Founded in 2002
Urdu Digest Leadership envisions it as an international monthly of great esteem, serving humanity at large by promoting cross-cultural communication,, goodwill, peace and collaboration in research, science, technology and business.

The founding fathers inducted Mr. Tayyab Aijaz Qureshi, a young, visionary and inspiring leader as Managing Editor and gave him the task to shape up and upgrade the monthly periodical, incorporating the latest technologies, ideas and concepts to make Urdu Digest, again, the leading Urdu magazine in Pakistan as well as in all the Urdu reading/speaking countries of the world. Urdu Digest team is determined---

To use the latest technologies for producing and presenting Urdu Digest to its readers globally with easy accessibility.

To address the needs and problems of young people in Pakistan and suggest solutions and highlight areas for improvement.

To provide Human Resource Development through Urdu Digest.

To promote entrepreneurship by inspiring the young professionals in Pakistan.

To collaborate with Universities and Research Institutes/Urdu Chairs in Pakistan and abroad for research work on Urdu language, its development and status etc.

To promote interest of youth in reading and writing Urdu language.

To exercise civilizing and moralizing influence over younger generation of Urdu readers, anywhere in the world.

To interact with our readers and writers to get the feedback on all aspects of the monthly magazine.
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Urdu Digest, is the leading monthly magazine of Pakistan and is pioneer in this field with a history of 57 years of publications.
Owned by Urdu Digest , Executive Editor ,Tayyab Aijaz Qureshi
325 G-III
Johar Town, Lahore,Pakistan
URDU DIGEST is an independent, autonomous institution. It has no connection, whatsoever, with any political/religious party or group. Urdu Digest is not just a periodical; it is a powerful progressive movement. Through our print and digital pages, we are striving hard to promote Urdu language all over the globe, to promote modern learning, to support progress and peace, and, thereby, ensure the cr...eation of a peaceful, healthful, and friendly world.

اردو ڈائجسٹ اردو زبان کا سب سے معیاری میگزین ہے- یہ اپنی اشاعت کے ۵۱؍سال مکمل کرچکا ہے۔ ہمیں
خوشی ہے کہ اس سفر میں ہم اپنے قارئین کو شعور اور آگاہی کا رستہ دکھاتے رہے، انھیں اُردُو سے جوڑتے رہے۔ انھیں مفید تفریح مہیا کرتے رہے۔ انھیں پاکستان، اپنی ملی تاریخ اور دین سے تعلق کی ڈوری سے وابستہ رکھا۔ آج بھی ہم عزم رکھتے ہیں کہ اپنے قارئین کو ایسی تحریریں اور خیالات دیتے رہیں گے جن سے وہ اپنی زندگیاں بامقصد بنائیں، انھیں بھرپور انداز میں گزاریں اور پر امید رہیں، اپنے ملک و قوم کے حوالے سے، خود اپنی زندگی کے حوالے سے۔ ہمارا پیغام یہی ہے کہ آئیے اپنی اقدار سے قومی زبان اُردُو کے ذریعے اپنا رشتہ جوڑیں اور دنیا میں سرخُرو رہیں۔
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