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Trails, Rails & Tales
It’s a beautiful, snowy day in Abilene!
Visit downtown Abilene, Kansas for complimentary carriage rides!
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Breanna Huen
· March 6, 2018
Very friendly. Took my four year old in there and she was so excited over the coloring book she was handed. Thank you for the great service and making this community great!
Andra Wise
· April 21, 2017
"I love the Old Western history that is involved in the past here, being a Native Kansan from J.C.,Kansas,in which is not a lot to say that is good about my home town. The people here in Abilene are s...omewhat nicer, and being that I am a Old Country boy, at heart ,and the memories of visiting the Old Town Museum back in the 60's along with the Greyhound's I decided to make my home here,and the peace in my new property is extremely nice. I hope that this town doesn't pick up the greed habit's like .J.C Kansas has.The folks so far here are respectable and,we, me and my wife, of 25 years think we have made a god choice settling here," See More
Paul Allen
· August 11, 2016
Hello Kansas wheat field farmer, I want to thank you for your time this week, I saw firsthand your love for the black land dirt, corn, wheat, cattle, soybeans, and the crops in which you feed a nation... and a world. Your people are tough, strong, proud,and resilant. People on both coasts may consider you "flyover" country and be dismissive but my respect for what you do and how you live has increased a thousand fold. You raised a man in the city of Abilene named Dwight David Esinenhower (even though we claim him as a Texan thur his birthplace ) that saved the people of Europe by leading the mightest armada in the history of humanity to destroy the darkest evil that the 20th century produced. What a privilge it was to vist the humble house where he was raised and to stand at the grave of him and his wife and to give a hand salute. The library dedicated to what his life accomplished ending as a 5 star general and as US President was absoluty stunning. If only we had men of determination, valor and courage like him today,our country would not be in the dire straights that it is in at the present moment. Your small town value's and your major cities speak for the heartbeat of America, the taming of the old West, the end of the cattle drives on the Chisolm and Santa Fe trails and the fortitude displayed in surviving the worst of the Dust Bowl 80 years ago. Hold your head high, you did so much to restore my faith and hope by what you accomplish on a daily basis without acclaim and accolades and if no one else bothers to notice I did. "Hand salute" and applause for a job that continues to be well done. See More
Martin Kittridge
· October 3, 2016
A great little Kansas town and best of all the Eisenhower center is located there
Art Farrell
· February 7, 2017
Miss living in this beautiful town. Hope to come back and visit some day.
Jenina Fortner
September 23, 2011
Don't forget to check out the best and only little pet shop in abilene its clean, fun and lots to see and enjoy. Paws-N-Claws in ld downtown abilene
Richard Montes De Oca
· October 21, 2015
Great place to visit! :).