Troisnyx is back (i.e. ONE WEEK OVERDUE, sorry folks; went on holiday a little). ' And, I would like to open with this piece of news:

One of my recent pieces, As Stars that Shine, has been featured on Newgrounds' front page!

Feel free to listen to it here:...

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Received this as a Christmas gift from Seán Walker, my fiancé. (Yes, those of you who do not yet know this... he and I have been engaged since May 2014.)

I am able to play simple tunes on it now, and accompany myself when singing certain hymns which don't require key changes. Haven't got the hang of the tuning levers yet, but... hopefully, one day, I may get there.

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Friends, the artwork is finished.

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Sorry for the long inactivity; I have been taking a break from Facebook to concentrate on other things.

At the rate this is going, I may have to take another Lenten break, but I'll make sure I actually come ONLINE at Easter this time.

Newgrounds people, you might like this: I recently got the full version of Epic Battle Fantasy 4 on Steam, thanks to the creator, Matt Roszak himself.

At some point I'd like to do an EBF4 medley. What pieces do you think should fit in?

I recently did a bit of a spring-cleaning on my DeviantArt page. For those of you who are interested in whatever little art I am capable of churning out, feel free to check out this link:

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For those of you who aren't on Newgrounds and haven't got the memo, I am going off Newgrounds for Lent.

My online presence is quite sparse as is, but I would like to take these next six weeks to detach myself from play and listen statistics, and anything else that could put a damper on me being with others, or doing the things I need to do.

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Someone *coughyourstrulycough* is going to be a timpanist pretty soon. Somebody, anybody, if you have tips on single-stroke rolls, please share them -- I am going to need them very soon. X_X

Managed to cobble this together in the dryness that I was facing.

Back to the beginning...

After much difficulty in composing, I may have finally finished an instrumental. I don't know if I can really consider it finished, but we'll see.

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Paint jobs, photos and videos of works, recordings and compositions in progress.

Hey everyone. As I recently hit a low in composing, I did mention on NG that I'd be releasing a second Work in Progress and Reject Reel.

Here it is —

As I mentioned in a post of mine on Newgrounds, I would be posting a second WIP and Reject Reel. This time, I will be specifying which ones are WIP...

There's a new recording in progress, and let's just say, it's going to be a difficult one to pull off — we're talking two bodhráns, possibly two guitar chords (or three), a lot of lilting and a lot of singing -- and a lot of volume control to do in between!

This just in: I discovered a game that had my music in it. Specifically, Re: Reveris, a track originally intended for Project Chaplaincy.

Friends, presenting to you, the horror game known as HetaHospital. This is a fan's playthrough of the game.

So, I played this demo and it was bloody awesome! Î found this few days ago but I haven't got RTP yet so.. yeah. PUT YOUR VOLUME DOWN!

Special recording finished.
Also, pardon the aspect ratio -- the video exported at 16:9 when it was supposed to be 4:3.

Happy New Year 2014, everyone! x

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This was requested by a few friends on Facebook and seconded by a few more on Newgrounds. It's been painstaking to record, edit and upload. Still, I hope you...