Brushing the dust off the Forge to review a wonderful compilation for charity from Extra Guy, who were kind enough to say a few words about the program. If you're a fan of either chiptune or the ACLU Nationwide (or both!) you'll want to check out Chip For Change.…/stokin-the-forge-chip-for-change/

The Official Chiptunes = WIN Bleepin' Bloopin' Blog!

Another month - another rad as eff album reviewed over at Chiptunes = WIN.

This month, I checked out 'Deep Magic' by Tri Angles, perfect background music for when I need to focus on those wacky web related projects for ChipWIN I'm not at liberty to say anything more about.…/stokin-the-forge-deep-magic-by-…/

Given his extensive career and the breadth of his library, I'd be surprised if most of our community hadn't experienced some aspect of the work of Tri Angles (or his previous identity, SMILETRON). If you're such a reader, it should come as no surprise that 'Deep Magic' is a solid addition to the li

Yet another ChipFit over at the Chiptunes = WIN blog! This time with a review of MASTER BOOT RECORD's dank chipmetal to meet all your metal smashing work out needs.


A happy and verdant April to all ya'll in the Chiprealm! I'm glad to be back after an extremely hectic month of hiatus from writing and I'm bringing a double feature with me. A little something to keep the Forge Stoked on Getting ChipFit. I'm not only going to share with you the brutal weight traini

Bringing back the ChipFit for the beginning of the month over at the Chiptunes = WIN blog. This go-round, I'm touching the surface of the very very deep topic of nutrition.…/gettin-chipfit-understanding-nut…/

Happy New Year ChipWINation! There are two things that are innate to the start of another recognized turn of our giant ball of mostly molten metal about the sun. The first is New Year's health resolutions, and the second is motherfucking MAGFest. Now, as a reader, you're probably thinking those two

Corset Lore's 'Graces and Furies' stokes the Forge this go 'round. Her latest release is even better than the last I reviewed, and its enhanced by the artistic contributions of Raquel Meyers. All in all, I'm just as excited to review it as I was to review her first EP for my first column three years ago.

Hop on over to the Chiptunes = WIN blog, check it out and #EnjoyChiptunes!…/stokin-the-forge-graces-and-furi…/

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Got a something a little different for everyone at the ChipWIN blog this week. Thinking of shaking some of the rust off of the old joints? Get a few tips on getting ChipFit over at Chiptunes = WIN, and get a workout listening recommendation while you're are it!…/gettin-chipfit-exercising-at-hom…/

The Official Chiptunes = WIN Bleepin' Bloopin' Blog!

Its always time for some spooktastic chiptunage. Head on over to Chiptunes = WIN to read what some handsome and erudite bloggers have to say about their latest comp, HalloWIN!

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Brandon L Hood to Chiptunes = WIN \m|<3|m/

Before we take down the ChipWIN Halloween banners & smash the moldy Jack-O-Lanterns, we’ve gotta give one final push to ‘HalloWIN’! This time in the form of a s...pooktastic track-by-track review via some of The ChipWIN Blog crew! #EnjoyChiptunes #AndSpooptunes

\m|(˼●̙̂ ̟ ̟̎ ̟ ̘●̂˻)|m/

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Did you check out KRVKT fresh new album, 'Red Ocean' released by Bleeplove? Come on over to the Chiptunes = WIN blog and check it, and a ton of other amazing Chiptune out!…/stokin-the-forge-red-ocean-by-kr…/

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Is everyone still in love with the combination of chiptunes and guitar? How about throwing in some sexy sci-fi synths to round that combination out? Intrigued? Then head on over to the Chiptunes = WIN blog to check out our review of Ageoflazers' debut, self-titled EP, complete with interview.

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The reviews march on! Pop on over to the Chiptunes = WIN blog today and give tracks 21-30 of Volume 5 a listen!…/chiptunes-win-volume-5-tracks-21…/

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A little something Nordic this month at Chiptunes = WIN. Straight out of Iceland, Polyhedron by Laser Life is Stoking the Forge this month. Swing on over and check it out!…/stokin-the-forge-polyhedron-by-l…/

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Viridian Forge updated their cover photo.
May 30, 2016
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Get your learn back on fellow video game loving nerds!

Have you ever wondered how the Game Boy works? How the games that defined the history of the handheld world were made? This video series hopes to answer thes...

This month, we're switching gears just a bit over at the CWB. I'm taking a look at Decktonic's VJ app project, GIF Jockey, and the creator himself took the time to let us pick his brain about the project.

Enjoy Chiptune and all the amazing Chiptune Accessories!

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You familiar with the talents of Typical Kurt or Getoverit? You probably should be. Drop by Chiptunes = WIN tonight to check out their first collaborative release 'The Eel Deal Split EP' and read a few words from these two up and comers. #EnjoyChiptune

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Any of you get a chance to catch Crunk Witch on their nation wide tour? Yes? No? Curious regardless?

They just took the time to answer a few questions from my buddy Aydan over at Chiptunes = WIN, so got get your read on!

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If you're in Portland, you want to catch this. Even if you're in Vancouver, still a good idea to cross the river just for this show.