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Will responsive architecture be controlled with a simple button? + #WhatTheFuture
Do you know how space pixels work? + #WhatTheFuture

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Imperfection is beautiful

– The Wabisabian Manifesto (2011)

NEW VIDEO: Wabi-sabi denotes a commitment to the everyday, the melancholic, the somewhat broken and the imperfect.

At the heart of Japanese philosophy and wisdom lies a concept called ‘wabi-sabi’; a term which denotes a commitment to the everyday, the...

The second episode of We Are Internet is now online, featuring the evolution of our favourite "blogs" , It's Nice That , CreativeApplications.Net and featuring two very good examples of media in the internet age: Afripedia and Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design

Internet Age Media added 6 new photos to the album: We Are Internet : Episode 2 — with Hama Time and 3 others.

We Are Internet: A story about how the futures of media are being reinvented by a scenius.

Episode 2: The Evolution of Internet Age Media

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We're very happy to share this new project with the 🌍 a unique collection of perspective about the futures of #media

Internet Age Media added 6 new photos to the album: We Are Internet : Episode 1 — with Morad Rayyan and 3 others.

We Are Internet: A story about how the futures of media are being reinvented by a scenius.
Episode 1: WTF is the internet?
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"... a diverse array of leading minds shaping the future of creative industries around the world"
PSFK on Internet Age Media Weekend

Are you in for 2016?...
(Early-birds tickets now available)

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Apr 7, 2016 - Apr 10, 2016Barcelona
167 people went

"For a glimpse of the future look at how children grow up today rather than technology" --->

- Jeremy Tai, Google

Don't have too much respect for technology. Have respect for what you can create with technology

Because change is the only constant...

Internet Age Media

"The influence of digital on our world means that it's so much more complex and that it's changing constantly ... actually it never stops changing."

- Johannes ...Kleske @jkleske
Co-founder, Third Wave GmbH

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We are very excited to share the first videos of the IAM Weekend 2015. Four new #IAMTalks every week at

Internet Age Media with Heidi Hackemer at Museu del Disseny de Barcelona.

"My hope is that actually the digital age is a human age. Its an age where if we take the time to understand ourselves, we have this amazing raw material to be to make exactly the life that we want."

- Heidi Hackemer @uberblond
Founder & Director of Strategy at Wolf&Wilhelmine

Watch full talk at:

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"Gear boxes and premium sports transmissions turn into software in the same way that electromechanical calculating machines or cameras got turned into software. "…/…/ways-to-think-about-cars

#future #cars

Cars are going to change a lot in the next few decades. Electricity on one hand and software on the other change what a car is, how it gets made and who might own one.

Not-obvious strategic foresight for the internet age.

wabi-sabi lab discovers, inspires and connects opportunities for the media ecosystem to build better futures, together. Creators of IAM – Internet Age Media
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A gender imbalance among prognosticators means the road ahead looks a whole lot like Tomorrowland—and not in a good way.

Internet Age Media Barcelona 20-22 March. You still have the chance

The IAM website Events There's a great line-up for the Internet Age Media Weekend in Barcelona Media Partner Article, Tuesday 03 February 2015

Les presentamos el vídeo que hicimos para Make it Real con nuestros buenos amigos de Monterrey Raidho Aesthetics . ¿Quieres aprender a programar? ...

Make it Real es un bootcamp de programación presencial, de tiempo completo, apoyado de los mejores recursos online y mentores que te guiarán y te acompañarán en…

What is love according to this immersive next-generation 90’s experience?

Posted by Wabi-sabi lab