"Stephen Hawking will remain in our memories as a genius brain that managed to overcome, for decades, a terrible decay of the body." The #univie Gravitational Physics group commemorates the ultimate scientist...

With great sadness the members of the Vienna Gravitational Physics group learned that Stephen Hawking passed away on March 14, 2018. With his unpretentious demeanour he has conquered the hearts of the public and became a cult scientist, the winking icon of theoretical science, the symbol of a playfu...

Kultur-Fans und Theater-Interessierte können (wieder) sich freuen 👏🏼 😉 Die Kulturecke gibt's mittwochs im Foyer der Universitätsbibliothek Wien

Neben vergünstigten Tickets für Volkstheater Wien, Volksoper Wien und TAG können Studierende und MitarbeiterInnen mit etwas Glück auch den Eintritt zu der ein oder anderen Vorstellung gewinnen. Lest hier weiter:

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Mar 21 - Jun 13Universitätsbibliothek WienVienna, Austria
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Welcome to the University of Vienna
International Students' Day
So isst Österreich - Ernährungsbericht von WissenschafterInnen...
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Jim Johnson
· October 3, 2017
I happened to be in Vienna on holiday, and my wife and I decided to tour part of the campus. I’m a big fan of the Austrian school of economics, so this was a real treat for me. The university’s histo...ry over hundreds of years, the Nobel prize winners (I believe there are ten), and the dozens of plaques and busts in the courtyard recognizing professors for their accomplishments was awe-inspiring. I hope that the current students appreciate the opportunity they have (our visit happened to be the same day as first day orientation) See More
Senad Šećerbegović
· August 18, 2017
- Particles smaller than those of the standard model, when separated into anihilation, can be detected by particles of magnetism, new type detector near anihilation point.
- Because black holes give h...igher production and gravity emission than massive stars, it is possible that gravitons multiply when the basic least particles of matter are quantitatively compacted ... See More
Drew Arrowood
· October 12, 2017
Perhaps they were a little too hard on metaphysics in the first part of the last century. Otherwise, five stars.
Francesca Cisky Magliocchi
· September 11, 2017
One of the most beautiful place I've ever seen! You should visit it, and study in, if possible!
Sylvia Bos
· February 16, 2017
->about invitation Ayelet Shaked by Vienna University:
May Vienna University be woken up and aware from now on , that there is no excuse for inviting someone like Ayelet Shaked, the most radical defen...der in Israeli government for racism, apartheid, genocide, illegal oppressive occupation and ignorance of human rights. Her thoughts are a contradiction to everything called 'right'- there is no right in defending a lawless landtheft and settlements, the lawless methods like administrative detention,children's torture, house demolishment, collective punishment by bombing Gaza tecetc....! You should have known in advance that Shaked is not suitable as feed for students...Shame on Vienna Uni- these themes are already sensitive items with Austrian history on the background. How many zionists do you tolerate in the University-council to have this criminal invited in you academy? She is fit for ICC! Your 'Juristerei' knew no doubt! See More