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💫💫Creators’ compilation series No.4!!
“IA/04 -STAR-“ by virtual artist IA will be released on March 28th, 2018!!💫💫

Ahead of its release, please enjoy the cross...-fade video of all the songs in the album “IA/04 -STAR-“ on YouTube!!💗

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ヴァーチャルアーティストIAが贈る大人気クリエイターズコンピシリーズ第4弾「IA/04 -STAR-」が3月28日に発売! カゲロウプロジェクト原作者”じん”が楽曲提供をした“第30回国際情報オリンピック日本大会”テーマソング『...
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To celebrate IA's first official live concert in Spain, 1st PLACE and Hachimaki have announced the first IA Fanart Contest! Read on for details on how to enter and what prizes are on offer!
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Voxwave is opening a crowdfunding campaign soon to help publish a book and an album for ALYS!…/

VoxWave is calling on the public for support through a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule's platform, starting on March 31st!
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IA will be making her way to Madrid for her first live concert in Spain on April 21st and 22nd at the Teatro Auditorio Casa de Campo. Get your tickets now!

Luo Tianyi will be starring in a collaboration with the mobile adventure game 苍之纪元 (Cāng zhī Jìyuán, roughly meaning "Cerulean Age")! The iOS version is already available, and the Android version will be coming on March 26th!
Official site here:
More info:

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On May 19th and 20th, Zunko Tohoku will be collaborating with 未來數位有限公司(Future-Digi Ltd.) to promote PF28, a festival in Taipei dedicated to manga and anime works themed around food! They are taking submissions from now until March 30th, so you best sign up fast to secure a booth!

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未來數位有限公司(Future-Digi Ltd.)


只要您符合下列任一資格,即可報名 :...




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IA World Page

【Release Information】
A song from the new album “IA/04 -STAR-“ titled “Euphoria” is available ahead of schedule TODAY in the iTune Store!!

【Here is the link for... downloading!】…

As for this work, the original author of “Kagerou Days,” whose name is Jin, worked on this song. Jin boasts sales of 9 million copies in total. His related songs have been played over 100 million times. Shizu, the album jacket artist, also handles the music videos of the album as well as the illustrations of IA and ONE!!

In addition, in September 2018, we can all certainly look forward to “Euphoria” being the song to brighten up “IA/04-STAR-” even more, as it has been chosen to be the theme song of the 30th International Information Olympics Japan Tournament, to be held in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture.
Don’t miss “Euphoria,” which will be released as a digital single in the iTunes Store!

Along with “Euphoria,” each song on “IA/04 -STAR-” is accessible as pre-trial listening on our special website. Please don’t miss this opportunity!!
※Please be advised that this website is in Japanese only.

On March 28, 2018, “IA/04 -STAR-” will be released. Please pre-order from this link!!
CD Japan:
※Comes with 2L sized portrait
※Please check the above link about the details of the songs in the album.
Please remember that the distribution of these illustrations is on a first come, first served basis, so pre-order the CD as soon as possible!


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For the longest time, I felt it a shame that our Gynoid ガイノイド VOCALOIDs, v flower and 心華Official, could not sing in the same language, thus making duets a challenge. Of course, that has all changed now, and the song "ANSWER" wonderfully demonstrates how well they can sound together!

Producer: LUPO Ichinose

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市瀬るぽです。 心華とflowerのデュエット曲作りました! 曲:市瀬るぽ Twitter: 絵:ぬくぬくにぎりめし Twitter: Newアルバム→【Amazon】http://am...

Hatsune Miku will be performing with Kodo Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble on June 2nd~3rd at NHK Hall! Ticket details to follow shortly on March 28th:

Hatsune Miku will once again be performing a collaboration special live with Kodo, Japan’s internationally famous taiko drumming group, as one of the "This is NIPPON Premium Theater" series showing fascinating Japanese arts and culture as part of the Tokyo 2020 official program. It's been a little...

