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Keshav Lamichhane
· October 11, 2017
UNDP Nepal is doing their best to help people in our country in the world. Excellent Service. Loads of thanks to all the people who are involved in this organization.
Sanjaya Timilsina
· December 20, 2017
we need to be in the field making actual infrastructures and market systems rather than being limited to organizing forums, conferences, youth talks etc. We need impactful interventions.
Pawan Sharma
· September 22, 2017
running nice program for those who can do something for others..
Rajeev Deo
· August 26, 2015
Tikapur events - Tharus do not cause movement, Nepal Police - armed clash between the mutual SSP laksmana nyupane died, including 8 security personnel. This phenomenon is politicized 4 dalriya UT admi...nistration has promulgated a few large Alam Nepalese media, repression and discredit one week to restore it with the agitating

Detailed event information -
Nepal Police - Armed clashes arising from differences between the Nepal Police and 4 were due to 4 men were armed killed, and 17 persons of Nepal police and 22 armed men were ghayeta.
On Monday, the United Struggle Committee on tharuhat Area Administration Office tharuhat Autonomous Region Board and the Board of adhesive Program thiyoandolanakari come back immediately upon the notification from tasera thiyoyasa Khadanand Chaudhry directed the dig was armed on secrecy that would only atiavasyaka start Borno.
Since Nepal Police esaesabi laksmana nyopane the leading hathyara was being prepared, including the police squad of. In the meantime, including nyopanele Armed Fine samudalai his squad ready hathyara said to be the haunt of, and together the divergent movement, this information is found after dozens of APF observance. Nepal, a police chief constable of the Armed baristha SSB urging regard nacalauna nyopanelai Borno, in the meantime tell nyopanele that opts out subcollections with armed squad carki was being heavily criticized. This argument out of the armed sitting room were already underway by thiyocarka carki hathapatama, meanwhile shoot-outs between the Nepal police broad cross it is difficult to tell them that the first shot came from the armed police's side came from. Off hours, as many folks around the situation was already tense, 4-5 lost their lives on the spot of thiyosasastra police constable had run into the same room in order to shoot him, too, and also in room 2 barsiya child also died. It was not until the adolanakari come too.
After some time, an additional squad of Nepal Police and APF came from 4-5 van had a desire to take control of the situation and at the same time listen to the protesters also chanted the slogan of the engagement thaliyoacanaka police fired in the air asru firing of dozens divergent bustle of movement being thaleyata It was, Utah took advantage of the opportunity to call some senior officials through the ministry and the big media to spread the news on the agitators 20-25 of the security forces after the rest of the words that were thiera and large the media has no basis in Nepal very pale.I nabhako that easy, confused rosy picture of the engagement Tharu community had begun to spread hate against fear confusion had spread the fire, the land gradually.
Do not want to interpret the above statement in the name of the injured police to be that one has, it is true that the true percentage also can not say, but did not deny it. The event conspiracy to suppress the protest folk raciyera administration could be an attempt to discredit. Praharikamjora clearing continued, the army could also be mobilized to appropriate plot. The incident and the media the role of administration is very serious questions per s uthaeka doors.
Answer these questions until the summons until a few large media to madddta prasasanale brutal four-party scheme is not intended to say in.

1. The squad of police armed to the squad was quite different if different, fairly equal grant 4 Police 4 How Mario armed? 17 Nepal Police and Armed Police Force How injured was 22? This combination is possible only if i only had a mutual fight.
2. If agitating s domestic hathayara (hasya, axes, spades etc.) if they had against him, police were dying from the bridle where the gun came from the heist?
3. Either cervix razor sharp hathyarako be killed using either abdominal organs such as the breast should be struck down, but why did not seem such lahasa?
4. Using murder to domestic hathyara, must be struck closely. SSB niskida out, at least in the 10-15 policemen on security ring, 10 is possible only through a police hand out the SSB system. Not so easy to come directly from a crowd or a crowd of arrested a murder esaesabi
5. Either cervix razor sharp hathyarako be killed using either abdominal organs such as the breast should be struck down, but why did not seem such lahasa?
6. When no movement is not received within the coming, the room within the 2-year boy died cotton How is that?
7. Not looking forward to the process of investigation of sand, why hattarama antyosti the ongoing killings?
8. The more the number of protesters, even though they also use more sukkai sharp domestic hathyara, some walked one gun before the heist. A spear to kill a Lie takes at least 10 minutes, and 10 minutes and 50 persons golile guns to be cut, so that the number of so many should be killed in the protest, that is the story of this event must be wrong.

