#ScholarshipSunday | Associate Dean Teri Baxter argues that children who are incapable of giving informed consent should never be allowed to marry. To do otherwise is a violation of their constitutional rights. Read more from her article forthcoming ( in the Nevada Law Journal.

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Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and enjoying this lovely spring weather #LawVols!

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Just reminded Dean Melanie Wilson that students will be back from break in only five more days. . . . . #utklaw #springbreak2018 #moonwalk? #shemissesyou
College of Law Cleanup
The snow is falling here at UT Law! Enjoy the excitement and be safe in your travels.
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Zenobia Dobson
· November 2, 2016
Grateful for the opportunity to share my sons story of his life and legacy. Felt a warm welcome by handshakes and hugs.
Setting the stage for peace and justice to inspire others, there is still hope. ...I left feeling inspired as well as confidence
within myself.
Zenobia Dobson
Zaevion Dobson
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Michael Matuson
· March 28, 2017
UT Law is basically the best. Super friendly and welcoming atmosphere, great faculty and stuff, and a very nice facility. Basically it's the greatest ever. Also, I go here, and I'm kind of a national ...treasure, my mom says. See More
Jacob Spangler
· September 22, 2016
Lot of negative reviews here based on outside stuff from people who never went here. I went here and thought it was really cool!
Harris Glen Joshua
· May 8, 2015
What is it go out to my baby girl Britney I love her very much and a tragedy happened in her family tonight this morning on Holly 11 in Blount County I love her very much she's everything to me and I going to bury take good care of her and love her and support her and take real good care of her and support her with my love in in my power to do everything I can for her love you baby girl always will See More
Christopher Seaton
· September 24, 2016
Their staff is interested in "investigating" with the support of the Chancellor a tenured professor for expressing his beliefs in self-defense on a private platform that had nothing to do with the sch...ool. I will never send my kids here. Prior alumni should consider ceasing donations to this institution as well. See More
Nick Bonacker
· March 14, 2015
excellent staff and facilities--lovely campus as well.wonderful Law School review magazine edited by Micky Fox
Michael J. Higdon
· June 29, 2015
So very proud to be associated with this excellent school!
Lisa Sandberg
· September 22, 2016
University of Tennessee's Glenn Reynolds Professor of Law urges motorists to run down Charlotte protesters. You must fire him.
Jon L. Gerrard
· September 22, 2016
This law school must specialize in ambulance chasers law. One of their professors encourages people to run over protesters with vehicles? A professor to be proud of.
Chevon Renae Purchase
· September 22, 2016
Glenn Reynolds is an embarrassment to this school he recommends dealing with protesters breaking the law.