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Kelly Wiebe
· March 26, 2018
I did the math and figured out I paid around $40/hour of instruction. I absolutely did not get my money's worth. I loathe my time at UM and living in Missoula. I learned more in 12 weeks at Army Information School than my three semesters in 730 eddee(pointedly misspelled and uncapitalized). I know for a fact I was passed along because I could cover tuition and the program needed the numbers. *I* would have failed me in J350(admittedly, I was a train wreck of a student), yet I passed with a "C." Which is also what I scored in 351 and 450, despite, well, at least never going on the carpet to be told how terrible I was(let alone every other week).

I wonder if I'll get a nice write-back thanking me for my input.
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Tabitha Miner
· September 3, 2015
When I think journalism I think paid media. Being a student of the University of Montana journalism department has changed that. I've learned they teach you ethical ways to deliver the factual parts of media.
Yee Moe Aung
· July 29, 2014
MONTANA, the school, I'd like to go.