Venejer - The Haunting Live at Revolution w/ Nonpoint - May 2010
New Material
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Posted by Venejer

Hey Peeps,

Oniel here.i bet alot of you may be wondering whats up in the word of Venejer these days. well i feel like its my duty and we owe it to you guys to let ya know whats up. there is no easy way of saying this so im just gonna say it. as of today Venejer as a band is no longer together. As alot of you may know we were set to start and finish our album but due to unforeseen events those plans fell thru and one by one the members of venejer felt it was no longer worth th...e push to make things work and move forward. we have all gone our separate ways and embarked on new things in and out of music. this is hard on all of us but one can only push for so long until there is no one left to push. i ask you to please respect everyones privacy and decision and not have any bad blood between anybody. i hope the music that venejer made will stand in time and continue to make our heads bang when we hear the songs. THANK YOU to all of our fans, friends, family, promoters, producers and anyone who at one point or another were touched by our music. WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!


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“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
― Frank Zappa

Metallica or Megadeth? ...GO!!!

What's on your mind?

ITs hump day!!!

happy friday it up!!!

so whats your favorite venejer song and why?

to anyone out there tonight with a drink in their hand....CHeers!!!


SO...we would like to ask you something...and please be brutally honest...either good or bad.....what is it that you like about venejers music?.....GO!!!

lets see how mamy walking dead fans we have out there?....start liking this post.....GO!!!

happy lovers day peeps!!!....have fun and keep your jimmy covered!!...hehe.

so........................WHATS UP!!!!

Venejer shared an event.

It's gonna be an awesome show tonight!!! Hope to see some of you at Good Times East in port Saint Lucie.

Fri 8:30 PM EST
13 people went
Venejer shared an event.

Sorry its actually tomorrow night!! But tonight is gonna kick ass at archies west with these guys!

Fri 8:30 PM EST
13 people went