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About Trusten
  • And I didn't give me room for me to say it was off of battle bears the game anyways ya I love JESUS I love skateboarding and I love music haha ya and I looovvee to hunt and fish I have done that since I was able to walk and lots more things talk to me and ask me what else haha
Favorite Quotes
  • Chancho! When u are a man u where
    streachy pants...... It's for fun nacho
    libre. That will do Dale gue that will
    do. Jeremiah Johnson. Why don't we
    call "it" no ears cool hand Luke. Then
    last but not least "migs speaking" Oliver! What's your statice? "Oliver speaking"
    migs I have the gold and the mystcle
    treasures huggables on my tail they are
    going to hug me to death if I don't huh?
    Oh! No! Dang it! Ugh! Migs! Request for
    back up? "migs" negitive u are going to
    have to lock down until we get there good luck soldier