scrap's like the red ring of death; you can't plaaaaaay me

remember when Blackwolf and i made an EP as Boom Bap Bear Trap? should we, like, release that EP? here's an unheard track, you guys decide.

Produced by Breadscrap
bukowski speaks on birth.

i don't really make beats like this any more but this is an all time favorite of mine.

im V 1 B 3. fl studio 10. music.

uploaded this recently.

im v1b3. fl studio 10. hip hop.

my names the slanderous truffles and im here to say...
im the best rapper in the USA!!!!

oldboy is the most raw rapper of twenty thirteen

peep this brand new just released extra lo-fi gutter shit me and Garde did.

too all who are still the least bit interested in what i've been doing.....i've been working. my fucking ass off. i've been making beats on some new hardware i.e. the mpc 2000xl. i've been writing almost daily. and i've been composing some non hip hop music as well, which will be released under a different name, when it is released. so yeah.


SYFFAL: Our site started out a collection of friends who loved sharing music while drinking low rent beer. In that spirit who are three acts, other than yourself that we should be checking for, and what shit brand of beer goes best with each?

Sir Pressure: I feel less and less confident with each of these questions. Yawning Boy and you drink Schlitz spiked with acid while listening to him. The Allen Barton project and you drink Pabst like the sign tells you to. Thirdly, V1B3 ...and you don't eat or drink anything. You starve yourself until he's done rapping.


pressure, you're that dude. people, read the interview.

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Our interview with indie hip hop artist Sir Pressure, his album Bumpin' Uglies is out now.
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Shiva the chiba to Hiroshima,
exhaling Nagasaki.
saki with a origami mami.
sayonara kimono.
konichiwa kimchi. domo....
kabuki coloring: Amaterasu.
sushi sayin "Moshi moshi, Shun Goku Satsu."

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