We asked, “If you could hire a celebrity voice talent, which one would it be?” Here's what you answered.

Learn about the top famous voices of 2018, and which vocal qualities are popular. Discover how to find a voice similar to your favorite star!

Here are some common expenses and calculations to help you understand the cost of running your voice over business.

Find out if your voice over business is profitable in 5 easy steps! Learn what you need to make to be profitable and identify tax write-offs.
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What Pros Do...
Taking Direction.

The television is one of the most important inventions in the history of the world. It has become a staple in the lives of many people and many aspects of the world’s culture are taken from TV shows.

Here’s a quick look at the history of television.

The television is an invention that changed the world. Learn about the history of the television, including notable ads, speeches and terms.

What are you going to do today to make your tomorrow better?

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Quoting can be a challenge. How much do you charge? What's fair? Well, you should always quote what you want to be paid for any job. However, because creating a quote can be a confusing experience, the following are some common industry considerations to keep in mind, so that you can arrive at a number that feels right for you.

Voice actors have a hard time knowing what to charge. These voice over industry considerations will help you prepare your voice over quote.

If you’ve ever wanted to understand the process behind how actors take your character and breathe life into it through motion capture and vocal performance, you’ll love these insights from Billy West, Reuben Langdon and Paul St. Peter.

How do Billy West, Reuben Langdon and Paul St. Peter find the character? Read on to discover how they make animators dreams come true!

💙💙 Use your wonderful voice to spread some love today 💙💙

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Spend some time this Sunday Funday to see how job flags can be used to simplify your auditioning process.

In this video, we provide an overview of job flags for voice talent accounts. Subscribe to us on YOUTUBE: Like us on FACEBOOK: htt...

For #NationalPizzaDay 🍕🍕 hear one the voices used by Domino's via our Celebrity Sightings Page

Synesthesia and the vocal arts.

Have you ever received confusing artistic direction involving color? It's likely that the producer has synesthesia, a phenomenon when people hear in color.

Check out this fantastic Friday feature! talent
Tom Knight Voice Over worked on a stellar project with BMW.
Take your ears for a spin here.

Here is an absolutely beautiful promo for BMW that I was chosen to voice. Many thanks to Subject Media Group for having me on this project!

👉 This podcast will help to empower and enhance your ability to create first-rate recordings from home. So, what are you waiting for? Listen now!

How’s your mic technique? Frank Piazza of APVoices shares Information about the different ways you can benefit from microphone technique. Performance examples by male and female voice talent are included, demonstrating different approaches with regard to mic proximity. This podcast will help to em...

From a cabin in the woods, Toby Ricketts is taking the voice over world by storm.
Read about his journey to success:

Toby Ricketts Voice Over

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Have a dose of #MondayMotivation with these 3 reasons to set big goals.

The benefits of setting big goals go beyond what happens when you achieve them.

Rejuvenate your free-thinking self this Sunday with a creatively charged episode of Sound Stories.

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Wondering if you should get your child into voice acting?
Here’s what you need to know about getting started.

Does your child possess natural voice over acting talent? Here's what to consider, to get your child into voice acting.