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Burston Tyrone
· July 23, 2014
Never seen anything like it. I was speechless then, and I'm speechless now. Great act ladies. I wish you all the best of luck in all that you do. Honestly, I forgot the number, but I'd like to have si...x for $14.95 if that promotion still stands! See More
Carina Garcia
· July 23, 2014
Q: What is the origin of the word "Boob"?
A: The "B" is the aerial view, the "oo" is the front view, the "b" is the side view.
Becki Cox Armstrong
· July 23, 2014
I saw you at Petra's and laughed my butt off. I love you at the Carolina Renaissance Festival; you're even better with the grit you can add in an adult-only setting.
Marissa Oliu
· August 8, 2014
These girls are a staple in RENFEST history. They are a definite must-see. Their shows are full of laughs, water fights and great songs. Make sure you stop by and see them, you won't regret it!
Phillip Campbell
· November 17, 2014
Every year I go to the Renaissance Festival and every year the Washer Wenches are on the top of my list to see
Debra Galley
· July 23, 2014
You ladies are amazing!! I don't want to win the tickets, I just wanted you all to know that I tell everyone that comes through the gate to go see your show!!
Sheri Simmons Beck
· July 23, 2014
The Village Washer Wenches have some of the most entertaining shows I've seen. Be it at The Renascence Festival or Petra's, they always serve up fun, witty, sarcastic banter with musical flair.
Edward A. Windhaus
· July 23, 2014
I have seen the Washer Wenches show every time I've been to the Renfest almost since it opened, always a favorite performance of mine =)
Charles R Dennison Jr.
· April 10, 2015
Loved watching these ladies of the day lol !!!! Sucks that they are no longer going to be at the renfest
Pamela Paige Braswell
· July 25, 2015
I'm totally bummed to know that you will not be at Carolina Ren Fest...... my husband will be devastated
Lady Dancealot
· July 23, 2014
Anyone who can hide poultry in their bodice gets five stars from me.

I want to be you.
Chris Walsh
· July 23, 2014
Great show that kept the crowd laughing! Got a standing ovation at the Charlotte Comedy Zone
Wendy White
· August 6, 2014
Absolutely hilarious group of beautiful women! Think I actually enjoyed them more than the burlesque show they opened for!
Dale Lambert
· August 8, 2014
Very funny and creative. I want to take them home with Me but the wife says no...
Nathaniel Meyer
· August 8, 2014
Bawdy, raucous and funny! A good time for most of the family.
Leigh Williams Poteat
· July 30, 2014
Love yall! How could anyone not love laughs and boobs :)
It needs to be more threesome-y!

Happy New Year, friends! We interrupt our utter lack of posts with this important message.... Please, please, please do not drink and drive or ride in a vehicle with someone who is. Tonight, tipsy tow by AAA will take your car and your drunk ass home for free, even if you're not a member. Call 1-800-222-4357 for the service. Share and save a life. We love and miss you all! Have a great 2016!!!

So we know it's been a while since we posted. Ophelia's had a birthday, Anya's gotten a new job which involves exotic travel, and Liza's had a baby! (Yes, another one- a girl this time) Daisy is debuting a new baby as well...A creative one! She's spent the last few months hard at work directing a production of The Rocky Horror Show, and it opens this Wednesday in Charlotte and runs through the end of the month. Please support her by coming out to the show if you can and sharing this event! This is the full stage musical, not a shadow cast of the movie, and it's going to be fantastic. So give yourself over to absolute pleasure, and come on out!

May 20, 2015 - May 31, 2015100 GardensCharlotte, NC
270 people went