TAH-DAH!!! (Also, my first attempt at a video, so don't laugh.)

It was a late night, last night ...

But so worth it.

This is my last show of three in a row, two weeks apart from one another. It's been a pretty grueling schedule, but I'm happy to see the light at the end of the tunnel!


And even happier to see how these patinas turned out, now that I have some decent morning light filtering through the studio. It was hard to see what I was getting last night, given that my studio lighting is not the best.

Sometimes you just gotta trust your gut and know it will be ok in the morning.

And if it's not, then torch the hell out of it and start over.

Seems to be my studio mantra.

Looking forward to getting these finished up and all pretty for this Sunday's "Affair of the Arts" show. You can find us on the first floor at The Shores of Turtle Creek in Spring Grove, IL. from 10-5pm.

Here's a handy link for all the details:

See you soon!


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Quick share ...

I love, love, LOVE getting up early to see the morning light streaming over the bench and illuminating my little dragon hoard of baubles!

Thought I'd share this little bit of happiness.


May your day be filled with the increasing lightness of a new spring and a sense of its promised abundance.


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I'm a big fan of "What If's" when working in the studio.

"What if I did THIS ... ?" inevitably conjures up a rabbit hole of explorations.

I am known to gleefully jump into these rabbit holes ... always head first.


My latest explorations has been in chain-making. While I know how to do the more tedious fabrications, that "What if" popped up and it's down the hole I went!

That little "what if" moment and sub-sequential foray produced bracelets that are visually open and airy while having a delightful heft (known as "skin-feel") to them when worn.

Constructed from a variety of 14, 16, 18 and 20 gauge fine silver wire.
Each link is hand-formed, fused and textured, giving the bracelet a simply-stated-yet-modern kind of vibe.

Perfect for any person, style, season or occasion.

And perfect to debut at the upcoming 4th Friday's Art Show, Feb. 23rd at the fabulous Starline Gallery/Factory in Harvard, IL.

All the details are here:…/4th-fridays-at-the-starline/

Now, back to the studio. More rabbit holes await and I'm quickly running out of time!


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Triskele Moon Studios added 3 new photos — with Kathleen Basista.
February 5

What a BUSY weekend!

(I did, however, manage to get some sweet, little sumpin-sumpin's made during the weekend festivities).

Triskele Moon just celebrated our 13th year anniversary and we had a blast with all those who shared their favorite TMS pieces and stories! Loved hearing from you all and thank you for sharing your many happy memories!


So it's back to the studio I go, with a happy heart, renewed purpose and an energized soul!

Just in time for Valentine's Day.

I'm not a huge fan of using heart motifs in my work, but I really do like incorporating a beautiful color palette of heart/love-energy stones in my Valentines designs.

Currently, I can NOT get enough of pink tourmalines (could you tell?). Also, I have a few lovely strands of mocha-to-blush pink faceted moonstones that are driving me crazy to use. And of course, the traditional Garnet will be in heavy rotation.

Need more?

I will be showcasing all these lovelies, along with new designs this Sat., Feb. 10th at La Bellissima (10 N. Williams St., downtown Crystal Lake) from 10-5pm. The first official show of 2018!

We will have sweet treats and sparkling bubbly on hand to enjoy while shopping for yourself or your own sweetie!

And rest assured, La Bellissima ALWAYS has a fabulous selection of beautiful lingerie, jammies and more! It's the perfect one-stop-shopping event!

Just in time for Valentine's Day!


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Image may contain: jewelry

I woke up this morning, all prepared to create my first Triskele Moon fb post for 2018, but my husband beat me to it. He started the ball rolling by posting a picture of an anniversary piece I made for him and making the official announcement:

Today is Triskele Moon's 13th year anniversary.

To say that I have been honored and privileged to have been following my passion for these past thirteen years sounds a little hollow in comparison to how I truly feel. Words cannot my deepest gratitude to my husband, my family, friends, clients, all of YOU who encourage and support my work. I want you to know, Triskele Moon would not be here if it wasn't for you.

I have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of love by others sharing pictures and the back-stories to their favorite TMS jewelry pieces from over the years. I truly had no idea! I remain in awe of how art touches our souls and spreads the multi-message of love, healing, strength, hope along with happy memories.

THANK YOU for being an integral part of my artistic journey and for sharing your journey with me today.

And since so many of you have shared photos of your favorite pieces, I'll try to show a few of mine. That might be easier said than done.

