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LIVE COVERAGE: Today’s Community Chapel in Commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Check back soon for more updates, and join us! #chapelatTU #reformationday #500reformationanniversary #praiseandworship #music
Our annual Christmas Celebration Community Chapel is happening right now! Here’s a clip of the Tyndale Singers leading us in song, accompanied by Dr. Melissa Davis. #christmasatTU #christmastime #choir #music

Congratulations to Natasha Daley on her acceptance into the University of Windsor Law School!

Congratulations to Marsha Marzouca on her acceptance into OISE's Master of Education program at the University of Toronto!

Last year, Marsha conducted a study around building bridges among children with autism:

“Children sometimes bully others due to a lack of understanding,” says Marsha Marzouca [BA Hons. Psychology]. “When we teach [typical children] about autism and how difficult it is for children with autism to make friends, they can then come from a place of understanding and can actually becom...