When songs are lost, so too are memories. This film finds Scottish folklore on the brink of oblivion

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Seek me in the unseen and you shall find me, not as you thought I would appear, but as a voice you can hear. ~~ALice Jones

A Gypsy woman with the voice I recognize as my Mother comes out of the mists and fore warns "The future may not be yours to see. Sometime the Rose smells sweeter when you can only see it a small portion of the flower!"

* Before you begin reading, I have to share with you that my Guides often speak to me through music and song and while writing this article I keep hearing the lyrics to what sounds like an 80’s song “ Bring it back to real-ity, back , back to real-ity.”

Anyone know the song title?*



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During her workshop in Zurich early November 2010 Little Grandmother Kiesha Crowther spoke about 2012, the expected pole shift and how we should prepare ourselves. Illustrated with pictures and accompanied by music from the CD "Heaven & Earth" by Mandu Trummer. This Friday November 19, 2010, there

While my heart is deeply saddened by the grief caused by the Earth changes we knew were coming, I am also rejoicing that the time is upon us for great change. Know that this is not the last of it, it's just the beginning. There is still time for you to wake up and shed your fear jacket, join us in Love and Hope in the Golden Age on Earth! Namaste'

What do you think will be of our physical bodies after the shift?

Seek me in the unseen and you shall find me, not as you thought I would appear, but as a voice you can hear. ~~ALice Jones

The path to true enlightenment focuses on asking how you can bring more light to your own thoughts rather than trying to figure out how you can change some one elses. This ensures you ARE the change to seek.

Dear Child, you will open your eyes and awake from the dream, and when you do, I will be there! If you choose to stay sleeping soundly, well then, I will miss you dearly.

My morning prayer as the mists rose from the water "Mother Earth, I extend to you my loving feet, Father Sun, your Shinning face I do greet. Be with me through out the day, give me the healing words I need to say!"

Step outside and FEEL the infant God gaining in strength! Persephone rises from the Underworld and so do the blades of grass and first blossoms! The Wheel Turns!!

"I'm here to tell you the population IS expanding, more and more everyday. Thats why WE choose to be HERE at this time. They are coming and they want to know why, they want to know how, they want to know when. And like the beacon on the Hermit Tarot, our light will shine, and they will come! The Goddess is ALIVE ONCE MORE! "~A.J.

I awoke Early this morn. Just before the Sun made its way over the horizon.

With much haste I briaded my own hair and threw my best woad blue linen

cloak, with silver serpent clasp over my shoulders, being especially careful not

to wake my attendant in the next room. Let her sleep, there will be much for


her to do in a few hours.

For now, at this moment, I require solitude.


I kept my feet bare and they padded along the cool moss on the ground as

I made my way to the shoreline, the cool morning wind bellowing my cloak out

behind me. The first indigo light was fingering its way through

the lace of mists that hung especially thick and heavy this morning. The breath of

change was blowing its way closer and hit the back of my neck in a wave of chill.

Shivering, I stopped and inhaled deeply to feel the moment completely and cleanse the Spirit;

and then took to my trek once more.


As I made my way closer to my destination, the snakes and turtles seemed to join

in an unspoken progression all around me. They could feel it too. At once

I was them and they me, and we- Her.


When I had reached the waters edge, I lay down my cloak, upbraided my hair and waded

out into the bull rushes. They poked and tickled and each seemed to extend a hand to touch me

as I passed by. The snakes and turtles waited on shore with the frogs and crickets. Everyone fell

silent of her own song, so that they may hear Mine.


The water was a frightful chill at first, and as I slowed my breathing, and became One, the definition

of my skin and the water seemed to grow more and more blurred. Just as the Mists were blurring out

any shore or mountain line across the lake.

With one sharp intake of the breath, I went into the water and allowed it to cover me completely.I 

was cleansed.

As I came up, the first golden rays of the Sun kissed my cheek and sent the water to shimmering.


There I stood, arms and voice uplifted to the Heavens,bare as the day I was body born, hair still dripping

crystal droplets of water down my back and legs,  to draw down the face of the Goddess we call



The world was still and silent but for my voice and heartbeat for a few moments, and then, as though she were

standing right behind me I heard. " I am here child. We are ONE you and I. I am glad you have come,

as you have every other Turn of the Wheel. We have much work to do , Lady of the Lake. Soon, there will

be many who have a need to know what lies ahead. Some will be frightened, some angry. We must prepare!"


A Fire lit in my belly and I stood a little taller than when I had taken leave of my sleep this morning.

I pressed my palms together and lowered my head in thanks, waded back to the shore and threw the

cloak around my shoulders. Another deep breath, and I grew taller still.


They will come, and the Goddess will be here to greet them when they do.

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There is no denying that the days of power are bringing about more and more change!

Blessed Imbolc! Allow Brigit's Serpent to speak in your heart and mind!

BE the Light. Your own light. And that light will spill out onto and over the people and situations around you! ~ Alice