Here's to our continued journey together in 2018 ...

Slàinte, my friends!

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It has just dawned on me that I have never sent out an end of year post highlighting all the creations of that year.

Why have I not thought of this before?

I tend to make and move on, (rarely looking back) but I'm finding that looking back is a good thing when used to gauge one's journey.


I never realized how my work continues to transform, grow, mutate and connect old ideas with new inspirations.

Until I looked back.

Going through my posts and pics from 2017 has shown me that growth. Apparently, it was the year for fire and metal as ideas kept building off one another. (And it shows no signs of letting up for 2018!)

I also began a studio tradition a few years ago. I like to celebrate the arrival of what I call the "Cosmic Slate Cleaner" month (aka January) with a new design specifically made for the New Year. Sort of like a talisman, to be worn as a reminder of the new year's "theme" or mantra.

2016 saw the creation of a sweet little Dandelion pendant I named "Trust and Release". There is a quiet strength in being able to do just that.

2017 brought on the fire and fierceness via "Boudicca's Cuff", a piece worn to remind us that we all have a voice that matters and an inner courage that can create change.

2018's design is already nudging at me. It's been with me for over a week now, whispering it's manifestation.

Time to look forward.

Here's to 2018. May the New Year be kind and generous to you and yours!


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To all my TMS family and friends ...

May your days be filled with the growing light, even though the nights still feel long in darkness.

May your heart be filled with love for yourself and for others.


May your souls find peace during challenging times.

Most importantly, may you know how much you mean to those who love and cherish you.

You are the only one like you on this planet, and THAT is your magic!

Wishing you a most blessed Yule.


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Image may contain: flower, plant, sky, outdoor and nature
Triskele Moon Studios is with Kathleen Basista.

The diamond-dust sparkle of freshly fallen snow never ceases to delight me and my imagination. The crispness, the subtle colors of pale blues, the dazzle that hits the eyes when the sun is brilliant. Even while the earth sleeps, She still shares with us her regal beauty.

In celebration, Triskele Moon Studios would like to invite you and yours to a special Holiday Show this Sat., Dec. 16th at La Bellissima (10 N. Williams St., downtown Crystal Lake) from 10-5pm. There will be ...plenty of cheer to go around, new winter-inspired jewelry designs for those on your lists (or for yourself! I KNOW you've been good all year!) and of course some light refreshments and sparkling bubbly to keep all jolly!

Hope you will be able to join us for the last Triskele Moon Show of the year!

A most blessed Yule to all!


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Triskele Moon Studios updated their cover photo.
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Obsession. (uhb-sesh-uhn). noun.

"The domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc."



I can't stop. New ideas leapfrog onto the backs of previous ideas. I have to write everything down just to get it out of my head so I can AT LEAST concentrate on the project in front me.


ANNNNDDD ... I have 4 more days of frenzied activity in preparation for this Sunday's (Nov. 19th) Affair of the Arts Holiday Show.

Here's a sampling of what you can expect to find at our table this Sunday.
(I would advise getting there early, TMS's one-of-a-kind pieces tend to go very quickly!).

Here's a handy link with all the show details:

And for the record, I'm letting Obsession rule the roost for the remainder of the week.

Who knows what will happen?!?

Come find out!


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You know when I'm quiet, that means I'm up to something.

Sneak peek of what's currently going on in the studio in preparation for next Sunday's fabulous fall show, Affair of the Arts!

These pieces are hot off the jewelry bench and still need to be finished up, but you get the idea.


Want to see more? Then join us for the "big reveal" next Sunday, Nov. 19th in Spring Grove, IL. at The Shores of Turtle Creek from 10-5pm.

All the info is here:

And just a little reminder, this is a one-day-only show filled with one-of-a-kind juried art and NEVER disappoints! Come see for yourself and bring your friends!


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I've been out of my home studio for the past week to immerse my soul in another creative environment.

Every couple of years, Ivan and I make the 12 hour drive to Brasstown, NC to stay/learn/rejuvenate at the John C. Campbell Folk School.

This was our third trip down; Ivan chose a cooking class (lucky me!!) and I had the great fortune to get into a week-long class with a jewelry artist whose work I deeply admire, Kim St. Jean.



Needless to say, the week just flew by despite the intense studio schedule. We were in the classroom from 9am -9pm, only grudgingly leaving for lunch and dinner breaks.

