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It can be hard to incorporate protein seamlessly into your diet. Here are 5 ways to add more protein to dishes and meals you already love.

It can be hard to incorporate protein seamlessly into your diet. Here are five ways to add more protein to dishes and meals you already love.
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Stephanie Fedela
· March 16, 2018
My husband was in a car accident March 11 and brought in by ambulance.
They made me wait 30 minutes before I could find out what was happening with my husband, had to ask 3,times what was going on. T...hen I finally got to go back in the ER

A nurse dropped his food tray on his rods that are exposed in his leg he just had surgery on.

Had a crazy person as a roommate who yelled late at night and kept him up 3 nights and no one was willing to move him nor my husband.

We were told he would be transported home via ambulance at 5pm today, its now 10:50 PM and he still is not home.
I will be talking to management and,taking further action.
They do not care about the patients, nor the family.
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Rebecca Marie Theerman
· December 4, 2017
I have called twice already about a bill that is wrong. I am being charged for two ultrasounds in one day whenever I only had one. I was told over a month ago that this would be put under review and call back in three weeks. I called back and was told that it still wasn't reviewed. I then recieved a notice stating if I don't pay this bill it will go to collections. Why is it my fault the billing is wrong? They can't put a hold on the bill until the review is back? I shouldn't have to pay for something that never happened. Why would I get two ultrasounds for pregnancy in one visit? See More
Brian Buzby
· February 2, 2018
This place is horrible. They have you come a hour early for a 1130 procedure. Then they don't even tell you that it got pushed back by 5 hours. And to top it a lot of the people that work here have a...ttitudes and treat people like sheep. I will never ever come back here again See More
Brandon Weimerskir
· February 13, 2018
I am beyond frustrated at this point with UPMC. I tried to get an appt with my PCP but was advised he was booked up for 2 weeks. I didn’t want to have to wait that long so they scheduled me with a dif...ferent doctor in that office. This doctor seemed to have no idea what she was doing. I explained my symptoms while she simply sat on google and tried to see what I may have wrong. I advised her I also did research and explained what I thought was wrong. She said she wasn’t sure what the issue was and that I should just go and have a CT scan. I ended up going for the test and then was advised by multiple people (that work in the healthcare field) that CT scans can’t even pick up what the actual injury was. When the test results came in it was confirmed that they couldn’t find anything. At this point I made an appointment to see a specialist. When I met with this doctor he confirmed that CT scans can NEVER pick up this type of injury. He also stated that I should never have had the CT scan as well.
Shortly after this visit I received a large bill for this CT scan. I refuse to pay this as I should have never been sent to have this test done in the first place. Had the “doctor” been more knowledgeable she would have known that CT’s are not used to find my type of injury. I do not appreciate seeing a doctor who uses google to try and see what is wrong with her patients. I myself can do that.
I tried to dispute the bill with customer service and they said they would forward my info to the “quality of care dept”. They called me and said there is nothing to do. No questions asked or anything. It seems like all they want to do is make money off of their patients and do not care about how their patients were treated.
At this point I am ready to reach out to the local news as I know I can’t be the only one this type of situation has happened to. The fact that they refuse to work with me in regard to this situation is a disgrace. Be cautious just going for any test these doctors tell you to go for. I regret on my part not doing more research ahead of time and not trusting a google doctor.
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Terence Whalen
· March 9, 2018
Very poor customer service. Like the facilities and doctors. But when you get the bills and start arguing with insurance companies, and find out it was the hospitals that miscoded the procedures or bi...lled twice for them. Unfortunately, as a retired state employee, we have Highmark insurance and feel like we are becoming a pawn in their little game. See More
Lorena Ged Steven S
· February 16, 2018
I am trying to reach them to find out what they know about Erosive Lichen Planus and how to treat it. I have had it for 16yrs now and am on 40 mil of Predisone. My bottom gum is almost totally gone an...d half of the top one. I also have and ma being plagued by terrible pain in right side of my head. I need to know if there is anything you know that I can do to live awhile longer and be able to eat. I am 80 and not ready to give up my ship. I have 12 grandchildren and 15 Greats and a good deal are in Caif and I need to see the little ones, plus I am needed to help one of my granddaughters here to care for her two daughters 6 and 4 yrs of age. Plus involved as President of Homemakers group and am Greeter and Lector at Church. I have a Yorky Poo, cat and a Cockatiel. They need me and I need them. Please help me! See More
Jessica Glendenning
· February 15, 2018
After 3 previous doctors that were unable to fix my ankle after 6 months I decided to go to UPMC. Within 3 visits with Dr. Kline I am walking out of my air cast. Something I haven’t been able to do fo...r 7 months now. I can’t begin to explain how much I appreciate the care and concern he gave me. He listened and went out of his way to make sure every question was answered and understood. Thank you! See More
Akosua Nimako
· March 12, 2018
I really hate y’all . I had an annual and no one called or told me for 5 months like damn . I tried to get a birth control refill and it was denied . I already missed 2 pills and they refused to fill until i came for my annual which i did not kno i needed this month . I can’t come in today so my birth control is now screwed . I hate y’all cuz now I have to stop taking the pill until I can get to the doctors . Whatever fuck y’all and fuck birth control this just gave me my reason to stop taking it I hate places like this that can call for money non stop but can’t call about a yearly check up See More
Samantha Schilling
· November 1, 2017
I have been getting bills for the past 4 months from children’s hospital for a child that IS NOT MINE!!!! We do not even have a person in our family with the child’s first name. I have contacted their... customer service number provided on the bill multiple times. The first time I spoke with a customer service rep they told me they removed my information from the patients and all issues were resolved. A few weeks later I received another bill. Called again to get it corrected. They advised they couldn’t help me and I have to send the bill back and state it was incorrect...that was in the beginning of September. Which I followed their directions mailed both bills back noted the information was incorrect. Which I have done this numerous times. I emailed their customer service department last week... they said they corrected the issue....I got another bill for the child today in the mail. The bills are ranging from $30-$1,100. It is completely absurd that this could happen. How can a company as big as UMPC cannot get this corrected. It is completely absurd that this has been going on since August and it is now November 1st and I am still getting bills for this child. #upmc #issues #bills #pittsburgh #childrens #kids #hospital #412 #wtae #channel11 #kdka See More
Ryan Thomas
· September 20, 2017
Once again thank you Mercy Hospital and Dr. Dicianno from the adult Spina Bifida Clinic, you guys at the Clinic and Hospital are WONDERFUL workers and I can see how much pride you do for your patients... and visitors.