Great mediyaharuko very Sided role, cruel, false, nakaratma paravirti of incitement has been found. Mediyale also showed great planning great. The media is very serious questions about the doors towards the limits of the role -
1. Divergent movements aunapako not happen when East is, before the Legislature huge mediyaharule the base 25 of the dead were 20 people spread the news? Where these midiyaharulai this information came from? Is it not the big media jyotisi s?
2. Each event / riots / violence in the dying people and the number of reported growth in order to come to, but Nepal's huge media prints are based on the first 25, again 21, 18, 15 coming the next day 8 tungeka were? (There are many posts s Causa already doors)
3. American Florida jiudai wee rosy person had shown great mediyale the basis and why? This news spread of the uddhesya?

Nation / End of National Human Rights Workers, National Union all condemned the dhyanakrasna this case, the evidence / proof will be deleted faster than fast forward to this event nisapaksa check / investigation curve.

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Suav Zuwa
· September 14, 2015
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Sita Lama
· July 27, 2016
To be a really gretfull and kindness undp.. Such a great foe Nepal,, I would like to tell them Thankyou very much....
Hement Raj Kaphale
· June 26, 2016
Heartily thankyou for prize of Global goals quiz
UNDP is great helping project in nepal for sustainable development..
Hk Lohar
· August 12, 2016
Heartily thank you,
UNDP is great helping project in nepal for sustainable development..
Arvind Sah
· March 13, 2016
Thank you #UNDP for your development work in #Nepal
Niehan Upreti
· August 21, 2016
UNDP is great helping project in nepal for sustainable development..
ऋषि खनाल
· June 17, 2015
Development must be strong n for future reference. (Y)
Ramilan Rabiosha
· February 27, 2017
Proud to be a member :)
Ramkishor Kumar Bhagat
· August 12, 2017
राहत देउ सरकार /
निरन्तर को वर्षा ले साबिकको बिसुनपुर्बा मानपुर गा.वि.स. हाल माधवनारायण ना.पा. का सयो बिगहा जग्गा डुबानमा परेको ,सडकहरू समेत डुबान र घरहरू डुबानमा परेको अवस्थामा सम्निध्त निकायको ध्या...न जाओस !!!! See More
Surat Chaudhary
· July 13, 2015

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WEED to WONDER: Members of local community in Pokhara, Kaski show the visiting Swedish parliamentarians how they are turning water hyacinth, an invasive aquatic species spreading in the Phewa lake, into handicrafts & compost fertilizer with the support form UNDP Nepal and GEF Small Grants Programme.

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Posted by UNDP Nepal

Meet Tara Devi Tatwa from Parsa—one of the recipients of recovery assistance being provided by the Chinese government to flood-affected families in the Terai in partnership with UNDP—who simply refuses to be daunted by her circumstances

#ChineseAid UNDP China UNDP in Asia and the Pacific UNDP Governance of Climate Finance in Asia Pacific

Even when everything she built and owned was swept away in the 2017 floods, Tara Devi is determined to keep moving on, and credits the recovery package recently received from the Chinese government for helping her along that path

Call for Stories form journalists on sustainable energy


The UN Office of the High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States (UN-OHRLLS) has launched the Voices of a Brighter Future –- a sustainable energy competition – for journalists from the Least Developed Countries (LDCs).


Journalists from the 47 LDCs are invited to submit stories on how sustainable energy is positively affecting communities in their countries. Stories must have been published or broadcast between 16 August 2017 and 16 March 2018, and must be submitted no later than midnight on 16 March 2018 (EST). The competition is only open to journalists who are nationals from the LDCs. More details may be found at

A high-level panel will select three winners who will travel to the Sustainable Energy for All Forum in Lisbon on 2-3 May. There are also plans to highlight all winning and shortlisted content and showcase the action taken on SDG 7.

