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Think about fitness like most people, you will experience the fitness of most people...

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Talk about stepping WAY OUT of my comfort zone!

Along with Men's Physique division, I crossed over and also competed in Masters Bodybuilding. The incessant shaking came back during my tepid bodybuilding performance.

Not sure about doing bodybuilding again before earning PRO card via Physique. I preferably enjoy the aesthetics and softer muscle tone for Men's Physique division.


This was still a great, fun, educational experience overcoming my fear of being vulnerable and open to critique in skivvies!

Of course I will do bodybuilding again in the future!

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Much better conditioned at 6% bodyfat (compared to 7.5% in first show 3 weeks prior), although next time, gonna shoot for 5%!

Nerves were not as bad this time around. Posing was better although still sub-par. Crossed over into bodybuilding during this same show (see separate album) and nerves got me then!

Notice improvements in just a few short weeks between shows...


Amateur competitions allow us to learn, apply, and hone our craft... Bringing out our BEST physique!

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Thank god for amateur status!

By not wanting to come in too ripped, came in with a little too much fat for a competition at 7.5% to 8% (compare to 2nd show pics just 3 weeks later - 6% bodyfat and 5 lbs lighter).

My posing was terrible and I over-relaxed and didn't flex properly trying to overcome that nerve-racking, uncontrollable shaking!


This was practice for when I become a PRO.

First show was SO MUCH FUN!

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STOP PRETENDING to not know what to do to bring out your best physical self.

You know. I know you know. You like pretending to *not* know as is absolves you from taking full responsibility for your current state of health.

When you sit down to eat that massive meal, driven by your eyeballs, you know you shouldn't be eating it.


Why don't you listen to that voice that says "I shouldn't eat so much, or I should be eating more fresh fruit and salad..."

When your body feels achy, weak, and you need to sit and rest after a short walk or a flight of stairs, you know exactly why it is this way.

Why don't you listen to the inner voice that says, "I should join a gym, I should lose weight, or I need to exercise regularly..."

How does it make you feel to not listen to that voice?

Begin to stop pretending today.

Think about that and identify some of those moments. Observe how it makes you feel. Don't need to do anything about it just yet. The observation is enough to shift you in the right direction toward bringing out your best self in the near future!

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My first physique show, July 8th in Philly!

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My second show ever, first one was 3 weeks ago...
I call it my Buster Douglas win!

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MIchael Stanford is with Jose Garriga Jr.

Just wanted to give a big shout out to my good friend Jose Jr Garriga. Your dedication is an inspiration. Good job homie.

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August 6, 2017

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