I don’t like Hospitals, but I’m sure who doesn’t? But going to Mercy for Clinic and in the past to goto the eye and ear center at Presbyterian/ Montefiore both Hospitals we’re clean and everyone who works there were wonderful, I just wanted to tell you all to keep up the good work!

But, unfortunately I did have a small issue, I had to goto your lab to get a urinealysis done and please forgive me I forget the techs name, but I told him before the test that I needed assistance. (an extra hand or two, it’s not easy being disabled, I told him if he could hold the urinal or specimens cup it would be a great help. He said he couldn’t, so he gave me a urinal (same thing) I needed an extra hand because it would’ve gone all over the floor and not for the test.

Last year about the same date if not the day before or afterI had a Tech (and I don’t remember her name either) but she understood what I needed for assistance and was a great help.

I’m just glad they had enough of a sample for how I had to do things, but I’m also trying to be a voice for someone else that needs help and either asks for it and gets the same treatment as I did or worse.

I’m not talking down of any of your Hospitals or university I’ve been to great expectations for each and everyone of you as I work for a Hospital as well.

Note: I was there yesterday, 9/21/17
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Lucy Garrighan
· February 4, 2018
I suffered a life altering injury on ice in UPMC Mercy Hospital in Nov 2013. There were two parking lot employees just standing by ignoring the ice covered parking lot. I can only work part time great pain versus being a full time CEO. No social life, live in agony. I have seen so many UPMC doctors with no help. I work in a field where my job is to save lives. They don’t care at all. My 17 year old daughter lives alone with me and she has so much responsibility on her. Need to sell my home for 1st floor living. No responsibility on the part of this 14 billion revenue corporation. Shame on UPMC. I am not going anywhere. See More
Robert Cook
· November 28, 2017
I wouldn't Trust either UPMC Bedford or UPMC Altoona with any medical care for my family. Botched diagnosis, poor Dr's and ER attendants, terrible bedside manners, lab techs that cant take blood witho...ut causing more pain to patients, nurses with a narcissistic attitude, and a lack of care for their patients. Floor staff that does not listen to the patients needs. The break out the rules for what can and can't be done according to their own interpretations. I wouldn't send them a cadaver. See More
Wayne Ott
· March 13, 2018
I was life flighted and treated at UPMC Altoona Trauma Unit on the 19th of February 2017; their intervention and I use that liberally, nearly cost me my life! I am so thankful for the intervention of ...Summit Health and Milton Hershey Medical Center for saving my life! I can say my treatment was inhuman and incompetent! See More
Dean Harris
· October 22, 2017
I'm from out of town and I have been a patient at this hospital since this past Friday. The doctors in the ER were excellent I came in with chest pain they got rid of the pain and immediately sent me ...upstairs without too many hours waiting. Since I've been upstairs however my doctors have let my pain go untreated saying that their license was at stake. Now they want me to go through a cath lab. Dont come here for a long stay if you are im pain. They will just talk down to you. No way I'm letting them do any proceedure on me. I I strongly recommend that you go to another local hospital. See More
Goira Meary
· December 8, 2017
I am really starting to second guess my life as a UPMC patient. I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer back in September. Further testing for my biopsy was supposed to be done to determine if I require...d surgery or not. I had to contact my doctor two weeks after the tests were supposed to be returned only to be told "Oops, we forgot to put in the order for further testing". I had half of my thyroid removed and made an appointment with my PCP to follow up. I was running 5 minutes behind and called the office as I was on my way there (before my appointment time), I was put on hold and was still on hold as I walked through the door and signed in. I was in the waiting room when I was told that the doctor wouldn't see me. Reminder, this was a follow up appointment from having half of an organ removed due to cancer. Then, My endo specialist told me that I will need to take a hormone replacement regardless on my TH levels because this is cancer we are dealing with, and that I needed to get blood work done to determine my dose of medication. I got my blood work done, and a few days later my endo doctor contacts me and says "Your levels look good, the dose of medication is appropriate" I had to inform him that he never put me on medication and that this was the blood work to determine my medication dose.