Kim and her husband, Norman, are true pros and have been teaching jewelry classes for over 18 years. The wealth of her/their experience is unmeasurable, and she freely shared as much as she possible could with the 10 of us lucky souls.

And the group of ladies I shared this experience with were all such a delight! The studio rang with the busyness of saws, the pinging of hammering metals on anvils and the whir of bench lathes; all blended in with the happiest sound of all, laughter!

While the schedule left little time for me to enjoy the Folk School grounds, I was able to catch moments here and there to just absorb the amazing beauty that surrounds the campus, as well as the campus itself.

It is, truly, a soul-lifting and nurturing experience.

So, now that I am filled to the brim with fresh ideas, new sets of metal skills and even more importantly, NEW POWER TOOLS, it's back to my home studio I go ...

... just in time to get tons of new pieces ready for the next upcoming show, Affair of the Arts, November 19th, at the Shores of Turtle Creek in Spring Grove, IL. More info (and new design pics!) to follow in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!


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The generosity of many was on display this past weekend at the "Art of the Land" event.

I am so grateful to all who shared our last post -- 28 total shares! Your assistance in getting the word out regarding this event was incredible!


So, I wanted to tell you that with your help, Triskele Moon Studios was able to donate over $700 to The Land Conservancy of McHenry County (TLC)! YESSSSS!!!
That will help in their continued efforts of preservation and conservation of sensitive, wild spaces throughout our county.

On behalf of myself and all those involved with TLC, our deepest, most heartfelt gratitude. Thank YOU for getting involved, even through the sharing of a post. Every action generates a reaction, and WOW!! What a fabulous reaction we had!

Thank you for being a part of that!


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Two artists walk into the woods ...
Seeking enlightenment through beauty.

On the hunt for a legend in these parts. The only way to capture it's essence is when the world straddles night and day; the "in-between times" it is called.


"Magic" is another name.
6 am, August 31, 2017.

Our search for the famous Wolf Oak begins. We drive past it 3 times before discovering it's hidden realm - all within plain view of a busy road.

It is a portal. It stands proud and tall while being bent and stopped - it's huge branches sweeping to the ground like giant elephant trunks picking wildflowers. Oh, the tales it could tell if only to speak.

But whisper it does.

It speaks to the two artists in like, yet different ways. One captures its essence through her eye and the eye of a lens. The other only in feeling and memory, to be transcribed later through the language of fire and metal.

This is why the continued work of The Land Conservancy of McHenry County and its annual fundraising event, "Art of the Land" mean so much to me. Without their efforts and the support of our communities, experiences like this would never happen.

Nature IS my soul's inspiration. It drives me daily to see beyond the strip malls and rampant commercial overgrowth. Green, wild spaces are not a luxury, they are a necessity. It is our connection to what is truly real and it speaks volumes.

Come experience for yourself and see how the Land speaks to other artists showing at this event. We all have different ways of telling a story.…/art-of-the-land-art-show-benefit

I'm sure you will hear the whisper of the Wolf Oak, too.


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Sometimes it's the action shot that says it all.

What is currently on the bench and in preparations for this weekend's big event, "Art of the Land".…/art-of-the-land-art-show-benefit


I'll send out another post later today/tomorrow with more photos.

Stay tuned!


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Triskele Moon Studios added 7 new photos — with Jeff Madsen and Kelly Brown Madsen.

Not all show-prep work happens in the studio.

While there are many long, solitary hours spent in the studio, sometimes I get to venture out and do some different type of work. Especially when I'm preparing for a big show, like the upcoming "Art of the Land" event on Sept. 22-23. (Event info below)

So it was a wonderful change of pace when I got the opportunity to spend a full day of creating something completely different with dear friends.


I desperately needed some new jewelry displays that were functional, a little funky, but not a distraction.

Only thing I could do was make them. And when I say "make", I really mean "supervise" and watch a master-crafter do the work ...

... and maybe get to play with the rotary sander ...


Ginormous Thanks toJeff Madsen and Kelly Brown Madsen for sacrificing a precious weekend day to help me bring this idea to life. I'm deeply grateful for their continued love and support over the many years!

More info for "Art of the Land" can be found here:…/art-of-the-land-art-show-benefit

This is a fabulous show and very dear to my heart. I look forward to this show every year and really try to make it special! Hope you can join us!


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This is why I missed my yoga class today.

I'm blaming the Eclipse.


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