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Stetson Hills students, staff, black belts, and parents did a fantastic job at the promotion test on sat 2/17/18!

Mrs. Louden did not hold back, Master Jay Kuk Lee was a terrific sport!
Master Pejo vs. pie
USTC Monument student Jackson just made Master Lee’s day with his Christmas wish!
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Melissa Florido
· October 21, 2017
I have 3 children that are currently enrolled at the USTC Monument location. I have seen some awesome changes in not only their behavior at home, but in school as well. They are excited to go to the c...enter every day. The staff is amazing, they are friendly and relate to the children on a personal level everyday. Aside from teaching the Tae Kwon Do skillsets in an efficient and understandable manner in class, the instructor makes sure to compliment every child on their accomplishments, and make them feel great! My minis come home and feel like they are on top of the world. See More
Sara Correll
· January 5, 2018
I am so thankful for USTC Monument! The staff is compassionate and helpful and we are able to train side by side with our children. I've watched my children gain confidence, discipline, and respect. M...y husband and I finally have a workout we enjoy doing together! Personally, I had brain surgery 2.5 years ago and still struggled with balance, coordination, and memory issues. Taekwondo has been an integral tool in my continued recovery and improved mental and physical health. See More
Kate Shonk Gosling
· January 20, 2018
So pleased that my family decided to make this investment for my middle school daughter and myself to train at USTC. Participating in a sport as a mother/daughter “team” has strengthened our relation...ship and I know that will pay dividends as she moves into her High School years. Not only do we both receive excellent, high-caliber instruction and a fantastic workout, USTC also reinforces strong values that are rapidly disappearing in today's society; respect, discipline, humility, accountability, courtesy, integrity and self-control. USTC staff is knowledgeable, caring, encouraging, and supportive. We both look forward to our Taekwondo training days every week! See More
Robert Deemer
· May 18, 2017
My experience at the U.S. Taekwondo Center (Monument, CO) over the last 2+ years has been nothing short of fantastic. Master Lee, the instructors and administrative staff have all been marvelous. The...y create an environment that is open, respectful and enthusiastic -- focused on teaching and learning Taekwondo.

I like to think of myself as an ambassador for Taekwondo, talking with people in my travels, whenever the opportunity presents itself, about how Taekwondo has changed my life for the better. I'll be 70-years old in July of this year (2017), and I can honestly say, I haven't felt this healthy in the last 40-years. I've always been dedicated to keeping my mind renewed and healthy through education - as a college professor and student, but Taekwondo has added a new dimension to my life -- keeping both my mind and body healthy, which has greatly improved my quality of life.

There is no age limit when it comes to Taekwondo, just your personal desire to want to change your life in positive ways. It has been a great journey!
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Zachary Kellner
· November 7, 2017
USTC is Fantastic! They have wonderful staff, truly concerned about not just the students, but their whole families. I cannot recommend USTC highly enough, I am delighted to be a part of the USTC family!
Sarah Gallagher Hansen
· June 30, 2017
Our experience has been exceptional! My husband and 5 year old started here, and love it! The instructors are amazing and professional! Now, my 21 year old is excited to attend! I am so excited to see... how my family evolves in this amazing sport!!! Thank you!
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Denise Bolling Hadley
· February 23, 2017
We absolutely LOVE US Taekwondo Center! Everything is based around respect and discipline. Respect for peers, authority, parents, self, etc. But what I really love is the community and family feel! Th...e staff take great efforts to address you individually, by name. But they also do lots of outreach in the community and give back to their students. Additionally, they incorporate evenings for the children to have fun, allowing for mom and dad to strengthen their relationship. We would recommend to anyone wanting to feel like part of a community, while strengthening both your mind and body! See More
Kevin Hamblin
· May 4, 2017
I want to thank Master Lee and all of his instructors. Our Family started with USTC almost 2 years ago. Our nephew Zac had just came to live with us.

Zac lacked confidence, had moved around from fa...mily member to family member, and was bullied at school.

He has grown so much in the past 2 years in part because of Master Lee & his instructors & Master Lee's always positive attitude. He really builds the students up.

Zac really looks up to the Instructors and Master Lee, Master Kim, Master Lim.

Zac has excelled this year in school and has completed 6th and 7th grades this school year 2016-2017 with straight A's in part because of the confidence he has built through US Tae Kwon Do Center. His School has recommended him for Gifted and Talented Classes and even though he just turned 12, he has been recommended for High school Honors 9th grade math.

He was inspired by one of USTC's Instructors that graduated from College at 18.

Zac is part of the Demo Team and has built so many friends that will last for a life time.

