Carlisle to Newcastle DEV is now on our website complete with short preview. Discs will be available by the middle of February. Downloads imminently.

Our latest release is Steam Spectacular.

The very best of preserved and working steam trains in Southern Africa filmed over a four year period by enthusiast and cameraman Jean Dulez.

Living in South Africa, Jean was uniquely able to travel throughout the African sub-continent to seek out the most spectacular locations to film preserved steam at its best. He was also able to record the amazing spectacle of some of the last pockets of working industrial steam trains in the century in Botswana and Zimbabwe.

It takes an ardent enthusiast and expert photographer to compile a series of sequences of such high quality. Producer Peter Middleton was simply blown away when he first saw the spectacular sequences contained within. The scenery, the weather, the wide variety of steam action over main lines, branch lines, the so-called Cape Gauge (3ft 6ins) plus narrow gauge lines all combine to make this a steam spectacle not to be missed.

The film starts with a brief history of railways in Southern Africa followed by detailed maps and graphics throughout. This is a spectacle that you will want to watch and listen to over and over again, so we have added a commentary off button to allow you to listen to the wonderful stereo sounds of steam engines hard at work without interruption.

Filmed between 2013 and 2017.…

See More for Europe sales. for the rest of the world sales. Steam Spectacular is just what it says on the tin. Spectacular shots ...

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The NORTH WALES COAST DEV PREVIEW is now available to view exclusively on our website news page.

I have adjusted the settings on this Facebook page because some people have sent private messages which due to the high volume I am either not reading or am not able to reply to. So to make this more like the old forum, I believe anyone can post a comment but instead of it being private, we will all be able to see it. Let's see if this works better. If not, we'll revert.

CREWE to HOLYHEAD will be our next DEV release, however, I want your views as to what to call it.

Here are some suggestions:

The Holyhead Voyager...
The Anglesey Voyager
The Down Holyhead
The North Wales Coast line.
or just
Crewe to Holyhead.

What do you think? Over to you....

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Our latest Driver's eye view is now available to order. Deliveries expected early April. Available on DVD, Blu-ray and download. This is a Driver’s eye view filmed on board an international train service, TGV 9244 travelling from Milan to Paris through the Alps. We b...

The Jacobite is now IN STOCK on both DVD and Blu-ray. If you don't have a disc player, why not download it at

On either Video 125 website you can view a preview and order online.

As requested, here is the preview. This is now public on YOUTUBE. It is now on our website and can be ordered. We are expecting delivery during the first week of December on both DVD and Blu-ray. Downloads will also be available by then.

Paddington to Greenford Slough to Windsor Maidenhead to Marlow Twyford to Henley This is an opportunity to see four of the GWR Thames Valley branch lines fro...

Exeter to Basingstoke is now available to download at

Our latest Driver's eye view: Exeter to Basingstoke (the West of England line) will at last be available around Easter time. We would like to apologise for the late running of this train due to technical problems. It will be available on three platforms. Platform 1: Blu-ray, Platform 2: DVD and Platform 3: download. Running time is 131 minutes.

A BRAND NEW DVD release available from Video 125 now IN STOCK and ready to order ONLINE. See our website for details and video preview.

Hammersmith & Circle DEVs due in on Wednesday (19th Nov). Apologies for the delay.

We have just completed the main edit of Hammersmith & Circle DEV. Now, you must know by now that I do not normally use ad'-speak. Fabulous, amazing, great etc etc. However, I am going to break this rule this time because watching the finished DEV all the way through (minus Rob who will be recording shortly) I have to say it is fabulous. Brilliant even.

It is down to many factors. The high quality of the gear we use now, the well-practiced technique, the professionalism of th...e LUL staff, the interesting history and operation of the sub-surface lines, the new trains (and the fact that they still look shiny and pristine with no graffiti) added to what will be RC's dulcet tones (this will be the 15th Video 125 production he has narrated or presented) great shots, great music, subtle extra lighting in the tunnels which I think we got just right, it is so good that we have decided to break another golden rule - review copies. We think this projects Video 125 into another zone altogether and want the railway press to view it and comment on it. So for those who are not sure, or who have the original Met and District, wait for the reviews, then decide. Of course our no-quibble money back guarantee is ever in play. If anyone sends this back I will be amazed.

So, 98 minutes running time, anticipated release date middle of November. £20 and £23. If you haven't gone for HD yet, you really are missing a trick with this one. I look forward to seeing if anybody agrees with my opinion over the course of the next few weeks when it is released.

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Good news, we have now completed filming the West of England line from Exeter to Basingstoke. We managed to film in the sunny skies of the last couple of weeks. Bad news is that it will be behind the Hammersmith and Circle DEV which is now in post production and is scheduled to be out in time for Christmas. Talking of which, you will not believe the difference in the pictures between it and the original Metropolitan and District which it will replace. Our technique has improved along with camera, editing and even sound technology. It is looking good.

Last, but not least, our MILAN TRAMS is due in today (Thursday 18th Sept). If you have not ordered your copy yet, order now while stocks last (I am kidding about the stocks, it just sounded promotion-speak). By the way, the Blu-rays were in first this time and have ALREADY been shipped....

Our Newspage has been updated with the latest on Milan Trams.