#NaNoWriMo life :) ...a little behind, but will definitely hit 15k tonight!

I love book lists, and on this list, there was exactly one title that I recognized. I can't wait to get to the children's section at Yolo Country Library and check them all out!

Please share with teachers, parents and readers that you think might want some new titles, authors and illustrators to go along with their old classics!

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Last week Time published its 100 Best Children's Books of All Time , and a compan...

#YaNovCon was a great way to spend my Saturday! I got to meet over 20 YA authors from all over the U.S. (Including Jeff Zentner, Gretchen McNeil, Kristin Clark, Kim Culbertson, Abigail Johnson and Carrie DeRisio!) I can't wait to go back next year! It was a free event, did I mention that? I wore my Corduroy shirt and my I Libraries pin and got to talk books with every single person I met. A dream day-- even if I caught a cold on the way home.

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Today's library selection- trying to read everything Madeleine L'Engle ever wrote before I watch A Wrinkle In Time. I've made it to the non-fiction. I love finding the old cards inside.

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Compiling wisdom for the coming year of Writing

-Steven Pressfield on editing in "The Story Grid"


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"And this is very odd, because without that fairly simple and obvious piece of knowledge, nothing that ever happened on the Earth could possibly make the slightest bit of sense."




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A little more reading and writing before back to Davis, California

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I finished 10,000 words for the weekend last night. To be exact, it was 10,449 words. I'm a little tired. Thank goodness for the upcoming turkey based holiday!

I'll be spending this morning at the Book Club of California #library before going back to #Davis. It's sad to leave this intense and entirely focused world of writing, but my real life awaits. Maybe someday I'll get to stay here forever. I almost cried last night when the bagpipe played, signaling the end o...f the Night of Writing Dangerously 2017.

For the last quote of the weekend, I have a piece of flash fiction (a short, short story) about #Readers and #Artists:…/a-short-short-story-about-the-mi…/

#NOWD #NaNoWriMo #quote

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8,000 words came and went one or two word sprints ago. Thank goodness for #NOWD 2017. 💓

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"Well, look who it is, my second ex-husband's biggest fan." The two sisters glared at each other. Their mother just pursed her lips and continued slicing buns.

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I reached #6000 this morning at 4 a.m! Finally time for a #quote and #photo. And as you can see, I'm here at the Night of Writing Dangerously! It's wonderful! I have coffee and candy and am preparing to get writing.

a short Quote/idea because I've got to get writing!

"My spirit animal is a chow puppy named Chrysanthemum."


I'm not sure where this will show up, but I'm sure it will someday! #amwriting #quote #NOWD weekend!

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Now at 4,142 words for the weekend. Hoping to hit 5,000 still tonight!

#NOWD weekend! #quote #newnovel #TheLostName #Taiwan

"And then my new name was my name, and all the ties that I once had with my previous name and life and past… ...
were gone."

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At the end of night 1, I am 2,290 words in!

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And then the concert ends and I'm left standing there....
With plastic cups all over the floor around me.
How can people recover so quickly from the experience?

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Patricia Willers Writes shared NaNoWriMo's eventfeeling excited.

The Night of Writing Dangerously is this weekend already! I am busy packing writing materials (keyboard, phone and chargers), reading materials (Mystery! YA! Politics!) and maybe a film noir-themed sweater, if that exists. My weekend goal - Friday through Monday morning - is 10k words. I'm pretty sure I can do it. I'll keep you updated.

For every 2,000 words I write I'll post a quote and a pic. I don't want anyone to feel left out because they cannot be at a writing gala all weekend as well!

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Sun 4:00 PM PSTThe Julia Morgan BallroomSan Francisco, CA
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This weekend's fun! I #amwriting a screenplay!

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25 hours or so in #Busan #Korea

Busan freaked me out and then sucked me in. It’s the type of beachside spot that someone apparently called Thailand in the front, Afghanistan in the back. I’m not sure why this is… I think I’m mi…
Patricia Willers Writes added 2 new photosattending an event.

Great turnout!

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