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Virginia G. Vanture
· September 10, 2017
Since graduation in 1977 I've gone on to several wonderful jobs and graduate school and now as I look back I find that what I thought might have been two years of study on the way to somewhere else, actually two years on my way of becoming someone else. Someone better, I think, for having lived and studied in a very unique environment taught by some rather unique individuals. It wasn't what I expected but I learned more there than I would have at most any other university. See More
Patti Nichols
· September 15, 2017
The University of Alaska Fairbanks is such an important institution for the all of us. It's contributions over the years are outstanding and the people, faculty, staff and students are amazing -- I a...m so glad I had the opportunity to be a small part. See More
Marchemay Tuiletufuga-Song
· October 20, 2016
Naturally inspiring? More like naturally inspiring people to choose a different school! I used to be proud that I was once a Nanook. I used to see the posters all over campus discouraging sexual, and hear the promises of a safe campus. These all were lies. I literally cannot describe how disgusting and heartbreaking it is to hear about UAF's (multiple) failures to keep their students safe, a matter that should be one of the top priorities for this and any academic institution. I cannot continue to show pride in an institution that is so blatantly careless when a literal crime has been committed against their student and instead chooses to protect the criminal. The faculty members who are responsible for these repeated, unprofessional, unethical miscarriages of justice should resign immediately. Any student guilty of sexual assault must be expelled. Until justice is served and UAF gets their shit together to actually BE a safe campus and not just say they are, I won't be recommending UAF to anybody. See More
Dasha McClure
· May 20, 2017
The University of Alaska has given me the opportunity to further my education and thus my chances to be able to provide for my children.

The professors guide and push me to accomplish what doesn't a...lways seem to be possible for me.

Living here has given me a sense of safety after being robbed at my old place and then having my house broken into while I was home with my daughter and friends.

My children now have a sense of community and can run out the door to play with their friends. They get to play laser tag, go bowling, swimming, bicycling, play pool and eat ice cream on Thursdays.

I am beyond grateful for UAF and what they have to offer!!
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Sheryce Borgatti
· October 21, 2016
Dear UAF,
I loved my professors. I loved the spirit of the students. I loved the activities done on campus. I do not love your negligence when dealing with Title IX issues and just blatantly sexual assault on campus. It is a serious issue and while you may have some outstanding components, you are not whole and great without fixing that essential part of safety for your students. I'm proud to have been a student from UAF because of my degree and the amazing people I made connections with. I'm not proud of the way you have dealt with such a terrible issue. Please hear our screams UAF, step up and take action. Take care of your students like they deserve.

Concerned Social Work Student
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Tammy Garner
· March 28, 2018
My husband and I saw A Midsummer Nights Dream on opening night last week, and it was amazing! I loved the intimate stage set up too!!
Will Baker
· October 21, 2016
The only trouble that I had at UAF is that I, first, didn't take advantage of all of the assistance available to me (and all students), and secondly, I didn't start thinking for myself until very late... in my college career. UAF provides many services, for many people, but the professors, campus police, the administration, and everyone that help make UAF what it is cannot and should not be watching over each and every shoulder stopping us every time we make a decision.

Life sucks, being an adult is not much fun, and that is true even if your life isn't filled with trouble. But being an adult is about making choices and accepting, and learning from, the consequences. Everyone makes poor choices in their lives, and some people are not to be trusted because they enjoy doing bad things to others. This is why we, as a society, have laws, with courts, and jails.

UAF, however, is a university, a place of learning. By the time you reach their doors, most will be deemed an adult by societal standards, and the professors and staff of UAF would prefer that you acted as such. Sadly, this is not the case with many college students today.

It took me a long while to understand what being an adult meant, and my relationship with my professors, in addition to my grades improved once I did. I had a lot of great times at UAF and once I started getting a handle on life I learned quite a bit too. I am glad that I chose to attend UAF, and will always be proud to be a Nanook.
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Rayna Nelson
· October 21, 2016
I spent my freshman and sophomore years here and I hated it. From the bureaucracy of dealing with the enrollment and financial aid offices to the most recent public story of a rape survivor (I say sur...vivor because she's lucky this boy didn't kill her with his drugs and because she was brave enough to publicly share her story) this school is not the place to send your children, especially your daughters. I'm ashamed that I paid this institution over $15,000, an institution that glorifies all this talk about title IX yet can't follow through when a real problem happens right in front of them. Shame on you UAF and Laura McCullough! Step up or get out! See More
Jennifer Betschart
· October 21, 2016
I'm going to say something and it likely won't be popular, but it needs to be said. If we should think twice before we speak then we should think 4 times before we post. Recently a social media post c...ame out by a young woman who attended UAF and claimed that she was sexually assaulted. She has made some very serious allegations against the school and clearly feels that she was wronged by the administration. I'm not questioning her experience and I feel terrible that she has gone through a traumatic experience. But here's the thing. Her post, which named specific administrators, has gotten picked up in a social media flurry. And now there are a ton of people, who only have her side of the story, weighing in and berating the UAF administration. What I wish those people knew... I wish they knew that the administrators' hands are often tied by FERPA (student privacy) restrictions. They can't release details of a case even to protect their own reputations. They are often dictated to by other laws, by legal counsel, and by those higher in administration. So regardless of what they personally would like to say or do about a situation, they have to set that aside. If that offends your idealism try to put yourself in their shoes. Administrators don't just fall into those positions, they spend years toiling through graduate programs and many more years working their way up through the ranks. They have a lot to lose. Finally, you don't know her. And I'm not talking about the young woman who made the post. Although many of the people jumping on her bandwagon don't know her either. You probably have not spent enough time with the Dean to know her character. I did. And I can tell you that she is human like the rest of us, but she has a passion for serving students and a caring heart. I imagine that many of these posts have hurt her very deeply. So before you jump on the bully bandwagon think twice about the reputation and career that you are trying to ruin. Let's all practice a little more grace and a little less condemnation today. See More
Avalon Cheyenne Nielsen
· September 6, 2017
Absolutely disgusted. There was someone from this institute at Hofstra University today handing out flyers for some 9/11 conspiracy lecture.... 5 days before September 11th. Even had images of the tow...ers falling on the back. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED! I recommend that nobody have anything to do with this "university" since they have no respect for others. See More
Noelle Perkey
· November 21, 2016
As someone who has lived through a rape, and had to push through classes down in the states and run into him at work and in the place I lived. I cannot believe how UAF and the court system up here has... handled this case, this is another Brock Turner situation, where they both have claimed that the rapists life is more important than the victims. Which is not true at all.

