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You are not going to believe what women are doing now...oh lawdy!
Shock Talkin’s latest podcast is up. Suppressive Assholes: Recognizing and Removing them from your Life.
Shock Talkin had some fun and laughs with HGTV and DIY Network Host, Karl

Newest Shock Talkin podcast is up! Kimile is on target!

Gretchen Polhemus Jensen is with Kimile Pendleton and Joanna Weeks.
Lawdy lawdy lawdy! Joanna confesses some crazy stories about being a professional waxer! Have a seat ...

Real stories from a professional waxer.

This is a new dangerous viral diet goal. Stop the madness people!!!

Shock Talking is Talking about this new dangerous viral diet goal. Stop the madness people!!

Gretchen Jensen shared a post.
March 2
Cori Ehlers Dyer is with Kimile Pendleton and Gretchen Polhemus Jensen.

Shock Talkin .........uncensored........ can't stop laughing...

Look at her results!! It’s a lifestyle change and not a fad! Your health is not a fad! You are not a fad!!

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1589 days is NOT a fad!!!

My name is Krista Haugland and this is my updated Thrive Experience!

On Oct 13th, 2013 (after letting my box of Thrive sit on the coun...ter for 2 months), I started my Thrive Experience.

To say this experience changed my life is an understatement!!! I was your yo-yo dieter, your stress eater, your "I am starting Monday" type of person. I was constantly trying to be healthier, lose those last 10-15 or 20 lbs... and I was failing miserably.

Now, 4 1/2 years later, I am in the best shape (mentally and physically) I've ever been in. I have dropped over 40 lbs, my body fat is the lowest ever, I went from a size 16 to a 4, but most importantly- I HAVE STAYED CONSISTENT No more up's and down's from this girl!

So here I am, 1589 days later, the very best version of me! What are you waiting for?

"you don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great"

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She, too, was a skeptic...

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Hi, my name is Rose Salmo, and I took part in a Thrive Team Challenge by my friend Alisha which was to compare 5 years ago and now! Well, here it goes... This i...s my Thrive Experience.

❤️ 5 YEARS AGO... I was still trying to get the hang of being a mom of 2 little daughters who are 2 years apart. I was comfortable working at my job of over 10 years then decided to step down from my leadership position.

❤️ Over the past 5 years... This is ME 💕 I stepped out of my comfort zone tremendously. I took a chance... with a lot of hesitation of “what ifs.” I took a chance at another job opportunity... I took a chance on health... I took a chance on becoming a better me...

⭐️ I guess it’s true... life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Always expect the unexpected... sweet serendipity happens... ⭐️ embrace the uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later. ❤️ Don’t miss out on something that could be AMAZING just because it could also be DIFFICULT ⭐️ Live for today 💎 as Mary’s world turns. 🌎

I truly don’t know where I would be without Thrive and the Thrive Family that I have gained throughout my Thrive Journey. They offer tons of support and are there for me every day. I love the simplicity of the 1-2-3 Thrive steps because it’s so easy to do and you don’t have to remember taking anything else during the day except drink your water.

Thank you to my awesome friend, James Fisher, who was the one that introduced me to this Thrive Life and has always been there for me throughout this awesome and still going strong Thrive Experience. I was skeptic but I took a chance and I love Thrive!

Thriver for life!

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High heels and hair spray! And other nonsense 💗💗

As if you didn’t get enough of us... Shock Talkin is BACK! All kinds of stuff that will fill your life with meaning... or meaningless info. lol 💗💗
Gretchen Polhemus Jensen is with Casey R Carter and Kimile Pendleton.

Hey friends,
Listen as Kimile and I talk about the results we have had because of these micronutrients. Two totally different body types having freakin amazing results.💗💗PM me and I’ll share how you can get going!!

Shock Talkin is talking about the characteristics of a pedophile.