Urban Scumbags vs. Countyside Zombies - WEB Featurette

der Vorverkauf hat begonnen 🙂
31.10.2017 - 18:00
25 Jahre Urban Scumbags.

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The Rising Of The Undead - Zombiefilmfestival

We will have some Q+As at the Zombiefilmfestvial:
30th october 8:45 pm
Richard MacQueen + Nathan Savage producer of ANONYMOUS ZOMBIE
31st october 6 pm
Sebastian... Panneck and many more from the crew of URBAN SCUMBAGS VS COUNTRYSIDE ZOMBIES
31st october 10:15 pm
Stephan Stromer one of the writer of KUDZU ZOMBIES

live Video Message
30th october 6:30
Vincent Orst director and producer of THE TRIP

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25th Anniversary special screening at 1st Zombiefilmfestival - The Rising Of The Undead!

This Halloween, almost 25 years after its world premiere: the Urban Scumbags battle the Countryside Zombies once again on the BIG screen!

On December 5th, 1992 an unsuspecting crowd was introduced to a no budget Super 8 trash film....
Shot for virtually no money but with a lot of love for the genre, a group of young filmmakers had spent a good portion of their free time on weekends and evenings for more than a year to create this little film.

Over the years and various incarnations on VHS and DVD the movie became something like an underground trash classic…

Two decades later, intrigued by the original film, more filmmakers joined in to reanimate it for a new generation:
New transfer, faster paced, new German and English dubbing, a new score and soundtrack as well as some visual effects were added to create a new watching experience.

So here it is for the 25th anniversary:

„Urban Scumbags vs. Countryside Zombies - Reanimated“

playing at the 1st Zombiefilmfestival - The Rising Of The Undead at Kino Moviemento, Germany's oldest Movie Theater, on Halloween October 31st, 2017 at 6 pm.

Please join us and members of the cast and crew for this great opportunity to see USCZ once again on the big screen!

See you on the scariest night of the year...

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Tue 6:00 PM UTC+01Kino MoviementoKreuzberg, Germany
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May 3, 2016
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Please help us finish the reanimated version of "Urban Scumbags vs. Countryside Zombies" and to get it out on
Blu-ray. Check out our campaign on:…


Pledge what you can and spread the word.
Thank you all for your support.

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The reanimated version of this cult classic for worldwide release on blu-ray.
Urban Scumbags vs. Countryside Zombies updated their cover photo.
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In the summer of 1991 a group of young filmmakers set out to shoot a
no-budget super 8 zombie film.

It became a bloody homage to the whole genre of trash and zombie films:


Now, 20 years later the filmmakers returned with this "reanimated" gem
for a new generation.

After 3 years of hard work on the reanimation of USCZ, we are proud to announce, we are ready again for a special screening, before the official DVD release.

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its coming !!! this year we celebrate our 20th anniversary !!! stay tuned. lock the doors and load your shotgun... they are coming to eat you !!!

see the composer of the new scumbags-score in action. here he is conducting in budapest for the film natural selection.
btw. our new score is coming verry well. thanks to mark.

Film composer Mark Slater conducting the Budapest Film Orchestra with his music for the film Natural Selection, produced by Mirage 3D. Filmed at the Magyar (Hungarian) Radio Station studios in April 2010. This track, entitled Kent, covers an aerial sequence over the cliffs of Dover, Dover Castle a...

we are getting closer and closer to the end. the new look & sound is awesome... check out our new poster draft.

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Dear Fellow Scumbags and Zombies:

If you are not yet a fellow Scumbag or Zombie, then this email is your invitation to join us.

In 1991 Sebastian Paneck created the cult-classic zombie thriller with the unforgettable title URBAN SCUMBAGS VS. COUNTRYSIDE ZOMBIES.

Although DVD sales have spanned the globe, this classic has been mostly limited to Europe ...because it was released only in German and without an English dubbed or subtitled version.

Not anymore.

In 2008, music-video director and VFX artist Maxim Matthew (Berlin) teamed up with Sebastian to recut, recolor, re-dub, re-format the sound, and layer the entire film with original music. The result is a more colorful, quicker-paced, music-filled, modern version of the cult classic.


Hundreds of hours have been donated by actors, musicians, freelance filmmakers, and dozens of others for one reason - a cult classic once known only in German-speaking lands is nearing ready for distribution the world over. For those of you who have donated your blood, sweat, and assistance, Scumbags thanks you.

BUT NOW we need your support and contribution to complete the reanimation.

Why we need your support!

