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Twenty One Cigarettes is a French pop-rock band formed in 2005 in Nantes (France) by four friends. Their music is influenced by British and American rock bands from the 2000s such as Artic Monkeys, Queen of the Stone Age, or the Foo Fighters.

This female-fronted band has been touring all around France for more than 10 years now and has recorded several EPs and albums released in France by Mozaic Music Distribution.
Their lyrics, written in English, reflect the view on life women can have.

On stage, the band mixes beats that make people jump as well as gentler songs.

You can listen to their songs and watch their videos thanks to the links below:

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Mon 9:00 PM UTC+01Berlin - d2Dublin, Ireland
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Retour en vidéo sur l'édition 2017 de SPOT, le festival des jeunes Nantais qui a eu lieu du 3 au 5 juin