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We are excited to announce that UNLOVABLE will be screening at the Bentonville Film Festival on May 2nd and 3rd!!! BFF champions diversity, inclusion, gender equality, and representation, so we're stoked! See you there! #BFF2018 #DreamBigBFF

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Unlovable is with Charlene deGuzman and Suzi Yoonessi.
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Unlovable is with Charlene deGuzman and Suzi Yoonessi.
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Unlovable is with Charlene deGuzman.
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"Unlike the title may make it seem, UNLOVABLE is lovely."

South By Southwest is always home to a couple of tense, upsetting and even some films that test us with its running time. However, in a festival of such films, it is nice to see a brisk 79 minute comedy featuring two lovely actors to balance everything out, like UNLOVABLE. The film follows Joy (Char...

“Suzi Yoonessi’s first feature film in nearly a decade has plenty going for it, from a timely message to a slew of star power both on the screen and behind the scenes, but it’s most appealing because of the full-force charm and talent of its leading lady, Charlene deGuzman.”

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“There are times when you’re tempted to turn away when Joy makes the latest in a long line of really bad, even self-destructive choices. But deGuzman’s performance is so arresting and engaging, you keep your eyes glued to her — if only so you don’t miss the next development that will be hilarious or heartbreaking or both.“

“Yoonessi’s direction is fluid and perfectly in sync with the try-anything venturesomeness of her screenwriters.”

Some people hate themselves so much, they can never be loved enough. There is much to admire in Suzi Yoonessi’s “Unlovable,” along with a teasingly provocative question to ponder: Just how difficul…

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Friday, March 16
Alamo Lamar C


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Suzi Yoonessi: “Charlene was so supportive and we both had the same vision for the film. It was a really great collaboration. And for me as a director, with Jen Roskind as producer and the Duplass brothers as execs, there was so much freedom. There was no producer or studio being like, ‘No, cut this moment.’ So many poignant moments were allowed to play out because there was creative freedom.”

Suzi Yoonessi directs Charlene deGuzman in a personal story that proves an honest screenplay need not remove humor to address struggle.

Special Jury Recognition for the SXSW LUNA Gamechanger Award for Narrative Feature!!! UNLOVABLE directed by Suzi Yoonessi!!!!!!

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"It’s a fluffy spin on the recovery genre, but it’s a fresh one, and deGuzman’s hard-won life experience adds veracity and honesty to the snappy narrative. She’s also just plain wonderful to watch, providing a tough character in a tough situation with the maximum of grace. Joy’s choices are often heartbreakers, the kind of stuff that makes you want to crawl through the screen and give her a swift shake, but 'Unlovable' knows that such easy fixes aren’t possible, and the only answer is, of course, love."

The popular Twitter and YouTube star reached out to co-writer Mark Duplass over social media — now she's starring in one of the festival's most disarming offerings.

"With Hawkes and Leo bringing their considerable gravitas (and clearly having a good time in lighter fare than usual), deGuzman can go as big as she wants with Joy and between her 100-watt smile and an obvious comfort in her own skin, she has a natural radiance in her first feature leading role. She sets the tone for the film’s ingratiating casualness, which lets the friendship between Joy and Jim unfold organically with pinches of cinematic magic sprinkled here and there, as when the two have enough of a mindmeld to start communicating via music, cheekily subtitled with what they’re saying. (She’s turned on to the drums, while he plays guitar.) It seems like a similar symbiosis occurred between deGuzman and Yoonessi as a distinctly loopy sense of humor is embedded into the style as strongly as it is in deGuzman’s performance and conveys a perspective on sexual addiction that is refreshing both in its irreverence and honesty. 'Unlovable' may be about someone who’s a work-in-progress when it comes to being embraced, but the film itself is very much ready for your affection."

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A story of sexual addiction told with a lighter touch than most and a little bit of music hits the right notes, a testament to its star and writer Charlene deGuzman.
Unlovable is with Charlene deGuzman and Suzi Yoonessi.
March 13

Suzi Yoonessi, Charlene deGuzman, and John Hawkes at the World Premiere of UNLOVABLE at SXSW, March 10, 2018.

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Unlovable shared a link.
March 11
Films don’t get much more personal than Suzi Yoonessi’s Unlovable, a musical comedy premiering at South by Southwest yesterday. Written by star Charlene DeGuzman, Mark Duplass and Sarah…