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Kai Vester
· September 8, 2017
This guys is simply the best!!! very good on all angles and the most helpful person ever!!!
Luis Rodriguez
· December 13, 2017
He is the best. He answer your question very fast.
Mario Schnederle
· November 30, 2017
so much artistic talent crammed into one person its just not fair!
'Eavier than Metal Primaris Captain
Testing this... check more exclusive content and tutorials on I usually stream at check it out!

The new Painting Guide is up. 19 Pages of pictures and descriptions/guides on how I painted this Black Templar: Black armor, red cloaks, textures, quick NMM gold and power-swords now up for 5$ pledges and up:

I also uploaded the videos on the above topics, available for 10$ pledges and up.


Enjoy and stay creative!

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Check this out, apparently there are discount codes to be had

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Mr Lee's Minis
5 hrs

Many don't realise the glamourous side of running a miniature business...

Although sculpting and painting are at the forefront of it, it is the sorting, packing..., organising aspect that makes it truly work.

This is the outcome of several hours of said work. The sexy side of it all.

Now that all being said... A few will be reopened tomorrow, prepped, and put to the store ready for next week.

Anyone who is subscribed to our newsletters might even be receiving a promo code for a discount on Monday for all the new pieces. Some of which are limited in their first batches. Subscribe before Monday to also be eligible for the promo code!

Can't wait to put the new pieces together soon!!!

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Some more work done on this guy. Mainly sketched the limbs of the familliar and detailing/snoothing. SoonTM available at Mr Lee's Minis

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Ouroboros Miniatures presents - CP_New Skin, a 1/12th bust cast in high quality resin. Based on artwork by Dave Keenan.

Shoutout to my fans on Youtube

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Next chapter is being uploaded as I write this, ash-blonde/pink hair on the Valkyre -

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Going for a speedpaint (measured by the standard of MY usual painting speed, not objective standards!) on the new Primaris Captain.

It looks like you may be having problems playing this video. If so, please try restarting your browser.

Going back to what I am known for - smooth gradients! but fear not, texture will also return on this model currently editing this months videos over at

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Mark Taylor doing a stellar job on my Human Bat - available from Mr Lee's Minis

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No raffle or anything this time, because last time we did this on twitter I got 1000 hacked accounts to follow and it took me a year to get them all reportet but the best way to keep up to date with my progress on sculptures and paintjobs these days is instagram:

can we make it to 1000 followers this week?

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Some progress on the tales of the future busts - working on facial details mainly, focusing on the beard texture!

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Hello guys! Something that came up today and that I like to discuss. Not saying any of you fall under the category, because after all, most of you follow me because they found me online and through my content, or sculpts and painted miniatures which I also consider content...

I find the public opinion of people creating content on Youtube and streaming on Twitch heavily skewed and I am slightly irritated by it, so allow me to give my view on it: I started the content creation... journey by making FREE content on Youtube and I have about 65 videos on it full of information on both sculpting and painting - that is time I gave to the community.

Noone forced me, sure and it was fun, but I am an educator and I try to share my information where I can. Yet people frown upon posting links in community-driven groups. Same for promoting your twitch-broadcasts. Is this through the illussion that people make tons of money off of this? Let me give you perspective: In a year of creating content on both platforms I made about 1/2 a months rent. And I invested 3 times that into equipment. Not complaining, it's a hobby like any other. I just don't like being looked down upon for all of it, because it is the community I make the content for and I want to share it. After all what good is content that if noone sees it? If no one sees it, no one learns anything through it. If I am not streaming, no one can come and ask me questions, no one gets feedback on their painting.

People are complaining that facebook has killed the forums that were a source of information and had knowledgable people that you could go to and ask for help. Yet, if you try to put yourself out there and try to become the epitome of information, by making your knowledge available through videos or live broadcasting people frown upon it.

What's your view on it? I would like to hear it. I am fine with critique too, this is not a post asking for an echo chamber and positive reinforcement! Thanks!

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Facebook has been a real grind lately, it took me about 11 Months to get from 1000 likes to 1900 - mainly due to their "you don't pay, you don't appear in feeds" policy lately. If you want to make sure to see my posts and stay up to date with new releases don't forget to activate "show first" in the follower options. I am really hoping to hit the 2000 followers before christmas and I'd like to say THANK YOU to everyone who followed this last year and supports me by sharing, l...iking and commenting!

On the flip-side Instagram has been a real joy to do lately and I grew from 0 to almost 900 followers in a few months. If you want instant updates as I finish pieces or WIP pictures right as they happen, go here and hit the blue button! maybe we can get to 1000 before Christmas as well!


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New pictures of the Bat-Thing - unfortunately I am photographing off of a resin-copy, because I was in a rush and didn't take pictures of the original. Somehow I am not having much success in showing all the skin details.

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Small slideshow on how I painted the freehand on my Black Templar Captain.

Also available as a video on:

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