Uzu 3.1 teaser trailer

Happy 4th of July weekend! To celebrate Uzu will be FREE through July 4th. Have some free digital fireworks to go with your real ones!…/uzu-a-generative-de…/id376551723…

Thinking about new features. I'm curious as to what everyone would like to see added to Uzu. Any thoughts?

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Mark Fancher
· December 12, 2017
This is about as much fun as you can possibly have with a multitouch app!
Jan Lynne
· July 2, 2017
This app is amazing! IT'S FREE THIS WEEKEND! It was recently updated and looks gorgeous on my iPad. It comes with lots of presets and you can also make your own. If it's too fast for you, you can s...low it down or do whatever you want with it. See More
Aaron Roco
· June 25, 2017
Just pure unadulterated fun. So easy to use and so much you can do with it.
Brent McWatters
· June 24, 2017
Awesome update to a great program. Thank you for the 64 bit update that will work with iOS 11.