I've been hearing about another woman here who was drugged and raped on campus, in a dorm of all places. I moved up here because they had made it sound like a safe school, and that rape culture and stigmas were not a thing up here. I moved to get away from that. And now we have a rapist on campus who has gotten away with DRUGGING a student, and RAPING her. I'm appalled by this school, and I am so ashamed to even continue my studies here knowing that I could be sitting next to him in my classes, or eating the disgusting food at the wood center next to him. I've met only a handful of wonderful professors here, and that is the only redeeming quality there is of this school. I will not be returning next year. I may not even continue to come here for spring semester. I've saved money my whole life to get an education, and I've wasted some of it here, where a man's life is deemed more important than my own. If I could get my money back, I would. I will never come back after this year. This college has ruined Fairbanks for me.

I don't need the Chancellor's message commented on this post, I've read it several times. And I'm sure other students have as well. I know they can't say much to us, but they could have done something for the student rather than push her more into the closet with the other girls who have been raped on campus.
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Lizzie A Jepsen
· November 28, 2016
Overall, I rate UAF 3 out of 5. UAF is home to many excellent professors, programs, and resources. However, that said, there is room for improvement. Inefficiency in certain departments unfortunately ...affects the quality of academic pursuits.

If you enter UAF with the understanding that you will need to advocate for yourself and your academic interests, you will do well. At any level, whether compulsory or voluntary, your education is what you put into it. Minimal effort will not render amazing results.
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Katie Lisun
· October 20, 2016
Step it up, UAF. Keep your students safe. Also when I attended your school, the professors didn't care (if I didn't have a TA as a professor) and are very unprofessional. I reported a professor's misc...onduct to my advisor and she didn't even care enough to talk to me personally about it. My current university actually cares about it's students and it's a great feeling to be away from UAF. See More
Tony Naber
· October 20, 2016
I am absolutely disgusted with this university. After several high-profile rape cases in which the victim was not treated with any sort of decency respect or relieved, and after a very high-profile ti...tle IX investigation, and after several promises to correct any further issues, AND after plastering the entire campus with title IX related posters and disclaimers, here yet again we have another very recent case of absolute negligence on behalf of the administration. See More
Katelynn Nelson
· October 20, 2016
I have two separate reviews. One involves the housing and the other involves the actual school. The school itself, the education is decent, however, there are things involving housing that make life a...t UAF hard sometimes.
If you walk around campus, you'll see signs in every building that read "don't rape" and, yet, UAF chose, in multiple cases, to support the violators over the victims. Recently, this happened to some very close friends of mine. Not only did UAF chose to let the violators back onto campus, but chose to over look the needs of the victims. They say they want to fix the issue of rape and how prevalent it is, however, they chose not to make a change. UAF wants to be "naturally inspiring", well, the best way to do that is make it so people feel safe when they walk around campus or live in the dorms. I've lived on campus for 4 years and every day I'm scared of walking by myself. I'm scared that UAF chooses not to make campus safer. UAF officials tell people report these violators, and, yet, all that happens is that the victims no longer feel safe on campus.

The school itself, outside of the living situation, is decent. I mean, I've been in several different majors and schools of study here and they definitely taught me a lot. The staff is pretty fantastic and has the needs of their students in mind.
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Hayley Zacheis
· October 20, 2016
UAF has a history of responding poorly to Title IX complaints, under both the past Dean and the present. The current Dean of Students, Laura McCullough, does not consider rape to be enough of an issue... to timely respond to correspondence and implement comprehensive solutions. The fact that a rapist is permitted to continue his education while a young woman is forced to leave the university for fear of encountering him appalls me. A university's purpose needs to be education. By not administering any punishment, not only has a young woman been driven away from pursuing her education, but the university has also made it clear that rape is not a large enough issue to them to warrant consequences. UAF needs to do better. See More
Jarye Murphy
· December 6, 2016
Worst school ever actually quite impressive its considered an engineering school considering sometimes you can't even take a calculus course which is required. Even better is when they miscalculate yo...ur gpa and try to screw you out of your scholarship money and show no remorse. Would never come here ever again wish i could give 0 stars but this is the lowest I could rate them. See More
Colin Mckenzie
· October 20, 2016
I love parts of this campus and am heartbroken by other aspects of it. I love my instructors and most of the faculty and classmates I interact with. I am however, also sickened by how this institution... handles sexual assault cases and how often justice is swept under the rug. See More
Ginny Kinne
· February 19, 2018
Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Education from UAF.
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