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  • “Michael Bonds is clearly one of the generational landmark voices of the American poetic cannon.” -Bro Mwalim, Associate Professor of English and African/ African American Studies. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

    “Michael Bonds writes' poetry that slaps the unconscious mind upside the head and makes it pay attention. It shines the light on ignorance til it scurries away like roaches from real kill.” –Ngoma Hill, Elder, Griot, Poet, Master Musician

    "Michael Bonds has always approached the stage with honesty and skill for telling a necessary story. In Bonds book of poems, surely you will encounter the poetic truth of an evolving man." -Iyeoka Ivie Okoawo, Rph, Poet, Recording artist, TED Fellow

    "Michael's poetry is a reality check that mirrors the indelible effects of conscious thought with feeling for humanity." -Tantra-Zawadi, Internationally Renowned, Poet

    “Poetry and truth share the same breath when put in the correct artist's hands..." -Jason Carney, HBO Def Poet, Writer, Educator

    "Michael 'Warrior' Bonds is one of the great artist and activist of our time. He is truly the voice of the downtrodden and forgotten in America." -Tommy Bottom, HBO Def Poet


    “Michael W. Bonds is one of our Warrior poets. He stands on the hemisphere fighting for equal rights and justice with poetry.” -Iyaba Ibo Manding, Painter, Poet, Playwright

    “Warrior is a phenomenal Spoken Word Artist & Motivational Speaker… he writes unapologetically…” -Huggy Bear, Poet, Author, Spoken Word Artist

    “Few touched my soul with their words like Warrior aka Michael W. Bonds… thought provoking and hard hitting… relevant… one of my favorite writers… compelling to read… A great inspiration…” -Philly Folk,
    Poet, Playwright, Founder/CEO DOPE Poetz

    "A Muckraker without trepidation." -Bruce George, Co-Creator of Def Poetry Jam

    His performances and motivational speeches have been described as; “WOW!” “DAMN!” “Raw” “Pure Energy” “Powerful” “Passionate” “Moving” “Captivating” and Real”. He has been called "the poet with Hyperactive Attention Deficit Disorder" for his propensity to leave the stage drop the microphone and go into his audiences. BET Lyric Cafe poet and Spokenword Entrepreneur Queen Sheba affectionately calls him "Crazy."
    Michael Warrior Bonds is an urban G.R.I.O.T. and an internationally respected, award winning poet, author, motivator and spokenword artist from Roxbury (Boston Massachusetts). He holds an Associates degree in Criminal Justice from Kaplan University/ Bauder College and is currently studying to receive his Bachelors in Social Work degree at the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University. In 2008 he won Best Spokenword Album at the New England Urban Music Award’s. He is a member of the renowned Blackout Arts Collective and he is author of "Gunz, Poems & Rosez, the Experience Strength and Hope of Michael Warrior Bonds" and "The Write". His work is featured in The "Bandana Republic, A Literary Anthology of current & former members of street organizations (Louis Reyes Rivera & Bruce George editors), The Plymouth State University Centripetal, and Love Nu Art Magazine and S.L.A.M.M. Magazine as well as the award winning documentary 2006 Red Bull Word Clash Film, produced by Street Poet Activist and Author Monti Smith for Red Bull. His poetic career is 12 years wise and growing with several college/university, schools, civic and community organizations, clubs, cafes and an diverse variety of venues to his credit.
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  • "You are who you associate with. Look around you at your five closest friends and that's who you are." -Will Smith


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