SDGs Youth Alliance Nepal SDGs in Nepal

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Three winners of the UN-OHRLLS ‘Voices of A Brighter Future’ sustainable energy journalism competition will have their work featured by the UN, with travel & expenses covered to attend the Sustainable Energy for All Forum in Lisbon, 2-3 May 2018. Journalists from least developed countries are in...

A start-up seeking to train and match nannies for families looking for affordable child-care help triumphed at the Techstars Global Startup Weekend Kathmandu: Women, Girls and the SDGs that concluded on Sunday. “Nanny for Your Naani” was one among the many innovative start-up concepts tossed around by participants of the grueling three-day workshop, hosted by the Nepal Innovation Lab and the Nepal Entrepreneurs' Hub with support from UNDP Nepal among other partners.

Mentors ...from the business and development fields had been on hand during the 54-hour boot-camp to help participants iron out their concepts and hone their pitches. Over 50 women and young girls initially presented business ideas that were whittled down to the top 10 by the last day. These were presented to a judging panel comprised of World Vision International’s Elizabeth Satow, UNDP’s Renaud Meyer and Mega Banks Raveena Desraj Shrestha.

The winning team will head on to the global competition to be held in Paris, France in March 2018 on the occasion of Women’s Day.

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UNDP Nepal added 3 new photos — with Caroline Aberg and Hom Nath Paudel.

Gorkha Visit
Visiting Swedish parliamentarians reached Gorkha today and observed development projects implemented by UNDP in partnership with the local government and communities in the district. The delegates, accompanied by mayor of Gorkha municipality and other government officials, also toured the historic Gorkha palace.

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We would like to congratulate the four representatives of civil society organizations whose participation in the 62nd session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) happening in New York this March will be supported by the UN Country Team!

- Tika Dahal, Vice President, National Federation of the Disabled Nepal - NFDN
- Ching Chippa Bhote Lama, Vice-Chairperson, National Indigenous Women Federation Nepal, and Founder Chairperson of Lhomi Women Welfare F...orum
- Uma Tamang, Advocate, Maiti Nepal
- Kamala Biswokarma, General Secretary, Center for Dalit Women

Wishing you all a good time and great learnings at CSW!

More information:

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Four representatives of Civil Society Organizations in Nepal have been selected by the UN Country Team to participate in the 62nd session of the Commission on the Status of Women
UNDP Nepal added 7 new photos — with Carolina Given-Sjölander and 4 others.

Swedish parliamentarians' visit to Pokhara

A delegation of Swedish parliamentarians today visited and interacted with local communities engaged in sustainable agriculture, enterprise and conservation practices in Pokhara. The team, joined by UNDP’s Country Director Renaud Meyer also interacted with local government representatives and Province 4 assembly members, and shared and exchanged experiences around issues of climate change, women’s empowerment, anti-corruption, youth... employment and other dev priorities.

Sweden has been one of the most engaged development actors, committed to giving 1% of its income to official development assistance (ODA). In 2018, the Government of Sweden is providing $5.4bn as ODA and its top priorities are: gender equality, climate change/climate resilience and peace building.

Sweden is also one of UNDP’s top core donors. In 2018, UNDP will receive around US$78 million. Sweden also supports many pooled funds and programmes, some administered and implemented by UNDP, including the Green Climate Fund and the Global Environment Fund. Sweden is the sole donor of the Integrated Climate Risk Management Programme (ICRMP), a UNDP project currently working in six countries: Armenia, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal and Uganda.

The delegation include six parliamentarian representing different political parties, including those form the ruling and the opposition and they include: Emma Nohrén, Kerstin Lundgren, Margareta Cederfeldt, Marie-Louise Rönnmark, Markus Wiechel and Tina Acketoft.

UNDP Sverige

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The Power of Democracy: Photo exhibit showcasing the linkage between democracy and development through instances of electoral assistance provided by the European Union - EU 🇪🇺and UNDP in countries around the world—including Nepal—opens tomorrow in Brussels!

