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David Holliday
· April 15, 2017
These tours are a great way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday morning - regardless of whether you are visiting Fort Worth for the first time or if you've lived here all your life, you are sure learn something new.

Casual and friendly, with great guides and breakfast included - all for the outrageous price of $0.00. What's not to love!
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Denise Gribble
· December 31, 2017
Wonderful tour guides and love learning about the history of Ft. Worth!
Cerena Annettee Fain
· May 14, 2017
New to the City? Lived here a while? Know all that you would like to about the beautiful downtown buildings, the history, and architecture? Take these tours - they are informative and fun.
Robert Perez
· October 25, 2015
I've been all over the United states as a backstage hand or road hand for so many bands but I all ways called fort worth my home.I'll never forget how good it felt to see this old two story house and... tanners corner store is still standing just a block from the family home and just accros the street where the then named debonair 'll apartments complete with its own little swimming pool .not much of a fence to keep after hours skinny dipping a must on those hot summer nights. Or catch a slow moving train. , at the Tierney crossing all the way into town or the train yard.If I timed it right I could meet my mom's brother uncle Joe at Rosedale and Tierney and feast on Williams chicken that's where he worked and all ways had a bag with thirty or forty pieces of leftover chicken. I miss uncle Joe .I love you mom keep lookin out for me please mom. Ntill I get to come up and hug you again. See More
Dawn Bulman Lydick
· April 15, 2017
Our guides & hosts offer so much information on these tours. We are grateful to these folks for donating their time & energy to teaching us about the history of downtown Fort Worth!
Maggie Knapp
· February 14, 2015
Fabulous walk today! Knowledgable guides, friendly folks, delicious breakfast tacos. I almost hope word doesn't get out, and spoil the "hidden gem" feeling of these tours. I will trust the good folk...s of Fort Worth wil RSVP if they plan to attend, and hope this worthy group grow in a manageable way. Great job! See More
Sharon Beier Bryce
· March 18, 2017
The tour was so informative and fun to hear so much history. We can hardly wait to go to another one. The organizers are so welcoming they make you feel like long lost friends!!
Pam Wright
· May 20, 2017
What a great way to exercise both body and mind! Fun group in a fun city.
Pam Anderson
· May 14, 2017
Fun, free tours that are packed with lots of information about Fort Worth.
Lisa Yeager Creed
· March 14, 2015
Such a great and authentic way to see and learn more about our historic downtown area. There's always something old and new to see !
Jeanie Sutton
· August 20, 2016
Fun time walking through downtown & learning so much history, even with the rain!
Thank you hosts & tour guides!
Christi Barber Gholson
· October 19, 2014
Very very fun and educational. I took my dogs and some friends and we had a great morning!
Iris Menoscal
· September 19, 2016
Love it all about country , it is my favorite place in Texas
Bob Gibbons
· December 13, 2014
We had a great time on the tour today. Thanks to TIm Young at Fort Worth Texas Real Estate for sponsoring it.
Christina Shaw
· November 12, 2016
Tour guides are very informative. Great tour with new perspective of Fort Worth!
Nancy Amos
· March 8, 2014
Really enjoyed the tour. Knowledgeable guide Rick Selcer and great folks to walk with. Thanks, Tim Young, for doing this--a special treat.
Quonga Muhammad
· May 9, 2015
We had a blast. So informative. ..who knew. Well now we know the history. Thanks
Larry Mundt
· November 23, 2015
Outstanding tour, expert tour guide and delicious breakfast.
Sue Erwin
· January 16, 2016
Excellent tour! Very informative overview of trains, trolleys and subways and related notorious train robbers.
Ruby Cortez
September 13, 2014
I haven't been on one yet am going to call Monday

We are skipping a month in March due to scheduling conflicts with some of our awesome guides, but put April 14th on your calendar and join us for a walk down historic West Lancaster Avenue..

