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A VMware Admins guide to getting started on Twitter

Social Media, love it or hate it, can actually be very use even if you just use it as a learning tool. Right now, from a VMware community perspective, Twitter is pretty much the center of universe. However getting started … Continue… [ 529 more words. ]

Cannot add ESXi hosts to VNXe - Error Code: 0x6401f54

There is a nifty bug in the VNXe code where after you upgrade a VMware host you are unable to make changes such as editing host access to a datastore or possibly other NFS shares (I’m not messing with my … Continue reading → [ 134 more words. ]

The sorry state of server virtualization? Really @Gigaom?

Recently Gigaom published an article called The sorry state of server utilization and the impending post-hypervisor era, while I hate sending traffic to such a horribly hit targeted article, I just need to finally call out the writers at Gigaom, a… [ 357 more words. ]

VMware VCA-Cloud Exams Thoughts

I know the VCA exams are young, essentially version 1 but had a few concerns over some of the questions, hopefully VMware is looking at the comments. For example, one question literally asked for my opinion on what to do … Continue…

Using the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit for Resource Utilization Stats

There are quite a few tools out there to collect resource utilization statistics about an environment, some may even have tools such as Nagios or SolarWinds already in place for everyday system monitoring. What do you do when you need …… [ 626 more words. ]

Installing Ansible and AWX

I hope this Ansible post will turn into a series shortly, but every series starts with a first step and that first step is installing the platform to do some POCs. What is Ansible For those unfamiliar with Ansible, it … Continue reading → [ 559 more words. ]

Wireframe and Design Sketching #TechSandBox in Hopkinton, MA

For those readers in Massachusetts, check out this #TechSandBox event. Event details below: Mobile SIG: Course on Wireframe and Design Sketching When: Mon, November 18, 5:30pm – 8:00pm Where: TechSandBox, 105B South Street,… [ 152 more words. ]

Allow Linux to register records with Windows DNS and DHCP

The title is actually a bit misleading, its not actually the linux OS registering with DNS, but rather DHCP registering on behalf of the OS. In order to make this work, there just a couple config files on the linux … Continue reading → [ 297 more words. ]

VMware vCenter Server 5.5 Appliance (VCSA) Bugs

Working on a POC of vSphere 5.5 with the vCenter Server Appliance (VCSA) and running into a few bugs with it that I am not finding in the VMware KB which is normally very good. The VCSA was deployed on … Continue reading → [ 207 more words. ]

How to "Erase" a virtual tape in EMC Networker

So maybe its just been a while since I used BackupExec, but pretty sure I “erased” tapes in the application. Well, in Networker you “label” a tape to erase it. Since I am not a full time Networker Engineer/Administrator…

The In's and Out's of Cisco ASA ACLs

On most firewalls I have ever inherited, access control lists (ACL) are typically applied to inbound traffic on an interface, you can however have an ACL applied to outbound traffic. Some firewalls obscure this a bit and have you select …… [ 694 more words. ]

Infinio Accelerator goes GA - accelerates your NAS datastores in RAM

Infinio, who came out of hiding at Tech Field Day 9, announced today that they have come out of Beta and are fully GA with their Infinio Accelerator product. For those unaware, Infinio provides a downloadable appliance which provides a ……

Security is an art, not a science

I recent conversation with a friend reminded me of some scenarios around security for the sake of security, and not based in the reality of business needs. Security is certainly a fine line to walk, my definition of security is … Continue…

How to talk about your competitors - EMC setting the standard

I have seen a lot of back and forth via social media of late between people working for different vendors, each upset with one another over some apparent FUD smearing of each other. Let me just say if you are … Continue reading →

The 5 most important factors in IT - security shouldn't be one of them

A few years ago I had a question come up during an interview, the question very simply was “What are the most important factors for you to succeed at this job”? I thought about it for a few moments, as … Continue reading → [ 605 more words. ]

A real world checklist for managing your finances

This isn’t a shot a, I am sure a lot of thought went into their recent article about controlling and managing your debt, however as someone who once found myself 100 miles away from home with an empty gas … Continue reading →