The 1991 version was only 47 minutes, but the reanimated version must be 60 minutes or more to be eligible for entry into film festivals and considered a feature film. Therefore, we are planning a 3-4 day shoot in Los Angeles in early May. The newly-created scenes to-be-filmed include: zombies losing their heads, zombies emerging from graves, and zombies being smashed over the head with guitars. In order to match the 1991 careful planning is underway that will keep the look and camera-work in the style and feel of the original Scumbags. And finally, we must incorporate the new scenes into the reanimated version's rough cut and complete the final sound mix, effects, and edit.

Our marketing plan

To ensure the Reanimated Scumbags release succeeds, we have designed a comprehensive marketing plan that simultaneously targets various potential revenue sources, such as: (1) hiring an internationally-known publicist, Dita Dimoné, who is currently working on a press release for various national and international media; (2) arranging a fund-raising "zombie" event party in Los Angeles to both increase public awareness of Scumbags and generate revenue for the completion of Scumbags - Reanimated; (3) offering for pre-sale three special edition Scumbags - Reanimated DVDs, including a life-size, "Rotten Hand Limited Edition", a "Rusted Special Edition", and a "Steel Special Edition"; (4) including a wide variety of music throughout the film from acts in North America and Europe to broaden the audience base for the film; (5) planning additional special and promotional events in Los Angeles and Berlin; (6) updating the website to include more information and more offers; and (7) creating an option on the website for donations and contributions to be made directly to the filmmakers.

Check out our website:

What Makes Scumbags-Reanimated Special?

(1) Original version reformatted from 4:3 to 16:9 widescreen; (2) Completely re-dubbed in English; (3) Alternate audio in German; (4) German-language version completely re-dubbed using well-known German actor and voice-over artists; (5) Every scene of the original film has gone through a modern color correction; (6) Entire film has been recut for action-paced editing; (7) Brand new visual FX have been added throughout the film to improve the zombie scenes; (8) Digitally remastered original sound; (9) Totally new sound effects; (10) Original soundtrack replaced with music from modern, popular bands and original score; and (11) Totally new special bonus tracks.

The Scumbags-Reanimated release will feature a DVD with interviews and documentary materials about the making of the 1991 Scumbags, as well as a sneak peek at the pre-production for the 2010 remake, including a trailer, music videos from the bands featured on the Scumbags - Reanimated soundtrack, and a live video of the DVD release party.

People like you, who are responsible for helping us complete Scumbags - Reanimated and make Scumbags 2010 will be featured onscreen and/or in the DVD bonus tracks. And the Scumbags story wouldn't be complete without a DVD bonus track highlighting the cast and crew of the original film, 17 years later!

We Need You:

We need your help to raise additional funding.

Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated and are currently being accepted at our website -

For a contribution of $20 you can be a zombie in the May reshoots in L.A.

For a contribution of $150 you can be a featured bloody, rotten zombie in the reshoots

For a contribution of $550 you can be featured as the dead zombie rising from the grave

For a contribution of $1000 or more you can be a named zombie with a unique kill and credited as an associate producer in the film and on IMDB

Buying a Pre-Sell Special Edition DVD is a great way to help us out now and get a valuable, limited-release DVD or DVD set after the film is released later this year.

"Rotten Hand Limited Edition" DVD Set - We "removed" the left hand of 20 zombies, and now offer them for sale to you, along with the original and reanimated DVDs and a bonus DVD.

"Rusted Special Edition" DVD Set - A limited release of "rusted" metal cases for this DVD set , which includes the original and reanimated DVDs.

"Steel Edition" DVD - The reanimated version comes to you in a full-size, metal-encased DVD.

Check them out at:

For larger contributions, contributions of other kinds, or inquiries regarding profit participation in Scumbags - Reanimated, contact:

A Final Note:

The talented cast, crew, and musicians that are part of this project are truly special. Most have donated their time, and some have donated their equipment, but all are committed to making Scumbags- Reanimated as successful worldwide as the 1991 Scumbags has been in Europe. YOU can be part of this success.

Whether you are a zombie or a scumbag, please spread the word to your family and friends about this unique opportunity to aid some dedicated filmmakers.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or ideas.

Thank you in advance for your attention and assistance.

Kind Regards,


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On Halloween, we wrapped up the German voice-over for
"Urban Scumbags vs. Countryside Zombies" .

Yeeeehaaaw !!


http://myspace. com/urbanscumbags

What a perfect date

The DVD release party will be coming soon...

The new re-animated version is ready to roll !!

Some of the voices in the new version:

- henning wehland (h-blockx)
- martin kesici (eMKay)
- selina shirin müller (actress "freche mädchen")

Coming to eat you in December !!!

next bulletin: NEWS about the Soundtrack... it will knock you on your ASS !!

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