Thank you USTC for positively changing so many lives!!!
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James Phillips
· August 5, 2016
I recently started training with my two daughters. What a great experience having time to spend with them. The school is fantastic! The instructors (including Master Lee) make an effort to know eve...ry student by name; they take time to get to know things about their students. They are great instructors but also care about the students as people. The facilities are fantastic as well. See More
Nichole Prochazka Hockett
· July 29, 2017
This has been great for my kids! We never feel like customers but part of the family!
Shawna Shaw Frazier
· May 13, 2014
My daughter started Taekwondo at school. She loved it so much that she wanted to start Taekwondo, so her dad and I let her join. Then her dad passed away from cancer, she's been wanted me to start wit...h her and we have been doing it ever since. It has been so good for us, it has helped us through this hard time, we have a lot of good friends now and I would not trade this for anything. It has helped us physically and mentally , I was really shy and did not like to get up in front of anybody and now I am doing warm ups and announcements. My daughter and I will continue to do Taekwondo for as long as we are able. It is something that I know my daughter and I can do together and we love it! See More
Joan Kawamoto Adams
· December 12, 2014
What an amazing place. I have twin 8 year olds who attend here. We recently moved from California where they started learning Taekwondo and I thought they had a great place...but this place knocks it ...out of the park! I LOVE their instructors. They're all patient, kind, respectful, supportive, while keeping them in line. I like the attention to form and the ratio of instructors to children. Could go on and on, but you get the point See More
Charlotte Smithweck Metzger
· May 19, 2014
My daughter is a student at US Taekwondo and she loves it. The classes have really helped with her self confidence. My daughter had her 8th birthday party at the center a couple of months ago and al...l the kids ranging from 5 to 11 years old had a blast. The instructors were really great with the kids. I would recommend this center to anyone looking to take Taekwondo classes or for having a great birthday party for the kids. See More
Allison Robenstein
· January 29, 2014
I have been training at the U.S. Taekwondo Center for 2 1/2 years and have enjoyed every minute. Taekwondo has helped me reduce my stress and improve my fitness. There is a great community of people t...raining at the U.S.T.C who are consistently supportive of one another and genuinely care about the success of others. Additionally, I love that there is always something new to learn. As you advance toward your black belt, there are many opportunities to develop skills and confidence. I would recommend the U.S. Taekwondo Center to anyone who would like to improve their fitness and learn taekwondo from an excellent staff. See More
Wendi Watts Henry
· November 4, 2013
I was very reluctant to join Taekwondo. The U.S. Taekwondo Center is a prominent part of our community, and my children, having interacted with their staff on a number of occasions, were all pleading try it. We began with a week-long camp and then signed them up for a 4 week trial of unlimited training. Once they earned their first belt, they began asking us (parents) if we would train with them. Master Lee offered us the opportunity to train together with minimal initial investment or risk, so I began. I liked the disciplined and supportive environment for my children so much that I wanted them to attend as many classes as were available, so in the first few months of training, we were there several nights a week. Though I swore that I wouldn't continue past the first 6 weeks of "trial," I began to enjoy the focused environment and found that I was starting to set and reach goals…something I hadn't done in years. Learning the fundamentals of Taekwondo training and the tenets of the student creed began to shift my thinking dramatically and helped pull me out of a dark and potentially destructive place. After my first belt test, I decided to continue my training through Black Belt…and I will…only 3 belts in, but I will. If you're on the fence, come try out the USTC family. You will be thankful you did. See More
Steve Zitzmann
· May 14, 2014
The USTC has been a fantastic place for 3 of my children and I to have an activity to do together. It's not just physical training - TaeKwonDo provides mental and emotional conditioning as well. Enhan...ced levels of respect, kindness, self-confidence, and self-control are just a few of the benefits that I've seen in my children since training began. TaeKwonDo is not just something that I do on occasion, it is a big part of my life, and I have been changed - for the better - because of it. See More
Howie Whitcomb
· December 6, 2014
My son has been a member of the USTC for almost a year now. It has been a positive experience for him and his self-confidence has grown. Master Lee does a great job instructing and encouraging all of ...the kids. The staff is helpful and friendly and the facility is always clean and inviting. If you're interested in doing a martial arts I would highly recommend checking out the USTC in Monument. See More
Shannon Cummins Merrifield
· May 21, 2017
My two kids and I joined last year! It's a great family activity and has gotten my lazy butt up and moving! I've done way more than I ever thought possible!
Jill Lichty Yuen
· January 29, 2014
Our experience with the US Taekwondo Center has been excellent! We are a family that greatly values education and character development as well as physical fitness. As we train toward excellence, th...e instructors are incredibly encouraging in the process. Since beginning in September, I have seen my oldest son (9) grow in physical and mental confidence and competence, and I have seen my 6 year old son rise to the challenge of self discipline, even at his young age. Since they began, my 20 year old, 17 year old and 14 year old daughters started and I have seen a physical confidence in them that was not there before, as well as excitement about training that was not present in their other fitness regimens. Now my husband and I are attending classes at the dojang, too! As our children have gotten older, it is harder to carve family time out. Now, we train together toward a common goal multiple times a week in each other's company. USTC has a clear path of leadership development. Instructors can not teach just because they have a black belt. This is very impacting when it comes to our development as Taekwondo students. The challenges, goals and instruction we have graciously received from the staff has pushed us to our excellent best and helped us grow in more ways than we could have imagined. This is the best money we have ever invested in our children's and family's education! See More
John Roche
· September 6, 2014
My son and I joined this school three months ago and have enjoyed every minute of it so far! I took karate for three years as a kid, so when my five-year-old son expressed an interest in doing martial... arts we looked at the various programs around town. In my opinion, the US Taekwondo Center is by far the best program available. Why? Because it focuses on the traditional virtues of martial arts such as discipline, respect, and commitment. Furthermore, they have an outstanding program for families. I get to train with my son and the USTC's character development program has dramatically improved his behavior at home. I was initially concerned that by training with my son I might not get a good workout, but there are plenty of other adults in the joint classes so Master Lee and the other instructors ensure that everyone is challenged. If you are looking for a great way to get some more exercise, spend time with your family members, and enhance your personal safety then USTC is the place for you! See More

