Constitutional Carry rally at the Capitol! #hb375 #concarry #onward
My response to a question on income inequality..... I am all about small government and big individuals! #liberty #TTF
I now interrupt your regular political post for this proud dad moment! #fishingwithCarlie #daddydaughterdate #herchoicetogofishing

Texas Alliance for Life and Texans for Life Coalition (LIFE PAC) are two groups funded by Joe Straus and the Austin establishment. They exist to give cover to liberal members and attack true pro life conservatives. Be careful as you read about candidates; theses groups are spending big money to confuse voters across the state. They cannot be trusted.

If you are pro life from conception to natural death, Texas Right to Life is who you should be following.

You see the kind of people y'all make me work with?

The future of state Sen. Carlos Uresti in the Texas Legislature is in doubt after the San Antonio Democrat was found guilty of felony charges Thursday.

I cannot forgive or forget when a politician attacks my 2nd amendment rights. We are watching closely Mr. President.

Early voting has begun! I am out supporting my good friend, Alex Kim, and you should too!

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Spreading the word for my friend, Lenny Lopez! He will be great as the next Justice of the Peace for Precinct 3! Here’s why:

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Early voting starts Tuesday, which conservative candidate are you volunteering for? Voting is NOT enough my friends! #onward

I know that it is annoying, but conservatives should get excited every time they are polled, or surveyed. It is a real chance to shape public opinion. Take the time, tell the truth, and finish the whole thing.

It's campaign season, don't believe anything you read on an advertisement. Verify via their official voting record only! #onward #kickouttherinos

John Cornyn needs to quit selling out conservative principles. I'm not going to sit quietly while he trashes our 2nd amendments rights. #2020

One day after a mass shooting at a South Florida high school, U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, indicated Thursday that he was willing to sit down with a top Democrat to discuss gun policy.|By Abby Livingston

It's time to arm teachers who want to be armed in our public schools. #EndGunFreeZones

Watch out, here we come! #onward

A year after the Texas Freedom Caucus first launched, the bloc of hardline conservatives in the Texas House is optimistic it will broaden its membership before state lawmakers head back to Austin in 2019.

Senator Konni Burton brings the heat against anti free market, big government liberals. I am so proud of her! #onward

State. Sen. Konni Burton responds to ex-Arlington mayor and columnist Richard Greene who criticized her for objecting to the use of tax incentives to lure business.

Lord, give us victory over our enemies and help us abolish abortion in Texas.

I am proud that Governor Abbott is fighting to rid our party of liberals like Rep. Sarah Davis. Endorsing against an incumbent is not common, and he should be applauded. As this article states, my campaign team is traveling the state seeking to inform the voters of liberal incumbents who need to go! #onward

Gov. Greg Abbott's campaign launched a negative attack ad against Houston-area state Rep. Sarah Davis Tuesday, casting her as a sell out in his quest to unseat the popular four-term incumbent.

RINO hunting season is in full swing! I have never been happier with our state party and its leadership. GOP Chairman, James Dickey, has delivered on his promises and done a great job amplifying the grassroots voice. #onward

Texas Republicans are enjoying a historic majority and fighting an escalating factional war at the same time. The state's majority party can't seem to agree on who's a true Republican and who isn't.|By Ross Ramsey

This week my team is in East Texas helping conservative Bryan Slaton defeat the liberal incumbent Dan Flynn. Check out Slaton's campaign shirts! Hopefully, on March 6th I'll have some reinforcements headed down to Austin with me. #onward

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