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If anyone is finding it expensive to travel to London for the Cannabis Hypocrisy Protest on Wednesday 9th October, Megabus are currently running an offer called "we love Wednesdays" which means you can travel on any route across England and Wales for just £5 each way which means that you will not have to pay more than £10.50 (inc 50p booking fee) for a return journey to London!

Please try to get down to London and show your support in highlighting the hypocrisy and legal anomaly that exists which would see UK citizens arrested for doing what almost all other EU citizens are legally allowed to do here in the UK, namely medicate with herbal cannabis!!

Pay no more than a fiver (plus 50p/50c booking fee) for Wednesday travel all across English and Welsh bus routes with Sid and That's why we love Wednesdays!

Dr. Thomas Orvald argues that Doctors have created a global problem with the over prescription of opiate based pain relieving medication but sees cannabis as a healthier, safer and more effective alternative. Do you suffer from a condition requiring pain relief? Have you asked your GP/pain specialist about being prescribed a cannabis based medicine? The Cannabis Support Network is here to assist you with with your application for cannabis based medication so please get in touch if you need any help or advice.

For thousands of Oregonians, the path to a medical marijuana card starts at a clinic in Southeast Portland staffed by Dr. Thomas Orvald, an 80-year-old retir...

We will be attending a public meeting with the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner on the 2nd October...we will be highlighting why we feel current policy regarding the use of certain substances by certain people is not only a failure but also harmful by presenting a comprehensive argument. We will then challenge the Police and Crime Commissioner to justify a continuation of such a failed and destructive policy! Click below for further details and to secure your place at the meeting. All activists in the South Yorkshire area are urged to attend! Let's get this issue debated in public!!

It’s a great privilege being the MP for Sheffield Central. But it’s also a challenge. I represent 115,000 people across the city and I want to make sure everyone’s voice is heard. That’s why I try and keep in touch in lots of ways – street surgeries, coffee mornings, e-newsletters, social media and…

Please like, share and comment on the paper's website!!

On Sunday the 22nd of September cannabis groups from across the East Midlands are set to converge on the Bass Recreation Ground in Derby in protest of what they regard as the failed and, in their...

Please like, share and comment on the paper's website!!

On Sunday the 22nd of September cannabis groups from across the East Midlands are set to converge on the Bass Recreation Ground in Derby in protest of what they regard as the failed and, in their...

Sorted!! East Midlands Cannabis Protest advertised in the local mainstream media!! Wonder how long it'll stay up for!!?

On Sunday the 22nd of September cannabis groups from across the East Midlands are set to converge on the Bass Recreation Ground in Derby in protest of what they regard as the failed and, in their...

In order to develop a sensible and effective drug policy it is vital to know what impact current policy is having. We not only need to highlight and establish where policy has failed but also which areas of policy have had a positive impact.

The current government is extremely resistant to such an assessment and so signing this petition is extremely important in order to attempt to get the issue put before Parliament.

Please sign and share doesn't matter which side... of the argument you sit on as this is vital to ensure the UK has a robust drugs policy which is fit for purpose.


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Drug related harms and the costs to society remain high in Britain, with a growing consensus that the current enforcement led approach is not working. In recent months the independent UK Drugs Policy Commission has highlighted the fact that Government is spending around £3 billion a year on a policy...
Sanj Chowdhary to Labour Party For Effective Drug Policy

According to government statistics, 2,600 under-16 year olds were admitted to hospital as a result of alcohol last year, compared to 101 as a result of illegal drugs.

My name is Sanj Chowdhary, my condition is now all but 'invisible' to those who don't know me. 14 years ago, however, it defined who I was and what I was able to do.

I used to suffer up to 30 of these seizures every day, often suffering stronger and more prolonged attacks! Since using cannabis, and learning to manage the 'triggers', I have only suffered about 5 episodes in around 12 years. The doctors and specialists have witnessed the profound affect cannabis has had, and fo...r my neurologist what has occurred is nothing short of miraculous! I am able to drive again, I skateboard, snowboard, downhill mountain bike, even rock climb and caving; things doctors said would be impossible!......I do all the things that gave my life joy and satisfied the adrenaline junky in me,. It's just a shame that the politicians and authorities refuse to acknowledge the evidence.......The authorities wish to take my 'life' away from me by forcing me into a life of pain and suffering; something that in itself violates my human rights!

Cannabis gave me my life back and gave me a life worth living!!

Please share your story and send it to us at the Cannabis Support Network UK

Don't forget to share if you care

Sanj Chowdhary

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This is what I deal with on a daily basis. It's not pleasant, and it took a lot of guts for me to record myself, since it's pretty embarrassing for me person...

Hi Guys, I am going to be making a submission to the Labour Party Policy Commission. The submission will be regarding policy which focuses on ALL substances both 'legal' and 'illegal', and one which makes a distinction between sensible use and potentially harmful misuse. I would like to get as many views together as possible before putting together the final submission so if you would like your views and opinions considered please get in contact. I am also looking for people with the relevant experience to help draft the submission so again if you fancy getting involved please drop me a line. Sanj Chowdhary xx

The Stronger, Safer Communities Policy Commission is tasked with looking at issues and developing ideas around the areas of policy concerning our communities and how we live; such as community safety, housing, local government and immigration.

Long time activist and all round awesome chap, Free Rob Cannabis will be celebrating his hemp harvest festival and you're ALL invited!!!!

For Hempsters and those seeking a greater connection and understanding of the magic of Hemp this is certainly an event not to be missed!!

What's going on?


-The Hemptation of Free Love Cannabis

-Hemp Fashion Show

-Hemp inspired music and poetry followed by

-Hemp treats and Bouncy Beats

Please come out and support Free Rob and his eternal commitment to promoting the benefits of the miraculous hemp/cannabis plant!!

This event is NOT hosted by the Cannabis Support Network UK. CSN UK are helping to promote and supporting this event....and we ask you do too!!

Namaste xx

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Sat 12:00 AM PDTBuddleia Bar, 24 Chilkwell St., Glastonbury
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Clark French, MS sufferer and founding member of NORML UK, reports on Tommy Chong's successful battle with cancer and the part cannabis played in curing him

Cheech and Chong star claims cannabis helped cure prostate cancer Tommy Chong says 'I kicked cancer's ass' with a variety of treatments including cannabis.

Please contact RELEASE for any legal advice and information you might need. RELEASE also offer an expert witness service and only work for defendants.

Make RELEASE your FIRST port of call as it could be the most important and helpful contact you could make!!!

Helpline 0845 4500 215


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Release : Drugs, The Law & Human Rights

You can now keep up with the latest via our new twitter account.

The latest from Cannabis Support UK (@CannabisSupport). Working to provide help, support & advice to individuals, groups & organisations concerning all issues relating to cannabis in the UK. United Kingdom

Hi Guys, Susan Lunn who suffers from MS and who was given a conditional discharge for self medicating using cannabis is going to be on Radio Humberside to talk about why she would rather risk prison and continue using cannabis rather than suffer the debilitating symptoms of her condition. Susan Lunn was also a special constable and has a first hand insight into the failings of the so-called War on Drugs. I've spoken to the show's producers and they are going to try and do a phone in so here is their number.....01482225959 even if they don't do a phone in please call the station and politely express your disgust at her treatment and all other affected by this deeply flawed and cruel policy. Please pass on and share...

Time to party in Cardiff everyone, cant wait to see as many of you there as possible, was awesome seeing so many of you in Hyde Park, So please come along and lets support our brothers and sisters in Wales.

1 stay safe until we on the 4th May 2013

Sat 1:30 PM UTC+01Cardiff, United Kingdom
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