We’ve noticed a lot of new faces around here lately so thought a little introduction was in order! We at Upside Down are an ecumenical Christian podcast hosted by three women ( Kayla Craig, Lindsy Wallace and Shannon Evans) who yearn to see Jesus’ upside down kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. We believe in a Christianity that sees the best in all people, fights for the marginalized, and seeks a radical way of love. Listen in on some episodes on iTunes or Stitcher or at our website,!

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Have you heard our latest episode on mental health? Whether you struggle personally, you love someone who does, or you just want to know more about mental health in the upside down kingdom, this episode has something for you. You can listen to it here >>>

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Episode 07 - Joy for All People: Unscripted Conversations on L...

Did the latest episode on mental health sound like any conversations you’ve had in your life lately? Do you have a safe space to share those struggles with anyone? Or, maybe a better question, are you working to be that space for others? Invite someone in to that scared and sacred conversation today. We’re breaking down strongholds, one cup of coffee at a time. ☕️

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This creed professes the Christian faith through the experience of an immigrant.

I believe in Almighty God,
who guided the people in exile and in exodus,
the God of Joseph in Egypt and Daniel in Babylon,...
the God of foreigners and immigrants.

I believe in Jesus Christ,
a displaced Galilean,
who was born away from his people and his home,
who fled his country with his parents when his life was in danger,
and returning to his own country suffered the oppression
of the tyrant Pontius Pilate, the servant of a foreign power,
who then was persecuted, beaten, and finally tortured,
accused and condemned to death unjustly.
But on the third day, this scorned Jesus rose from the dead,
not as a foreigner but to offer us citizenship in heaven.

I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the eternal immigrant from God’s kingdom among us,
who speaks all languages, lives in all countries,
and reunites all races.

I believe that the church is the secure home
for the foreigner and for all believers who constitute it,
who speak the same language and have the same purpose.
I believe that the communion of the saints begins
when we accept the diversity of the saints.

I believe in the forgiveness of sin, which makes us all equal,
and in reconciliation, which identifies us more
than does race, language, or nationality.

I believe that in the resurrection
God will unite us as one people
in which all are distinct
and all are alike at the same time.

Beyond this world, I believe in life eternal
in which no one will be an immigrant
but all will be citizens of God’s kingdom,
which will never end. Amen. - The Immigrants Creed, The Book of Common Worship
#upsidedowntribe #immigrantsmakeamericagreat

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"If you've ever had the slightest twinge of a notion that your child or children would grow outside your womb and be waiting for you to bring them home, please listen to the @upsidedownpodcast. The mamas are mamas you wanted to know yesterday, and they have the low down on the unique, intricate, and consecrating ways to be a family. There are two episodes that touch on foster care, domestic and international adoption, and the concrete needed to fill in the broken but redeemin...g gaps of adoption.
They're also pretty great at extending familial circles. They'll pull you into theirs and never let you go. But you won't mind 😉" @sewmustardseeds made us a little teary with this review of last week's episode on adoption. If it was meaningful to you as well would you consider leaving us a review on iTunes or sharing on social media so more people can join our circle? Instructions for iTunes reviews are in our stories and website. 😉🖤👊🏽

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"Faith that works through love is the mark of the supernatural life. God always gives us a chance to show our preference for him." - Dorothy Day, The Reckless Way of Love

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Have you checked out our Patreon page yet?

Our lovely co-host have been paying the monthly podcast expenses out of pocket from the beginning, but as this ministry continues to grow and expand so have the cost of operation. That along with a lot of cool things in the works (possible gatherings???) led our awesome cohost Lindsy to put together a Patreon as a way for our listeners and community to financially support this ministry so the podcast can remain free for everyone.

I...t’s a simple monthly gift of $1, $5, or $10. That’s it! We have some awesome goals (the first of which has already been met!!!!) and incentives listed on the Patreon page, of where your money will go and what you get in return. If every person that listens to the podcast donates even on the lowest level, we could reach our ultimate goal, which would mean financial freedom to dream big for the future of this ministry.

Each level also comes with some awesome Upside Down bonus features, including if you pledge $5+ a month you will receive our new newsletter the Upside Down Low!


Click on the link below 🔽🔽🔽 to check it out

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Last week when we recorded the latest adoption episode I (@lightbreaksforth) walked away feeling like a bit of a downer. I wondered, Did I focus too much on the hard? Did I give off the wrong impression? Was I too negative?
But the very next day fear + anxiety + trauma interrupted our dinner and spilled over into what was supposed to be date night and instead of going to see Black Panther with my husband who I haven't had an actual conversation with in days, I drove around ...for an hour while my kid screamed his dysregulated head off in the backseat and I knew.
No, I didn't overstate the hard. For some of us, it just is hard and that's our story and it's no less beautiful or holy or worthy of being told than the ones of us who have it "easy." Six years into being his mom and I still wonder when it will be easier (for both of us) but I've never wondered if he's worth it.

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"We aren't just called to be strong. We are. It's part of our DNA." - @josaxton
Jo and @pastorsteph brought the 🔥🔥🔥 on this week's episode where we discussed all things Kingdom women.
Have you listened yet? What's a favorite quote or topic from this episode? Let us know ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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From dust we came, to dust we shall return. We pray you grow in intimacy with and love for the Lord this Lenten season. 🖤🌿
📷: @family.rewritten
#upsidedowntribe #lent

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Upside Down Podcast updated their profile picture.
February 12

New year, new logo for Upside Down Podcast. Our biggest thanks to Erica of Be A Heart for using her creative gifts to bring our vision to life!

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Upside Down Podcast updated their cover photo.
February 12
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Pssst... it's January 29th. That means the coupon code for @worthyforwear mentioned at the end of our Ethical Fashion episode expires in two days. And I didn't stand there awkwardly in my favorite @worthyforwear tank for you to miss out on it. So, if you haven't already, go take a listen and then head to @worthyforwear for some ethical fashion. Yer welcome. xoxo - @lightbreaksforth

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Sunday afternoon be like 🖊☕️🎧🖤

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"The Gospel is a very dangerous idea. We have to see how much of that dangerous idea we can perform in our own lives. There is nothing innocuous or safe about the Gospel. Jesus did not get crucified because he was a nice man." - Walter Brueggemann

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Watcha reading these days?
(@lightbreaksforth is working on this one.)

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