【#最终幻想:觉醒】开服啦! Square Enix 正版授权! 《#最终幻想:觉醒》手游S1-Suzaku已于10月13日11:00正式在新加坡和马来西亚开服! 现在下载游戏,一起开启最终幻想的奇幻之旅吧! 游戏内支持 #英文& #中文 两种语言噢! 【下载地址】 <APK下载>: <下载地址>: 【#FINALFANTASY AWAKENING | Server Opens Now!】 Square Enix Offcially Authorize! Server1 -Suzaku opens at 11:00 am Oct 13th. in Malaysia and Singapore! Come to download the game, and join our journey on FINAL FANTASY dreamland! Players can switch the game language to #English or #Chinese! 【Download Link】 <Download>: <APK>:
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三国霸业m: 全军破敌 /ThreeKingdoms: Massive War

🎊【Rate 5-Star for #ThreeKingdoms:Massive War# to win great rewards! 】
🎊#All5Star We need your comments to improve our game!
Please leave your comment in the A...pp Store/Google Play to win great rewards!
🔥App Store:
🔥Google Play Store:

You can also scan the QR code in the picture, or search “ThreeKingdoms: Massive War” in App Store/Google Play Store to download the game~

During the event time, rate 5-Stars for ThreeKingdoms:Massive War in App Store or Google Play Store, and comment us with the format we provides.

【Event Time】
April 12th, 18:00– April,18th 18:30(GMT+8)

💫【Event Content】
1. Rate us #ThreeKingdoms: Massive War with 5 Stars in Google Play or App Store and take related screenshot of you rating page.
2. Post your Screenshot and leave your 100%-correct Character Info as following format in the comment area:【Server + Role name+ Role ID(For example: ToTal War+Xiao Qiao)】

Gold*200+Orange Relic Essence*1+Coin*50000
All rewards will be sent to warriors via in-game mail within 3 working days after the event ends.

1. The Screenshot of the rating in Google Play/App Store is required.
Comments without screenshot will not receive the rewards.
2. Please input your character info correctly or we will not re-send the rewards.
3. Poaching posts from others is not allowed and will not receive the rewards.
4. ThreeKingdoms: Massive War Operation Team reserves the right of final interpretation.
5. For any question, please feel free to contact us via private message.

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Innovative Strategy MMO Game

三国霸业M: 全军破敌/ThreeKingdoms: Massive War Reserve in advance now!
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The first 24hr state war strategy game of 2018
Renew the playing way of state war, refresh the new time of mobile game
For more details, please follow official Facebook:

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