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June 20
€79.00 was €112.00
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After our vacation and the pool results we've strongly resumed work on PHPVibe v6.

Besides the premium videos, verified badge we can announce that the new VideoJs based player (customised) will power v6, and the new Vibe version will have some design changes inspired by the new Youtube redesign.
The rest is kept as a surprise.


Thank you all for your feedback!

PS: Support will get up to date soon, there are a lot of emails and we're answering all as fast as we can.

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€79.00 was €112.00
Changing Channel/User settings on PHPVibe v5
Conversations on the PHPVibe v5 CMS
Kinda like the Youtube native app, no?

What video player do you think this is?

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A limited offer for a fast and consistent start!
The "Good Vibes" bundle

Good Vibes <em>bundle</em>!Bundle: PHPVibe + Themes + Essentials plugins This bundle is a great start up point and money saver. The bundle contains: The PHPVibe CMS: - Latest version - Full download Themes: - Main - BlackHub - Variation Plugins: - Spicy - Branding removal - Vimeo imp

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Spicy users will enjoy this!

Today we've made a few tests with the Pornhub's webmasters cvs dump. We've split the 4gb dump file in a few smaller files and converted them to PHPVibe's - Import the entire PornHub via PornHub CVS dump

The Vimeo Importer version 4 is now available for download!

Recent changes & upgrades 22 July 2017 PHPVibe 5.93 - Latest of the 5 series - fixes "create album" link, adds image resizing to lists, fixes ids - Changelog & Info

Keep up with the news here

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Variation V3 released (5.9x compatible).
See it live:

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PHPVibe comes with lifetime free upgrades!
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For a few days you will also receive the Video Slider for new purchases (Free of charge)!

Video sharing cms, video upload, ffmpeg, youtube & vimeo importers, images and music sharing, video ads, channels. PHPVibe : for video sharing and multimedia - Acasa
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July 13
13 July 2017 VideoSlider v2 - improves the plugin 12 July 2017 Spicy v5 - massive check and upgrade for the plugin + Reintroduced direct link to Redtube - Recent changes

Meet Spicy v5 : The way to turn your PHPVibe website into an full adult website!

Adult video script - Video script with Redtube importer - Import and download Redtube video to your own video website with the PHPVibe cms and the xClub plugin! - Meet “Spicy”!

It has arrived! PHPVibe 5.9 is here!

See it on
Download it at


— Products shown: PHPVibe CMS.

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Faster access to user restrictions.
You've asked, we did it!

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A bit of change on the "pictures" side also.

— Products shown: PHPVibe CMS.

"Bring back the cover!"
We've heard you all!

// Small design changes may occur until release


— Products shown: PHPVibe CMS.

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