Join us for a free walking tour of downtown Fort Worth. Our newest tour explores the fascinating history of "Front Street"... today's West Lancaster Avenue. From the glory days as part of the Bankhead Highway until today, Lancaster Avenue has been the home to breweries and bus stations, train depots...

Now taking reservations for our popular tour of historic downtown hotels.. past and present.

Join us for a free walking tour of some of downtown Fort Worth's historic old hotels and the spots where others once stood. The story begins with a converted cavalry stable in 1853 and continues through the years to today's soaring sky scrapers. Just make your reservations (space is limited) and com...

Saturday January 13th...

Join us for a free walking tour of historic monuments in bronze & stone located throughout downtown Fort Worth. The tour includes statuary, historical markers and even some public art. Just make your reservations (space is limited) and come enjoy the 2-3 mile walk through downtown Fort Worth with lo...
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Aaron K Lynn to Downtown Fort Worth Walking Tours

Thanks for a great tour of churches!

This tour recounts the two historic visits by JFK to downtown Fort Worth.

Good tour that also covers the Interurban Rail lines from the past and the new Tex Rail coming to downtown Fort Worth in 2018...

Join us for a free walking tour of downtown Fort Worth. This month we learn about the impact of the railroad on our city beginning with the arrival of the T&P in 1876. Throughout the years the railroad has been an important part of the local economy and culture. We'll also learn about the streetcars...
David Lanford added 52 new photos to the album: Downtown Fort Worth Walking Tour of XTO Restored Buildings — with Tim Young at Downtown Fort Worth Walking Tours.

Another great and informative tour! Thanks to Tim Young and his lovely wife Donna Nelson Young for all the background information on these restorations. I also added some other shots of very interesting buildings!

Saturday, August 12th. this will be a good one...

Join us for a free walking tour of downtown Fort Worth. This month our knowledgeable guides will share the history & architecture of the many beautiful buildings that were restored by Bob Simpson when he owned XTO Energy. As XTO prepares to move out of Fort Worth we'll learn how the loss of 1600 job...

FREE tours set out at 9:00 A.M. on July 8th. Register here...

Join us for a free walking tour of downtown Fort Worth. This month our knowledgeable guides have prepared several exciting and interesting tours of our downtown streets. Learn about the history, architecture,and unique characters that laid the foundations of our city. Just make your reservations (sp...

Great time of year to tour downtown Fort Worth on a Saturday morning...

Join us for a free walking tour of downtown Fort Worth. This month we learn about the race for the sky in downtown Fort Worth from 1890 to present. We'll find the architectural gems that still stand today, point out the newest members of the skyscraper club and revisit the sites of several that have...

Our second time to do this special tour. You should join us...

Join us for a free walking tour of Fort Worth's near south side. This month we'll learn about the history of the area including some famous businesses that were established here, some beautiful architecture and the impact of the railroad, the Great Southside Fire of 1909 and the 1889 Spring Palace.…

This one is lots of fun... Join us on Saturday morning, April 15th

Join us for a free walking tour of downtown Fort Worth. This month we'll explore some historical monuments, statues and public art in downtown Fort Worth. Just make your reservations (space is limited) and come enjoy the 2-3 mile walk through downtown Fort Worth with lots of stops along the way. We...
Join us for a free walking tour of downtown Fort Worth. This month we learn about the history of Sundance Square. Our tour will cover the architecture, history and colorful characters - past and present, that have made the area into the "front yard" of downtown Fort Worth. Just make your reservatio...

Happy Wednesday from Pantherville..

If you’re new to Fort Worth you may start noticing that the city has adopted an interesting mascot and you may sometimes even hear this place referred to as “Panther City”.

Register today for our next FREE history tour of downtown...

Our original history tour of downtown is a great way to learn about how our city came to be. We've updated the tour with new stops and untold stories that everyone will surely enjoy. Join us on this fascinating tour created by Dr. Richard Selcer and sponsored by Fort Worth Texas Real Estate. We'll d...