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This is crazy! Could you even imagine?!

Dramatic gender reveals have become the trend du jour when couples are expecting a new baby. There are all kinds of cute ways to let friends and family know whether a baby girl or baby boy will be joining the family. Some people plan huge parties for the occasion, replete with

Can you relate?

Parenting offers plenty of life lessons, but there is a special set that comes from parenting boys. Sure, boys are often rambunctious bundles of energy, always on the move. But they also have a softer side that can melt a mother’s heart. If you’re a mom to boys, you can pretty much count on lear...
Telethon Update:
Hope for the Homeless Telethon Day!!!
Hope for the Homeless Telethon

How fun! They're cheaper than in-ground pools and double as hot tubs!

Having a pool in the backyard would be really nice, wouldn’t it? But the average cost of an in-ground swimming pool ranges from $33,000 to $55,000. If that’s not in your budget, there are some cool alternatives to traditional pools making a splash on the internet. The latest version takes|By Megan Fenno

Parents, this is an important read.

When babies are teething, parents are eager to do anything they can to ease their pain. But are all of the remedies that are available out there all they’re cracked up to be? According to one Virginia mom, the answer is no, and she’s insisting that parents should be more
Highlights from game one of the North Division semifinals.
Women from all over the state of Maine and some from Canada gathered today for the All for Women Conference in Presque Isle. One of the topics coverered was about bridging the age gap at work, why one presenter says that issues in the workplace aren't limited to just one generation
This week is Flood Safety Awareness Week and though it's early, officials have started prepping for potential flooding in the County. NewsSource 8's Brandon Beville finds out what people can do to prepare.
Maine's State Senate President continues to speak out about the investigation into 10 year old Marissa Kennedy's murder death by her parents. Thibodeau, who is running for Maine Governor this November guested on today's WAGM This Morning and talked about how state departments like the Maine Departme...
A woman has been arrested following the execution of a search warrant at a home in Saint-Léonard, N.B.
Two men who had been charged with first-degree murder are pleading guilty to manslaughter in the death of Wayne Rattray in northwestern New Brunswick two years ago.

A good sense of humor never goes out of style

If you’ve been a bridesmaid, you’ve probably heard the classic cliche from the happy bride: “You can totally wear that dress again!” Uh huh. But, one former bridesmaid not only kept her dress from the 90s, she also just hilariously proved to the bride that she said “yes” to the

There's a reason why milk is all your baby needs.

Everyone knows you’re supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day. But have you ever wondered why this rule doesn’t apply to babies, too? How old do they need to be before they can start chugging H2O? We have the answers. But before we get into it, know that—first and foremost—babies
Reserve officers are a very important part of small town police departments in the county. But as of right now, reserve officers are in high demand. Newssource 8's Brandon Beville takes a look at why towns are struggling to find reserve officers.
The Maine women's basketball team has arrived in Texas.
A special morning at Woodland Consolidated School - an 11 year old boy was given a Young Real Heroes Award by the American Red Cross. Landan Albair knows how important it is to help people and demonstrated it with someone he didn't even know. NewsSource 8's Katie Zarrilli has the story.