Lapse "Now Part"


Thank you guys so much for all your support, and mostly your patience.


We'll have a bit of an announcement/discussion regarding Physical copies soon, so stay tuned for that!

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9 track album
WARP shared Radwall's note.

Fan of the singing in Warp Prism? Check out Ryan's new blog post. Not a fan? He doesn't sing like that all the time!

Things are finally progressing in camp Radwall. Almost done working on a spacey track called " The Kola Superdeep Borehole ". This will be the last track on my new album, and I wrote and sang it in one day! (woo hoo)
I'm happy to say that this new album will feature the Slate Digital LLC Virtual Mic System on my voice (which sounds AMAZING by the way).

Kevin's been working on a solo album - check it out!


Comes out on June 17th - If the album does well I'll do a limited signed physical run a while after - so stick around...!

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I've got a new album coming out! In a week! Go check it out at

This is absolutely immense - please send some love their way! Abiogenesis


SHARE & TAG Abiogenesis and we’ll send you FREE MP3 + Guitar TAB!

Ryan singing/gritting in Channel the Suns new album "Unfound". Check it out! Something to hold your pants on to while you wait for more WARP.

- Ryan

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Channel the Suns

Channel the Suns second album, Unfound, has finally arrived to offer a slightly different take on prog metal. Hear it on bandcamp:

Thank you for listening!

Hope everyone is having a safe & fun New Years!

Hey guys DON'T FORGET!

The opening track off ANIMA is streaming now on bandcamp and the album comes out TOMORROW.

Share with your friends & enjoy - Happy Holidays

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9 track album

ANIMA is DONE. It will release on the 29th.

In the meantime, have a listen to the opening track "Surround"

9 track album

Hello everyone -

Quick reminder that ANIMA comes out on the 29th!

We can't wait for you guys to experience this in it's entirety.


Hope everyone has a safe & happy holiday - see you on release!

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9 track album

Quick update -

our new domain is


to contact us via email please use

We will work on getting the old domain to redirect, in the meantime - go check out the EVOLUTION remaster!

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WARP Consists of: Kevin Suter Ryan Wall Max Karon

The EVOLUTION Remaster is up! Go check it out and share it if you enjoy it.

18 track album

I sent the acoustic song 'Inner Workings' to my vocal sensei Jaime Vendera to get some feedback on the song and I was BLOWN AWAY by his response. This new album is going to blow down some barriers.
His response:
"Ryan, DO NOT CHANGE A THING! Ta hear me. I truly love Ryan’s voice. He is definitely unique and has found his own style. This is the goal of singing, to find that freedom to express who we are and what we feel. I think you do it very well in this song. Your tone is ...beautiful and I can feel emotional pain as I listen to it. Yes, it moved me. Now, knowing you, you’re probably worried about certain vowels, or
tones, even the screams, but they all fit fine. You have this style that doesn’t follow a norm. Buckley was the same way. Please do not change the song to match what you think others want to hear. The ONLY thing I would suggest is adding a few harmonies. Just let them float in the background, I’d even slap some falsetto harmonies in there that sound very breathy to match the overall tone of the song…But again I AM a harmony freak, ha-ha.

Great song as usual. You truly are one of my favorite singers and I am so proud of you! "
...and I have added a few harmonies

Jaime Vendera is a world class voice strengthening specialist. He's broken hundreds and hundreds of wine glasses with his voice and trains the likes of James Labrie and Myles Kennedy. Not Trying to sell anything, but if you join the VenderaVocalAcademy you could get an express listen to Inner Workings and see how far you can take your own voice to boot.

- Radwall (vocals, lyrics)

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WARP updated their cover photo.
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WARP updated their profile picture.
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OK. Time for another announcement.

We're changing our name to WARP.

There's a couple reasons for this, but the main one is to preemptively avoid any problems that might occur due to "Warp Prism" being a unit in the Blizzard franchise "Starcraft".


To be clear, no problems have come up yet - It just feels like now is the right time to do this.

ANIMA will be released under the new title, however, all our old material will stay under Warp Prism, including the EVOLUTION remaster coming out tomorrow - think of it as a send off into a new era!

We'll be in the process of eventually changing URLs and social media, etc. so please be patient.

We hope to continue to grow moving foward, and we hope you stick around for it.


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Good golly----news!

Anima is totally done and i'm super proud of it! I love listening to some angsty numbers in there, , my favorites "The Fall" and "Surround", "Gift". Gotta thank Kevin Suter for creating such beautiful compositions.

we are spreading some awesome messages through the music. every lyric is special to me, and the high screams on particular words are just badass 8 ) I can't believe i got up to fullest power on this record, i've never sounded like this.


we have some surprises in the future. more of that endless nonsense called the infinite
this time origins!

See you guys soonn with the whole awesome thing!

_ Radwall - vocals

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