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Michelle Edgar
· March 26, 2018
Love our Columbia UU Congregation! The best people welcome all here!
Bruce Chavious
· October 16, 2017
Very friendly and inviting atmosphere and people. Looking forward for more visits.
Thank you to all the friendly people..
Cynthia Bowie
· June 24, 2017
My kids love going to the UU, and I love knowing they are in an open place where they can explore and grow. ♥
Ed Baggett
· March 13, 2016
Oh star, of brilliant...shine on through the luminaries that surround the earth, that signifies the essence of the meaning of life & hope & and forever...
Selina Hart
· December 2, 2014
Talking diversity and living it are 2 completely different things. This UU should look at itself & the make up of it's congregation and refrain from protesting outside of it's walls until it objectiv...ely assesses within. In other words, I've visited on numerous occasions, and although they feel free to comment on social issues, freely use images like that of Michael Brown, on their FB, there are NO Michael Browns present. How easy it must be to be politically correct when the only voice you hear is your own. What a shame this is the only UU in Cola. Classic South Carolina. See More
Ricardo Salazar
· August 10, 2014
People from Unitarian Church are very friendly, rational and open mind. It's a people' church
Karen Highness
· September 11, 2014
I'm from Minnesota and somehow ran across your website and began reading the texts of the Sunday sermons online. They are so insightful, intelligent and well written. I look forward to reading them e...very week. See More
Angie Dodd Rabon
· December 19, 2016
My spiritual home for the last 30+ years. Joined in 1982; met my first husband there; married him there in 1987. Raised my daugher there in the 1990s. Growing old there.
Tom Turnipseed
· November 28, 2015
We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of everyone, everywhere and human kindness.
Jim Verne
· January 28, 2013
First church that makes sense om so many fronts.
Julie Winn Sellers
February 27, 2012
It has felt like home from the first Sunday I attended.
Elizabeth Henderson
February 7, 2013
Pure awesome. 'Nuff said. ^_^
Star Henderson
· July 8, 2013
A thinking people
Sexual Assault/Human Trafficking Teach In
Gun Violence Teach In
Teach In on the Boston Declaration Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Columbia SC

We hope you will consider joining this movement that the UUA is backing:…

This lesson is designed to help students move beyond the assumptions they might make about others and become more perceptive, thoughtful, and curious about their fellow citizens.

Students practice being thoughtful about fellow citizens.