Here's a useful trick when your guitar has a low action but you need it to record some slide guitar. Learnt that from watching Guthrie Govan.

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Loving the last tune from A Perfect Circle.

Have you guys heard it?

Order the new album Eat The Elephant feat. "TalkTalk" now, available 4/20 ———— FOLLOW A PERFECT CIRCLE: Websit...
EP Studio Diaries Pt3
Studio diaries pt2
EP Studio Diary Pt1


1 year ago exactly I was releasing IRRESISTIBLE with my band Rouge United, simultaneously announcing the split of the band.

Such a bittersweet moment that brings back so many dear moments and people to my mind. I remember that prior to the recording the band had organized a co-financing campaign, which we made a video for with the help of Alpha And We and all of our video nerd friends from the Rock System team: Joachim, Laurent, David. We sold digital and si...gned versions of the album, music lessons, beautiful t-shirts designed with the help of Julien Spreutels and much more... So many fans, music lovers, friends and relatives showed their support and love. It was not enough in the end, but it was still incredible.
Then came the recording. Only drums were recorded in a real studio in Portugal, with the help of the almighty Daniel Cardoso who drummed to it like a beast in a time lapse of just a few days. Daniel sent the recorded drums tracks and I recorded all the instruments in my home-studio, then later in my bedroom that I had turned in a recording studio after I had moved in to a new place for a few months, before getting ready to travel through South America. Even 90% of the vocals were recording at this place by the singer. Our live guitarist Georges also helped us by recording some cello at his place for the song "Whatever Happens". After months of recording the album was mixed and mastered by the same Daniel Cardoso who drummed in the first place. And our friend Jolene Casko art & etc brought the final touch to it with a stunning artwork while Julien was able to capture it in a superb booklet. It was a beautiful moment where I realized how lucky I was to live in this time where you can make your dreams come true with a bit of technology, lots of will and risk-taking and at the same time so much love and support from all your surrounding and creative people. I'm forever grateful for this! I really am. And all of this is crystallized forever in those few songs. This is the power of music.

So once again thank you to all the people who believed in us and were part of this.

And as I'm recording some new music and getting ready to release it in a few weeks I wanna tell you that no matter how low you feel at some point, you will find the strength to keep going and do what you love. Go for happy!

Now let me invite you to listen to IRRESISTIBLE if you haven't yet. You will find it on Youtube, Bandcamp, and all of favorite digital platforms (Spotify, iTunes...).

Feel free to share it if you like it.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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ROUGE UNITED | Irresistible (Full album stream) Album "IRRESISTIBLE" is released 27 January 2017 Digital order: ► Bandcamp: http:/...

Bass recordings are over! That means that all the rhythm parts are recorded. Time to get to the core: LEAD GUITARS. OMG! This is getting exciting. That is gonna be a lot of fun and time right there!

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WOW! We reached 9000 followers!

THANK YOU so much guys for joining the ride. It truly means a lot to have you on board. Bass recordings are done and I've got another new short studio diary coming up tomorrow.

So please make sure you hit the "SEE FIRST" button, under the "following" menu not to miss this one.


Until then, keep it cool and listen to some good music. I'll share the music I'm listening to while working at the moment (David Maxim Micic):

Please feel free to share the music that inspires you in the comments!

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Bass recording for my EP stands at the top of my to-do list today... done with changing the strings and some neck/intonation adjustments.

We're ready. Let's do this!

Until then...

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Carefully listening to Nick Johnston for the first time.

I love the guitar dialogue between Nick and Guthrie in Silver Tongued Devil. Some great moments!

Anything I shouldn't miss from the guy?

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It always feels a bit awkward to talk to a camera but I did it nonetheless. Should I keep doing it, or just keep the playing? Won't you get bored of just seeing my fingers? 🙂

Anywayyyyy, here's my 2nd short studio report.

Big "thank you" to my buddy Georges for the quick mix!

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Yes! All rhythm guitars for my upcoming EP are recorded. New studio diary coming up tomorrow... head to my Youtube channel or make sure you choose the option « see first » on my facebook page not to miss it!

Enjoy your Sunday and see you tomorrow!

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Morning EP recording session. Wondering which sound I should go for the next parts I’m recording. Black or red?

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Have you seen that documentary about the making of the latest Steve Wilson album?

I love it. Always been in love with that kind of "behind the scene making of". There's just something real, pure and legit about capturing a musician's performance that just had me fall in love with rock in the first place.

And I so love the aesthetics of it.


What's your inspiration for music?

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To the Bone is the fifth studio album by English recording artist Steven Wilson, released on 18 August 2017 on Caroline International. It was recorded two-an...

As I'm recording the guitars for my first EP I hope to take you inside by capturing a bit the recording process on video. The content I'll share in those won't necessary always be the same, I'll just do whatever comes to mind. So if you feel like seeing or learning something specific about the process please feel free to just ask for it.

This will slow me a bit in the recording process as I need to edit those videos. But I'm sure you'll appreciate the trade of a few videos in... exchange for a little release time. I would!

Here's part 1 about acoustic guitars! You'll hear the introduction to "Insomnia", that I wrote when I was having major sleep disorders a while ago. It has a really lazy and nonchalant mood that progressively builds up.

Drums: Jelly Cardarelli

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Hope you’ll had a nice Christmas time with family and friends and are getting back to work full of energy. 🎉🎉🎉
Today I picked up the recordings for my upcoming EP by recording all the acoustic guitar parts with that beast.

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I've been talking about it for quite some time. I'm recording my first EP.

After being in bands for such a long time, going solo is the horse I'm riding those days. It's scary because I can only rely on myself. I make the appointments but doubts can be daunting at times. However it's not less fun because I'm learning, evolving through experimentation.

With a first single in the mixing process that I'll release in early 2018, the recording of my first EP is now in the meanwhi...le truly happening. My good buddy Jelly Cardarelli has done some terrific job on the drums (watch the video).

So now that the actual guitar recordings can start and that all sessions are prepared, I'm gonna try and take you along the process. I don't wanna rush it and put myself under pressure but I'll share the adventure on a regular basis.

So make sure to get my updates.

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Shit happens! For the first time in my youtube life I deleted the wrong video files... I went like "Noooooooooooo...ooooo...ooooo". Sooooo basically I can't finish the video I promised.

I'd like to cry but that command doesn't work on big men like me. Plus it doesn't help. Plus my reason tells me there's much more important things than my video.

So I'm gonna stick to the plan, which is to start recording the final guitars takes for my EP this week. I'll make up to you and up...load video's of that instead as I go!

Cheerio guys. And once again, sorry for that.

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