Just because they are large, doesn't exactly mean UPMC cares. I would like to argue that they really don't
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Dave Patterson
· January 13, 2018
My dad has had awesome care from the staff on 5 South. Thank you all. However food service is less then desireable. I do understand that they have a lots of patients but 90 minutes for his tray and t...hen the food was cold and drink was warm. He has not had a decent meal since he came in. See More
Janet Anderson- Miller
· February 6, 2018
The staff has been very nice and thoughtful. I haven’t been treated like I am being a nuisance when I press the nurses button.
They have impressed me with their kindness from the first time I came in 2012 with a family member. See More
Jennifer Susman Schusterman
· October 17, 2017
I do not think this hospital has any clue what they are doing.
10/2016 my husband was taken to this hospital for an issue. He provided his license and insurance card, along with filling out paperwork ...with our CURRENT address. 3 months later after calling my insurance they assured me all was sent by the hospital and they will be billing us. Well, fast forward 1 year later to a collection call for the bill. When asked where it was sent we were told to an address 20 years old. We called the hospital ASAP and explained the issue, gave our current address, and asked for the bill to be sent to us. We stated once received would pay it IN FULL. We were promised a bill and the supervisor PROMISED a call back. 2 weeks later more collection calls, but no bill in site. Tried contacting the hospital back and was just left on hold. Finally sent both the President and VP of the hospital certified letters of the dates we called and what happened. Got a call from a rep who said they will pull all the calls and find out what happened. She was going to get this cleared up and would get back to me in 2-3 days. Fast forward 2 weeks later and 4 voicemail messages to the rep and NO returned call.
I just sent yet another certified letter to the President and VP that I wish them good luck now to get payment. I have tried everything possible to get this bill sent to the correct address to pay, but still nothing.
Such a joke!!!!!! I should send your hospital to collections
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BigRick Matthews
· February 22, 2018
UPMC has no problem letting their patience suffer in pain. We all know there is a serious & dangerous opioid epidemic. But the UPMC system has taking to letting legitimate pain patience to suffer by n...ot prescribing the pain meds needed to bring some comfort to the chronic pain experienced by people like me.
One of the most Ludacris policies is, If one is being prescribed pain meds & Marijuana is found in ones system they are automatically refused the pain meds that offer some normalcy.
Not long ago, since the late 1980's Dr's were encouraged to prescribe pain meds like they were M&M's. IE, 90 OxyContin 90mg tablets for pain control & 120 10mg Percocet for "break through pain". This prescription left one in a zombie like state.
I was prescribed 120 5mg oxycodone tablets. I use Marijuana for the "break through pain". When this was found in my UA I was cut off my pain meds on the spot. So, I have the last of my script I've been stretching out in order to relieve the incessant pain I have 24/7 from a shattered spine. Now I have withdraw to look forward to. My Dr even asked me if I needed something for the withdraw.
I am baffled at this policy. Either UPMC is unknowing or uncaring. It's as though my pain has no importance to UPMC.
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Chaz Jones
· September 19, 2017
I was extremely displeased with how I was treated at UPMC in north hills... with the issues I had and how the nurse on my second night treated me get horrible and made my blood pressure rise from her ...attitude... the doctors overall were ok but the only good thing were my discharge nurses... extremely nice and helpful See More
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