Here is the email I received from a commissioner in response to my new proposals:

HI Roel- Thank you for your continued interest in the issue. I look forward to your support of the proposal that was unanimously passed at the last Parks & Rec meeting. It was very clear at the meeting that the majority of residents don't want more regulations and agree that education and enforcement are key in "Keeping Hermosa Hermosa" - allowing all residents to enjoy the parks in Hermosa. If you are looking for a place to exercise, the beach and school grounds are both pet-free zones.
Thanks again, Maureen

And here's a proposal that allows dogs to use half of the park,…/0BxtzkW9MoBXDRVJsVzduYVJpW…/view…. OK, I'm done with proposals for a while, now I'm off to ask the commission and residents which one they like the most.