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  • Genealogy, Singing, Computers, Poetry:
    There once was a researcher named Vern
    He found many ancestors, but learned
    For every one you find
    It's really unkind
    There's still two more to discern!

    Maybe there aren't any intelligent suns out there among the universe. But if there were, why wouldn't one fall in love with another?

    Binary Stars<br>
    Copyright Vern Taylor Sep 2006<br>

    The stars in the sky, shining night after night,<br>
    Look ever so lonely, and they’re gone with the light.<br>
    The sun is my being, and I shine every day.<br>
    If your star burns as brightly, come follow my way.<br>

    I am one sun among many, made from many others<br>
    Matter once unorganized, I have many brothers.<br>
    Like a jewel of the Nile, solitaire in it's place<br>
    Stars locked in orbits are not quite a race.<br>

    You blaze fire like crystals, shooting light into space,<br>
    Your beauty so unique, is dangerous to face.<br>
    From your center of self, to the well of your soul,<br>
    There’s a fierceness that radiates, to fill up the whole.<br>

    For a binary couple, are like leather and lace.<br>
    We rotate to each other, and are locked face to face.<br>
    So our fire is the brighter, our path weaves a dance.<br>
    No matter what direction, we're glad of the chance.<br>

    So our souls fill with laughter, as we spin through a line.<br>
    Though we wander in circles, we’re glad for the time.<br>
    Maybe going nowhere, is going someplace,<br>
    When you’re binary stars, shooting out into space.<br>
Favorite Quotes
  • Yoda looked out at the small points of light in the vast dark universe. "To be Jedi is to face the truth, and choose. Give off light, or darkness, Padawan." "Be a candle, or the night, Padawan: but choose!."