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Explore the stories of the citizens who seek to deter police brutality by observing and videotaping arrests made by the New York Police Department.

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Directed by Justin Thomas. With Dennis Flores. Activist Dennis Flores dedicates his life to defending the oppressed and disenfranchised in his community against the onslaught of economic injustice and police brutality. However, when he falls in love with a fellow activist, he is confronted with the…

Activistas críticos de Policía y alcalde.

Activistas y funcionarios electos piden al Departamento de Policía de Nueva York que abandone su política de “ventanas rotas” para no perjudicar a la población inmigrante, tan vulnerable ahora con el cambio de prioridades de deportación del gobierno Trump. Nos acompañan el concejal de Brooklyn y Que...
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El Grito De Sunset Park

February 10, 2017 6:01 PM

"BROOKLYN - A Brooklyn community group organized a meeting with the state attorney general’s office on Friday regarding concerns from ...undocumented immigrants.

El Grito and the New York State Attorney General's Office met to discuss the response to recent actions on immigration by President Donald Trump.

The meeting was organized as fears by community members over immigration grow. The Sunset Park-based group claims some undocumented immigrants are being cited more for minor offenses.

El Grito says in the current climate of uncertainty, members are asking the NYPD to be more lenient about issuing summonses and tickets in some cases against immigrant families.

The attorney general's office says that it has been "actively litigating the immigration executive order."
The group invited Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to a town hall next month. There is no word yet if he will attend."

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El Grito & Supporters meet w/ the office of the NY Attorney General and other elected officials on “Sanctuary City” concerns.

This morning El Grito was invited to meet with the office of NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, NYS Assemblyman Felix W. Ortiz, the office of NY City Councilman Carlos Menchaca, the office of NYS Senator Senator Jesse Hamilton and the office of U.S. Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, to speak about our community’s concerns in protecting immigrant rights.

Thank you to our supporters who attended and participated in this much needed discussion,
Josmar Trujillo, Alisha Williams, Anna Ulrich, Abraham Paolos of Families for Freedom
and Occupy Kensington.

February 10th 2017

Dear NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman,

El Grito de Sunset Park began as a community watchdog that documented official abuse of residents of the Sunset Park neighborhood. In the last few years we have been on the frontlines of efforts to demand more accountability and transparency of the police department and our elected officials.

Now, in the aftermath of President Donald Trump's executive orders concerning federal funding for 'sanctuary cities', there is widespread fear in immigrant communities, like Sunset Park. The reality is that for communities of color across the city, there has never been a sanctuary from police brutality or the daily punishment that is inflicted on people of color through arrests and summonses. The most egregious example of this may be Broken Windows policing, which promotes aggressive enforcement against so-called quality of life infractions. This strategy, which includes enforcement against a variety of everyday behaviors, is unproven as a crime-fighting strategy and also, like with fare-beating arrests, overwhelmingly targets Blacks and Latinos.

Broken Windows, which has led police to arrest and even target street and subway vendors, many of whom are immigrants, also puts undocumented people at risk of deportation. Every arrest produces fingerprints that are sent to federal law enforcement officials, who are now answering to a man dedicated to deporting at least a few million people, according to his public statements. The continued criminalization of New Yorkers of color is fundamentally incompatible with a sanctuary city. We ask that you immediately denounce Broken Windows policing as it puts families at risk.

As an elected official and chief lawyer for the state of New York, you have responsibility to protect people from harmful public policies. To stand by the wayside would make you complicit in what the Trump administration is doing.

We invite you to a town hall in Sunset Park next month so that you can speak directly to residents, and they to you, to discuss strategies to keep our communities safe. In the context of massive marches for justice that preceded the presidential election, who hope that you understand how important it is to find solutions sooner rather than later. It would be incredibly disappointing to think that your office will only visit the community in small roundtable discussions when most residents cannot participate.

We look forward to seeing you at our town hall and we would encourage your office to stand with the community not only against Trump's executive orders, but also against the constant dangers that they already face here in the city of New York.