European Union in Nepal UNDP in Europe and Central Asia

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Discussing DRR policy and practice in federal Nepal: To share recent updates to do with Nepal’s newly-drafted National Disaster Risk Reduction Policy and discuss approaches to implementing the same in a federalized context, a workshop was recently organized for the benefit of 49 DRR focal points from different ministries, departments and the National Planning Commission.

The two-day programme was held in Dhulikhel and conducted by UNDP’s Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Programme (CDRMP), in collaboration with the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Central Department of Environmental Science at Tribhuvan University. The sessions also sought to develop common understanding among participants regarding the linkages between climate change, DRR and sustainable development.

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Members of the provincial assemblies of Provinces 1 and 4 were inducted and apprised of their responsibilities going forth into a federal Nepal at recent orientation sessions held by the Federal Parliament Secretariat with UNDP support in Biratnagar and Pokhara.

Training in climate-smart farming practices conducted in Dolakha by UNDP with support from Sweden leads to a bump in yields for struggling farmers :

Training in climate-smart agricultural practices has helped struggling vegetable farmers in Dolakha produce better yields for profit

[English Below] वर्षातको मौसममा सधैजसो वाढीपहिरोले अस्तव्यस्त पार्ने दोलखाका खोलिखीम बजारका बासिन्दा यसपालि भने ढुक्क देखिन्थे । स्वीडेन सरकारको सहयोगमा युएनडीपीले नदि नियन्त्रण गर्ने बायो इन्जिनियरिङ संरचना बनाइदिएपछि बाढिको समस्या समाधान भएको हो ।

Read how river-control bio-engineering structures installed by UNDP's #ICRMP with support from the Government of Sweden has offered respite to flood- and fear-stricken locals of Kholikhim Bazaar in #Dolakha:


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River-control and bio-engineering interventions in Dolakha's Kholikhim Bazaar have helped reduce flood risks in the area, much to the relief of locals

Entrepreneurs from the Federation of Woman Entrepreneurs' Associations of Nepal (FWEAN) were oriented on potential ways in which the SDGs could apply to and be applied in businesses, courtesy of UNDP staff at a session held at UN House on Thursday.

Programme Analyst and private sector focal point at UNDP Nabina Shrestha, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion specialist Binda Magar and Head of Communications Kamal Rj Sg presented on the concept and scope of the Global Goals. T...he presentations were focused particularly on how each of these goals could be leveraged by private sector entities, such as those run by the women entrepreneurs in attendance, for improved business prospects as well as for the betterment of people and planet at large.

FWEAN is among the six major business organizations that have signed a Memoranda of Understanding with UNDP Nepal to collaborate on the SDGs:…/nepali-business-community-commits-…

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Photo Story: How UNDP, with funding from the Government of China, is helping flood-affected communities in Nepal’s south cope with the effects of severe monsoon flooding.

“The floods swept away all our belongings… we were left with nothing. The recovery package has made it easier to cope with that loss, particularly in dealing with the cold:” Naresh from Rautahat. Thanks to #ChineseAid.

Check out this photo story from the ground: ...…

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Marking an historic step forward on the path to Nepal’s federalization, Province 3 inducted the members of its state assembly on 12 February—the first of the provinces to do so. The orientation programme, organized in Hetauda by the Federal Parliament Secretariat with the support of UNDP’s Parliament Support Project (#PSP), sought to impart to incoming assembly members basic information on the provincial parliament secretariat and parliamentary processes, as well as other sal...ient aspects of their new roles and responsibilities, such as budget-planning, dispute resolution and law-making, among other subjects.

Addressing the members, Dr Rose Nath Pandey of the Provincial Parliament Secretariat spoke of the importance of the journey they were embarking on, and the need to bring their diverse backgrounds and experiences to bear on their efforts going forth. Echoing this, UNDP’s Deputy Country Director in Nepal, Sophie Kemkhadze congratulated the assembly for overcoming such significant challenges in getting to this stage, and pledged UNDP’s continued support in bringing decision-makers closer to the people as “Nepal writes its own unique history of federalism.”

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