Jersey Shore Audition Tape

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Comedy Chimp

If you've recorded WTA please upload the episodes to youtube. As far as we know there are no plans to ever release it on home video. It's a shame nobody can see it. The makers of the show are unable to do so due to too many legal restrictions. EDIT: been made aware it's on Amazon and iTunes so never mind I guess?



The Internet was rocked to its core — well, at least bits of it were — by this week's announcement that Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog had split up. "It is like they broke our childhood," one acquaintance wrote on Facebook, to which another responded "This will drive us to drink."

This is why I need a driver.

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Very original!

Intriuging exclusive details about ABC’s revival of The Muppets: EW has learned the project is a mockumentary-style series that goes deeper into...
UPDATED: The wave of Viacom layoffs has reached MTV. We've learned that layoffs are underway at the music network. There is no ballpark headcount yet as I hear the process started yesterday and con...

My Dungeon Master has a signing coming up - get in line behind Cecil Greenblatt!!

Sat 1:00 PM PDTEarth-2 ComicsSherman Oaks, CA
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"Greg The Bunny perfected the formula back in 2002." Thank you AV Club

On paper, combining the comedy stylings of anthropomorphized sock-puppet Triumph The Insult Comic Dog and anthropomorphized sock-puppet Jack McBrayer for a full half-hour probably seemed like a good idea. A previous McBrayer-Triumph pairing was certainly a viral hit and it’s the exact sort of odd-co


Legendary puppeteer Bob Baker, founder of one of the world's oldest and longest-running children's theater companies and who orchestrated marionette work for scores of films and TV, died Friday of ...

Consider giving to this GoFundMe campaign. Bob Baker is a legendary puppeteer and needs help. Thanks!

Robert A. Baker, legendary puppeteer of Los Angeles is now 90 Years old. He is in Hospice at home and isn't expected to live much longer. He needs 24/7 care which is very expensive, $7000 for every 2 weeks. He is currently being cared for by a wonderful team of women. They have adopted him as i...

Here's a pic of Junction Jack (Bob Gunton) back in 1988 when he was pallin' around with some other fabricated americans.

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Bob Gunton

TBT -- Two of the biggest celebrities I ever had the pleasure of working with. (Well... Only one is actually "big".... the other is just cute.) Big Bird Visits The Firehouse @ 1988

This was the inspiration for the original Warren The Ape appearance on IFC back in 1998...

Here's outtakes of Orson Welles, director of Citizen Kane, drunk as he films a commercial for Paul Masson Wine. Get the full story at

Go Dan!

Production is underway on the Team Unicorn Saturday Action Fun Hour! pilot for Adult Swim. Penned by Dan Milano (Greg The Bunny) and inspired by the Team U

Cecil Greenblatt for the win

Time to start going through your old Magic card collection. Or paying a little extra attention next time you're at a garage sale.

If you watched STARLET on Netflix streaming before this morning... guess what? You watched an edited/censored version. The correct version is streaming now. See the film how it was intended to be seen.

STARLET is finally available on iTunes! Very happy that they put us up on the front page of the Independent section... and in the number one position under New & Noteworthy! (This is the film that is directed by one of the Warren the Ape co-creators, Sean Baker). We need your support, guys!

Watch the trailer and download Starlet 2012 on iTunes.