U.S. Taekwondo Center is a proud supporter of Angel's of America's fallen, an AMAZING organization that helps so many children across the U.S.

These pictures are from their annual Gala dinner on sat 2/17/18

USTC Briargate students Ryan and his mom always do a great job representing USTC! thank you!


please support them at

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In 1975 Grandmaster Lee and his wife immigrated to the United States with only $800 of cash in their pockets and could not speak English.

Grandmaster Lee has always been a visionary, pioneer, and leader.

In 1988 he was the first Head Coach of the U.S. Olympic Taekwondo Team that placed 2nd overall in the world. He founded the U.S. Open Taekwondo Championships in 1992. At the time, it was the first Open Taekwondo Championship in the world and is currently the most prestigious... Open Championship in the world.

in 2009 he founded the U.S. Open Taekwondo Hanmadang - creating an Open championship for ages 4-90, including Para Taekwondo athletes.

Master Jay Lee is proud to carry his legacy as we celebrate 32 years of business in Colorado Springs with the U.S. Taekwondo Center. We are fortunate to have 5 locations and over 1,200 active students. We have the best students and families in the world! Taekwondo is truly a martial art for all ages, athletic abilities, and backgrounds.

Today is the last day of voting for the Gazette Best of the Springs.

Please vote in the sports category:

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we are not listed under the "after school program" -- simply enter in "U.S. Taekwondo Center" in the "provide your own" portion.

Thank you for your continued support!

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Outstanding job by ustc monument students, staff, black belts, and parents ! Excellent test !

Great job by ustc Lehman staff, students, black belts, families today!!

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Black belts , students, staff, volunteers, and families all did an outstanding job today at the belt test at the Briargate Dojang! Great job everyone!

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Congratulations USTC Monument students Jeffrey, Alyssa, and Britt for winning the prizes at our 2018 Valentine’s Parent’s Night Out! 💕

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We hope you can join us this evening in downtown Colorado Springs to celebrate the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics! Our Monument Demo Team will perform at 6:25pm and our Briargate Demo Team will perform at 7:05pm. See you there!

The City of Colorado Springs and KOAA 5 will be kicking off the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Friday evening in downtown Colorado Springs.

Alice 105.9 is broadcasting the annual Alice Cares for Kids Radiothon™ live from Children’s Hospital Colorado, tune in Friday from 6am - 6pm to hear stories of hope and courage from Children's Colorado patients.

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Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation

TODAY is the day! Alice 105.9 is sharing stories of hope and courage live from Children’s Hospital Colorado for the Alice Cares for Kids Radiothon, Feb. 8 and 9. Pledge your support to become a Miracle Maker for kids:

We proudly support Children's Hospital Colorado, all proceeds from our 2018 Break-A-Thon go directly to their organization. This year, we have set our fundraising goal at $40,000.

Image may contain: 17 people, people smiling, child and closeup
Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation

We’re pleased to introduce the 2018 Children’s Hospital Colorado Patient Ambassadors! Read more about this courageous group: #IAmChildrensColorado

USTC will hold our 2018 Valentine's Parent's Night Out this Saturday, February 10th at all five USTC dojangs. Register by Wednesday, February 7th by 9pm and receive an additional raffle ticket! We are giving away a WowWee MiP Robot, Color Belt promotion test certificate, $25 Dojang Dollars, and other great prizes!

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USTC Leadership students had the opportunity last Friday to participate in stick training with Dave Young from US Fighting Systems and he put together this fantastic video. Thanks for sharing, Mr. Young!

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Master Jay Kuk Lee

Fantastic stick training with Mr Dave Young at the Briargate Dojang tonight! Great job everyone!!

We will host Parent's Night Out at all five of our locations this Saturday, February 10th 5-9pm. Celebrate Valentine's Day knowing your children are having fun in a great environment. Call or stop by and register, space is limited!

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Great job!

Master Jay Kuk Lee added 5 new photos.

Outstanding leadership/woosong/masters training today! Everyone did a fantastic job!