Fans of Stardust can now watch her perform at the Quadimension Live Tour concert on blu-ray! Come read all about the concert, the merchandise, and quite a lot about Quadimension themselves.…/

The Quadimension Live Tour feat. Stardust Blu-ray disc and other merchandise are now available for purchase through Quadimension's Taobao store! Come read much more about the goods, and about the concert and even Quadimension themselves!
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IA World Page
IA World Page

Hola España!Hello Europe!
Which one of IA's concerts in Madrid are you attending?Hurry up and get your ticket for one or more of the available performances!We waiting for you to ...PARTY ...A GO GO!
Sábado 21 de Abril (April 21, Sat)
16:00 h. Doors open 15:00 h.
18:00 h. Doors open 17:00 .
Domingo 22 de Abril (April 22, Sun)
16:00 h. Doors open 15:00 h.
18:00 h. Doors open 17:00 h.
Tickets and info here↓

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A shop at the Kitami Institute of Technology is selling some Okhotsk Yukari onion rusks, which were baked at La Natureve ラ ナチュレーブ. Purchasing a pouch of these rusks for 972 yen will even earn you a cute Okhotsk Yukari card with your own serial number! However, only 100 of these will be available, so those in the area better purchase theirs fast!

Photo sources:,…/%e3%80%8c%e3%82%aa%e3%83%9b%e3…/

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【フェア情報】3/28(水)よりアニメイト対象店にて「IA 6th & ONE 3rd Anniversary Fair in animate」開催決定!!

2018/3/28(水)から4/8(日)の約10日間、全国アニメイト対象店にて「IA 6th & ONE 3rd Anniversary Fair in anim...ate」の開催が決定!!

フェアの開催に合わせて、IA 、ONE新作グッズの発売はもちろん、期間中「IA / ONE」関連のキャラクターグッズ、書籍、CD、Blu-ray、DVD商品をご購入いただいた方を対象に「IA / ONE A4クリアファイル」(全5種/ランダム)を3,000円毎に1枚プレゼントするキャンペーンを実施!!


これから発売される、「IA/04 -STAR-」、「ONE/01 -BLOOM-」をアニメイト店頭でご購入しようと検討されている方はぜひ新作グッズにもご注目下さい!!

池袋本店 / 仙台店 / 札幌店 / 渋谷店 / 名古屋店 / 秋葉原店 / 京都店 / 福岡天神店 /広島店 / 大阪日本橋店 / 通信販売

期間中、「IA / ONE」関連商品をご購入3,000円毎に特典「A4クリアファイル(全5種)」をランダムで1枚プレゼント!

・キャラクターグッズ:IA / ONE 関連グッズ
・書籍:IA / ONE関連書籍

A4クリアファイル (全5種・ランダム)


※収録アーティスト / 楽曲試聴コーナー展開中!!
【ONE/01 -BLOOM-特設サイトはコチラ】

[IA OFFICIAL Facebook]
[IA OFFICIAL Instagram]


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Seeing these star-, moon-, and planet-themed voice synths all join hands together makes me think of them as representing one big happy universe!

Artist: みがたせいじゅ



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On display now at the DEPO Tsukumo Store at Sapporo Station (Depoツクモ札幌駅前店) is a see-through LCD Mod PC case showing Hatsune Miku and her various Snow designs singing and dancing! Check out the blog page below for a preview video!

You can also watch an alternate preview video (with sound) here:…/uhbrfsowxpjez_30mp4_your_brows…


The SEGA Prize CA (Cabin Attendant) Hatsune Miku figurine and Hatsune Miku Special Plushies are scheduled for release this April! See more in the SEGA Plaza links below!

CA Hatsune Miku Figure:
Hatsune Miku Special Plushie:

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セガプライズでは初音ミクの関連アイテムを鋭意リリース中! 2018年4月の新作は「スペシャルふわふわぬいぐるみ」と「CA 初音ミク」のフィギュア。どちらも春にピッタリの爽やかな仕上がりです! CA 初音ミクがスーパ.....