El Grito de Sunset Park

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"The group is located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, a quickly gentrifying neighborhood located just downstream of Park Slope, a hipster haven that menacingly crouches along its northern border. El Grito De Sunset Park is a Puerto Rican group, which has evolved into a more general Latino group with deep ties to the Young Lords, a Puerto Rican radical organization that emerged in the late ‘60s in part modelled on the Black Panthers. The Lords organized against police violence and a...dvocated for self-determination by running free breakfast programs for kids, an educational center, organizing health care workers, and doing prison support. They championed a position of revolutionary nationalism where they celebrated Puerto Rican culture not over others, but instead to serve as a catalyst in mobilizing other neglected communities of color."

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The ascent of affordable video technology assists in propelling movements for self-determination and self-respect.
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Pati Ankalli is with La Gaviota Warmi and 3 others.

Tonight at 11pm, Ramsey Orta on LOCA VIBES RADIO: (via Radio Free Brooklyn)

Hoy hablamos con Ramsey Orta sobre el acoso poli...cial después de que grabo la muerte de su amigo #EricGarner a manos del NYPD, y con Jacob Crawford de We Copwatch, Dennis Flores y Jay DeL de El Grito De Sunset Park Copwatch!

#GuerrillaRadio #WokeTalk #SeHablaSpanglish #AfroIndigenaBeats #MusicaXingona #BuenasVibras

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El Grito De Sunset Park is at 411 46th street, brooklyn, ny 11220.

MLK’s legacy lives on through the courage of individuals like Ramsey Orta and Kevin Moore, who stand up and film police violence. MLK was not afraid to speak t...ruth to power, and time and time again he put himself on the front lines. Let’s honor those individuals who are doing what MLK would have done - using all available tools to challenge injustice. Let’s protect all citizens who film police violence, and let them know that they have our support.

MLK DAY 2016
Monday, January 18th 2016 @ 3:30pm
Trinity Lutheran Church
411 46th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Come commemorate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with our special guest Rev. Luis Barrios & honor the recipients of our MLK Community Service Copwatch Award:
Ramsey Orta & Kevin Moore

El legado de Martin Luther King vive a través de la valentía de los individuos como Ramsey Orta y Kevin Moore, graban la violencia policial. MLK no tenía miedo de decir la verdad al poder, y una y otra vez se puso en la primera línea. Honremos a las personas que están haciendo lo que Martin Luther King habría hecho - usando todas las herramientas disponibles para desafiar la injusticia. Vamos a proteger a todas las personas que filman la violencia policial, y hacerles saber que tienen nuestro apoyo.

DÍA MLK 2016
Lunes, 18 de enero 2016 @ 3 :30 pm
Trinity Lutheran Church
411 46th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Venga a conmemorar la vida del Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., con nuestro invitado especial Rev. Luis Barrios y honrar a los destinatarios de nuestra MLK Comunidad Copwatch Servicio Premio:
Ramsey Orta y Kevin Moore

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La dueña de un local dijo haber pedido ayuda tras desatarse un conflicto en su negocio, pero aseguró que la policía hizo todo lo contrario.
"Next time, don't call the police. Just close the doors and kill yourselves inside, but don't call the police."
Die Bilder von Afroamerikanern, die in den USA durch Polizisten umgekommen sind, gingen um die Welt. Für Teile der Bevölkerung gehört Polizeigewalt schon lange zum Alltag. Verschiedene Initiativen kämpfen dagegen an - mit Kameras.
There's an internal review underway about how NYPD officers in Brooklyn handled an incident involving a stolen iPhone. This video shows the cops and an EMT tracking the alleged cellphone thief to a...
Ramsey Orta is a national Copwatch hero. For those that don’t know, on July 17, 2014, Ramsey had the courage to ...

Make sure to pick up a copy of this months #BrooklynMagazine

Voices Carry: How El Grito Is Working to End Police Brutality
by @phillippantuso


Click onto the link below to read the full article:…/voices-carry-how-el-grito-is-workin…/

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Dennis Flores, founder of El Grito, a Sunset Park cop watch organization, is trying to give voices to the voiceless.
El Grito de Sunset Park—a local police watchdog group—started in 2002, when the country's videos of law enforcement were mostly limited to Rodney King and the show 'COPS.'