for me to move house. Once again i have copies of Stargazing and a few copies of Voxel9 - Beyond and Nature cds to "get rid of". Since i don't play out any more on parties, this page is my primary way to lower the amount of cds i have of my music so, just as last time. If you want a copy of Stargazing or any of the other two albums for the price of at least the package and shipping, let me know here by sending a message on the page or commenting on this post.

Aaaand of course if you want to have some cds and also support me as artist by also paying some for the cds i wont say no to that but primarily i just dont want them laying around here any more to no use