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Brian Sage
· April 17, 2018
As a veteran and living not far from Jacksonville, I will never go there again and highly encourage others to do so.Nothing but ungrateful scum running the apology to the veteran is worthless,...what was said was disgusting, makes me wonder why I served and received one purple heart so that ingrates like this city worker,who has probably done nothing for the country,can flaunt her so called power and harasse a veteran. See More
Julie Stejskal
· April 17, 2018
From what iv seen.You hate lettin stores fly military flags at stores..Watched some locals talkin about it. Next trip to fl....wont be your crappy area.
Jody Stafford
· April 16, 2018
Nope. Esp. If you love America or are a Vet. Go to Savannah. They love our country and our vets! Jacksonville hates Patriotism
Mauricio Mo Moreira
· April 16, 2018
Will definitely would not be visiting a city that belittle vets by their employees like Melinda Power from the compliance department, and cites businesses that displays military flags on their premises
Rick Gadzalinski
· April 17, 2018
Will never visit this city again. With a such poor attitude toward the military.
Terry Williams
· October 30, 2017
Great folks and lots of people want to move to Jacksonville and Northeast Florida. They need to call or contact Nautica Real Estate, LLC for a home or condos in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida.
Andrew Kloster
· April 16, 2018
Fire the communist Melinda Power. She's a disgrace to this country.
Terry Mcginnis
· March 31, 2018
Started coming 3 years ago on vacation been addicted to it ever since beautiful beach friendly people
Steve Piper
· April 17, 2018
Won’r spend 1 vacation dollar there until Melinda Power and her supervisor are fired
Denise Crumble Wilson
· August 11, 2015
Beautiful beaches, lots of places to visit, all kinds of great food, shopping everywhere you go. Events all the time. Not to mention great professional football teams playing at the stadium. I lived ...there for many years. Summertime can be really hot and humid, and it tends to rain alot. If you can live with that, I loved it. See More
Randall Williams
· November 23, 2016
I was raised in Jacksonville . We would ride our bikes from the West side to downtown back in the 50s and ride our bikes from Sandal Wood , where my uncle lived , to the beach in the late 60s , early ...70s . Of course , boons farm , Maryjane and sweetie golds ended that . High times became our way of life and what a way of life it was , lol . Orange sunshine , microdot , window pane , alcuppco gold , blonde hashish , Jamaican trip and good ole rock and roll . Allman Brothers Band . Just saying . Iol See More
Brandi Hill
· July 9, 2015
Sad to hear @Visit Jacksonville's CEO is pushing for Bed taxes for Airbnb renters...doesnt he know- this will make the rentals too expensive. Doesnt he realize there is a huge group of travelers that ...DO not use hotels that should consider coming to Jacksonville!? Why is he trying to box every Jacksonville traveler into a hotel traveler..... SAD TO HEAR someone who is about bringing people to Jacksonville is for something that would prevent people from coming. See More
Cheryl Branscome Arenas
· October 13, 2016
We lived here for quite awhile. Loved this area. Great people every chance we get we come back to visit. The beach is beautiful. Jacksonville is often looked over. Just a overnight stay for many on ...their way to Orlando. But they don't know what they are missing. See More
Richelle Nowak
· April 6, 2016
Absolutely breathtaking scenery. Do not go here without your camera. This is a must see even if just passing through. Pack a picnic lunch like we did bc you could spend hours just walking along the... shoreline taking it all in. ♡ See More
Tom Croom
· June 8, 2017
I run events in cities all over the U.S. - and Visit Jacksonville has always been one of the most cooperative and support tourist bureaus my team has had the pleasure of interacting with. We love Jac...ksonville. :) See More
Karen Stokes
· September 16, 2016
It is a beautiful city, I lived there for a short time, I found it to be real exciting and fun. The beach was really breath taking,the restaurants were really wonderful and had really good food that e...veryone enjoyed. See More
Vic Jordan
· April 16, 2018
But you hate the military.
Brian Vaughn
· October 20, 2017
Jacksonville is an overgrown, apartment packed, crime ridden dump. Shootings, robberies, burglaries, theft, drug dealers, shitty drivers...etc everywhere. If I wasn't trapped here I would move today!!
Gustavo F Silveira
· April 25, 2016
I love everything about Jax. Haven my best memories from living in Jax. Beaches, the town, especially the People.. Go fishing every Saturday morning to Jax Beach Pier..!!!
Laurie Neal
· October 18, 2016
At first I liked Visit Jacksonville. Then I started reading some of the reviews. There are some extremely offensive comments! Someone should clean it up. It's just tertble. Like the site. Offended b...y 1 individuals comments. See More
Martha Herring Auffenberg
April 30, 2013
Vacationing or living in Jacksonville.. check us out.. We come to you and prepare delicious meals for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home! What's for Din...ner? A Personal Chef Service 904.252.1256 See More
Hugo Bash
· October 16, 2016
When you get here make sure to check out all of my art & graffiti
Shanda Suggs
· May 27, 2017
The Jacksonville Jazz Fest is always a treat for our family
Cristina C. Angarita
March 16, 2013
We are looking for our dear dog Blacky. She is a 20 years old poodle, deaf and needs medications. She was last seen close to Big Island Swamp/Lake behind St. Johns Town Center (Jacksonville, FL) on Ma...rch 2nd. She was stolen and she can be anywhere in Jacksonville. Please help us to find her. See More
Terry Hodges Iverson
· October 17, 2016
Born and raised in Jacksonville FL.Dont want to any other place
Donna Albertson
December 25, 2011
Downtown Jacksonville on the St. John's River is a remarkable place to celebrate special occasions: The fireworks, boat parades, live music, food, and lights will make anyone's holiday memorable.
Sheryl Tucker-White
· May 22, 2016
Beautiful view!! But wouldn't live here again if you paid me to.
Gerri Deckert Stewart
December 25, 2011
The "Hometown" that I always want to come back too! Downtown is wonderful, beaches are salty & white and the people are the best!
Ronda Densford
· April 27, 2015
Love this site!! This is the place to go for information about Jacksonville.
Howard Ashley Mathis Downard
· September 25, 2016
My grandmother lived the till she died what's not to love
Linda Cox Smith
December 25, 2011
It's a very nice place to visit,good shopping centers,take the freeway and your where your going in no time at all.
Linda Padgett Herrin
· November 3, 2014
Born and raised in Jacksonville Florida loving my life the beaches and the fishing could not ask for anything better and the weather ♥️
Reza Ramaghi Robin Ramaghi
May 26, 2013
LOVE Jacksonville Beach and Love having a local business here! Visit my Facebook page RR Export for fun coastal clothing that are both affordable and fashionable! Locals don't pay shipping!
Holly McCollum Vogt
December 29, 2011
The most wonderful BIG City I have ever seen, lived there for 25 years and am missing it. There is everything one could ever want in a city. I miss the people as well as the ease of getting around.
Timothy Ball
· June 20, 2014
Has the city of Jacksonville, Florida lost its mind?? Ticketing businesses for flying Military Flags?? The City Officials condoning this are a disgrace!
Connie M Bend
October 6, 2012
Jacksonville is a very unique place. The beaches are clean, the food is very diverse and so are the people!!! Home of the Jacksonville Jaquars!!!
Craig Prentice
November 9, 2012
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Cantor Debbi Ballard
December 30, 2011
Jax is a great city! Full of fun things to do - culture, sports, and beautiful beaches!
Anitha Williams
· November 17, 2014
I lived here for 23 years and moved back home VA. NEVER thought I would miss this place as I do now! TRULY REGRETTING leaving FL.
Juanita Graves
· September 24, 2016
My bold city❤️.